For anyone harbouring thought of voting Labour remember Anas Sarwar statement “I will never define my politics with allegiance to the Scottish flag”

Scots Labour MPs slammed after bedroom tax no-show | The Scotsman

2010: The Sarwar Dynasty in Central GlasgowAnas Sarwar – Son of Mohammad Elected to Holyrood

Sarwar 27, was selected for and elected to the safe Labour Glasgow seat previously held by his father. His rise to the top echelons of the party is spectacular, but not unexpected. He was the head co-ordinator of the, “No” campaign in the 2014 Scottish Referendum. How’s that for nepotism!!!! No end to it, as yet.


2011: Sarwar appointed Deputy leader of the Labour Party in Scotland.

In his address to Party loyalists he said  ” I will never define my politics by allegiance to the Scottish flag but rather to the values and principles of the Labour movement”.

Anas Sarwar back in Scottish Labour frontbench as constitution spokesman | The National

2014: Sarwar relinquishes MSP status transferring his allegiance to the Unionist Labour Party in England taking up the post of shadow spokesman at international development.

Clearly  a diehard, “Red Labour” unionist supporter intent on furthering his career in England, piggybacking on his Glasgow constituency.

Scottish Labour Party leader named

2013:  Sarwar attacked the Scottish Government for its alleged failure to mitigate the worst effects of the Bedroom Tax.

But , during a vote on the said tax being repealed in Westminster on 13 November 2013, Sarwar along with 45 other Labour MPs abstained, with the subsequent vote being lost by 252 to 226 – fewer than the number of Labour MPs who had failed to vote.

The bill was carried with the assistance of the labour party and the Bedroom Tax was imposed upon Scotland. And it was the Labour party that had called for the debate and vote.

Anti-Bedroom Tax Protesters visit Anas Sarwar MP

Sep 2013: Anas Sarwar lies about charity report. 

Sarwar disgracefully misrepresented the findings of an impartial, non-political research study which found that an independent Scotland would be far better placed to reduce inequality. Full report here: (

2014, Sarwar came under criticism for choosing to send his son to Hutchesons’ Grammar School

the same exclusive independent school that he himself attended, rather than a state school highlighting the hypocrisy of Labour Party politicians who preached social justice and  public services while sending their own children to private schools.

Anas Sarwar | 101Pakistanis dot com

Feb 2015: Jackie Baillie, ever willing to claim credit for the good works of others

Had the audacity to make claims in the press that it had been her intervention that had saved the day for Scots forcing the SNP government to find recurring finance cancelling out the effects of the Bedroom Tax. The brazen bid for glory exposed her to the ridicule of the Scottish electorate who were well aware that £30m had to be diverted away from the Scottish health Service to fund the new tax burden. the Scottish electorate.


Nov 2015: Ousted MP Sawar buys himself a safe seat in Holyrood

Plotting his political comeback,  Sarwar, who lost his Glasgow Central Westminster seat in May, contacted MSP’s, councillors and activists with an invite to hear his “views on the recovery of the Labour Party in Scotland”. Guests were treated to an expensive free dinner at the Riverside Palace, one of Scotland’s leading banqueting venues which can cater for up to 500 people and boasts of its high degree of elegance and grandeur. A Scottish Labour parliamentarian said “The future of the Labour Party in Scotland isn’t about an individual’s view. It’s a collective approach, a team approach. Do the people on the street really want to commit to supporting one person’s vision for the party?  People are apprehensive about the ambitions of Sarwar. I think he is looking to make a comeback in Scotland”  

scottish labour | A Thousand Flowers | Page 7

Feb 2016: Sarwar tops the Labour Party list for Glasgow and is guaranteed a seat through the back door

Scottish Labour’s list for the Glasgow region was topped by former MP Anas Sarwar, followed by former leader Johann Lamont, current MSP James Kelly and former MSP Pauline McNeil.

Wings Over Scotland | Eyes on the prized

This Is Anas Sarwar

Sarwar was shown the exit door at Westminster in 2014 by his Glasgow constituents who judged him to be a sleazy disingenuous political beastie seeking his own attainment milking his constituent’s misery with the goal of attaining political stardom and personal gain.

His popularity in the Party is not mirrored in the community who rejected him when became clear he was a charlatan who enjoyed a life of capitalist excess whilst representing many of his constituents whose existence was dependent on food banks.

Sarwar uses his wealth to enhance his political ambitions exploiting the staff of his “cash and carry” by employing them on wages well short of Scotland’s Real Living Wage.

At the time company accounts showed he and his wife received more than £500,000 in dividends from the firm down the years thanks to his 23 per cent stake. The revelations led to Sarwar transferring his shares worth roughly £5million into a trust for his children.

Sarwar’s parliamentary register of interests previously revealed he accepted £40,000 from a non-family firm ultimately controlled from the tax haven of the British Virgin Islands.

Anas Sarwar ahead in Scottish Labour leadership race | Scotland | The Times

Mar 2019:Nuclear weapons Doon the Clyde

Sarwar clarified the Labour Party in Scotland and his own position on the continued harbouring of Polaris submarines and many hundreds of nuclear weapons. He stated: “The Labour party in Scotland took a policy position that we didn’t support the renewal of Trident, but the UK party takes a different view.” So that’s it then?

Anas Sarwar: I grew up with threats and hate mail | Scotland | The Times


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Safe to say his politics are defined by the tools of self aggrandisement in a fashion not dissimilar to that of the figure he seeks to displace.

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