Stonewall Is Widely Entrenched in Scotland and Dictates Gender Equalities Policies to Government Institutions -Should We Worry? I think so!!

Stonewall Scotland Community Trans Allies Programme for third Sector

Changing society norms – Stonewall Youth (Scotland)

LGBT Youth Scotland was formerly called the Stonewall Youth Project and is mainly funded by the state (in other words us), with over 75% its annual income coming from the Scottish Government, local councils and the National Health Service. (Scottish schools to get updated guidance on supporting transgender pupils).

Bear in mind that the co-founder of Stonewall, Simon Fanshawe, broke away from the organisation and condemned its “extreme” position on transgender rights. Yet we have the Scottish Government determined to change the Gender Reform Act (GRA) and to continue to permit children to be given permanently damaging puberty blockers, despite a ruling in the English courts that this has to stop. (Letters to the Times)

Gender Recognition Act (GRA)

Freedom of expression amendments to hate crime bill put on hold

The Scottish Government and opposition parties have agreed to continue talks about freedom of expression elements of the hate crime bill.

It follows concern about the impact of some of the amendments proposed to the legislation on the transgender community.

The Justice Committee considered stage two amendments to the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill’.

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf had originally proposed an amendment seeking to protect “discussion or criticism of matters relating to transgender identity”, provided the behaviour was not threatening or abusive.

Green MSP John Finnie warned getting this section of the bill wrong would “embolden would-be perpetrators”. He said:

“Words are important. They’re important because we want to see robust provision of freedom of expression, but we also want to see clarity about hate crime. We want there to be no dubiety as to what constitutes that. There’s no doubt that if we get this wrong, there’s a danger that we embolden would-be perpetrators, reinforcing the idea that LGBTI people are, for some reason, less valuable”. (Letters to the Times)

Gender Recognition Act (GRA) reform | Fair Play For Women

Controversial policies for the SG dictated by “Stonewall”

People are questioning the influence of “Stonewall” on Scotland’s civil service after it emerged that controversial policies have been introduced in alignment with Stonewall’s political aims. These include a compulsory “Diversity Objective” for all staff to make the Scottish Government “a more diverse and inclusive place to work”, training on “intersectionality” and “unconscious bias”, and the use of gender-neutral language. The Civil Service is also included on Stonewall’s “Diversity Champions Index”.

Lobby groups

Transgender and non-binary policies have been revised with the collaboration of Stonewall Scotland and the Scottish Trans Alliance (STA).

And guidance has been co-produced by controversial lobby group “Mermaids” for SG employees who have a child who is transitioning or who identifies as non-binary.

Attendees of Women's March 2019 discuss inclusivity of feminist movement -  Daily Bruin

Politically impartial?

The Deputy Director for Public Affairs at The Christian Institute, said:

“The extent of Stonewall’s influence on the Civil Service is alarming, particularly given the controversial nature of some of its political aims. Stonewall’s stance on trans issues is strongly opposed by women’s organisations, medics and faith groups. Yet, the Civil Service appears to endorse it wholesale. How does this fit with the Service’s duty to remain politically impartial? Staff are encouraged to attend training sessions on “intersectionality” and “unconscious bias”. These controversial ideas are disputed in wider society. So it’s concerning that they are written into the training schedule for Civil Service employees. The compulsory “Diversity Objective” also raises questions. What happens to staff members who hold religious beliefs which differ from those championed by Stonewall? Are they marked down? This could constitute direct discrimination on the grounds of religious belief.”

How a Feminist Movement Changed Ireland | by Taryn De Vere | Athena Talks |  Medium

The Civil Service response Diversity Objective

“All staff have mandatory diversity objectives and those who participate in the network use this work as evidence of meeting their objective. Performance is assessed their line manager at their in year review and end year review.

Progress is also discussed at monthly conversations. We also set out on our performance appraisal intranet page guidance on diversity objectives for individuals including ‘support, participate and be an effective member of one of our staff diversity networks or committees.

The guidance for managers states that they should “ensure that staff who participate in our staff networks are recognized through the performance management process, ensuring that this activity supports the outcome that the Scottish Government is to become a more diverse and inclusive place to work”.

Sexual Assault – Breaking the Silence in College Park – The Writer's Bloc

Gender awareness training

An example of employee recognition in an appraisal might record: “A” is very aware of and committed to raising the profile of diversity issues. He is active on the committee of the LGBTI Allies network and has also:

• completed the Stonewall Allies Follow-up Training.
• participated in the Diversity Networks Workshop.
• attended an Intersectionality seminar.
• presented at a team meeting on diversity issues and circulated guidance material afterwards.
• attended an unconscious bias training event.

Gender-neutral language

policies have been updated to increase inclusion of gender identities and same-sex couples.

Paternity leave policy

The policy applies to all employees and a reference to ‘partner’ or ‘spouse’ includes same-sex partners and spouses. The policy now states: “Paternity leave is available to you where you are the father, partner or spouse of the child’s mother (or, in the case of adoption, you are the adopter’s spouse or partner); changed ‘adoptive father’ to ‘adoptive parent’.” ‘non-binary’ employees are enabled to use the title ‘Mx’.

Revised trans/non-binary policies

The project reviewed all intertwining aspects of trans and non-binary activity in the Scottish Government and produced six core projects:

  1. A data set on staff experiences comprised from Stonewall questionnaires.
  2. A revised HR policy on trans/non-binary for the Scottish Government (SG). It is intended that this policy is co-produced with key stakeholders (including but not limited to Stonewall Scotland).
  3. Guidance for line managers underpinning the HR policy
  4. Guidance for members of staff who have a child who is transitioning or who identifies as non-binary. The intention is for this to be co-produced by “Mermaid”, who specialise in advice to parents and families on trans/non-binary enquiries.
  5. A communications and engagement plan to ensure knowledge of the policy and accompanying parental guidance is widespread throughout the organisation. The core aspect of this work will be developing a training offer for Scottish Government staff.
  6. Frequently Asked Questions documents. These will be comprised of three brief and accessible documents: (1) for those who are transitioning within SG; (2) for colleagues; (3) for line managers on how best to support a trans/non-binary member of staff”.
The tartan rainbow: why it's great to be gay in Scotland | Scottish  politics | The Guardian

Other views and concerns (includes two comprehensive reports the content of which gives cause for concern) (Alison Bailey’s story. Worth a careful read) (woman talk about the gender issue),dani-garavelli-gender-equality-needed-among-political-advisers_12725.htm (gender confusion)

Equal Marriage – SCVO

4 thoughts on “Stonewall Is Widely Entrenched in Scotland and Dictates Gender Equalities Policies to Government Institutions -Should We Worry? I think so!!

  1. This is good stuff, CJ, and will give many the opportunity to see for themselves just what has happened to independence. These people, Stonewall and the Scottish Trans Alliance have infiltrated every aspect of civil society and much of private business to set an agenda that is so disruptive of society that it will, if left unchallenged, lead to the total collapse of Western society itself. Every society that has collapsed in the past has been heralded by identity politics and extreme sexual licence.

    That might seem to be profoundly conservative, but it is not. It is, in fact, very rational. This nonsense that has captured our government, our civil society and our country is the warning bell that we are heading for disaster if we don’t pull ourselves up. It I nonsense. Rubbish of the highest degree, totally at odds with material reality, with biological science and with rational philosophical thought. We are entering another age of witch-hunts when people lost their senses to a kind of madness that often gripped even the most rational people, and left those with eyes to see, stranded and isolated.

    Underneath the extreme trans ideology (and we must be careful not to implicate those who have fully transitioned or those who suffer from severe body dysphoria because they have nothing to do with this) is a vicious, spiteful, cruel, misogynistic streak of malice and malevolence that takes the breath away. When asked about women and girls rights, they declare: let them get out of our way, rather as Marie Antionette as reputed to have said, apocryphally, about the sans culottes having no bread.

    We have no choice but to try and stop this menace because, if we do not, as the herald of collapse of society and civilisation, it will usher in something terrible. That has been the pattern in the past: in Greece; in Rome; in Weimar Germany, to name just a few examples. On the personal level, in the case of Allison Bailey QC, what Stonewall has put her through is nothing short of stupendous illegality and vicious bullying, and the compliant, supplicant, supine behaviour of her Chambers has been utterly contemptible.

    Stonewall and its trans warriors threaten and bully if they do not get their own way. Their money is, indeed, supplied, to a great extent, by the government, but it does not use it to help trans people receive counselling or to build shelters or to do anything tangible to help those it says it is representing. Its funding appears to be seen entirely on propaganda and ‘education’ of the young, persuading them along the way that they are trans and need to take puberty blockers and have surgery. It goes beyond these shores, though, to big business in America, some elements of which also bankroll them.

    I believe that they are actually women-haters of a strain that is dangerous and evil. In the end, women will have a three-way choice: to give in to their every demand; or to fight this under human rights; or to walk away from our spaces and start over again. The last will involve giving them the cold shoulder: refusing to run/play against them in sports and setting up our own women-only sports; turning our backs to them if they stand on the podium and steal our prizes; refusing to turn up to applaud them when they take literary and other women’s prizes. Campaign against businesses that break the law by making women’s spaces all-inclusive. In other words, women are going to have to get really, really mean and horrible and nasty – just like the trans warriors. No more Ms Nice Lady. It might be petty at times, but we have to get the message across that put up with this we will not. Stop feeling any empathy with them, ladies, because they have none for you.

    The Scottish civil service appears, indeed, to be infiltrated, and a certain Permanent Secretary is reputed to have been pseudo ‘woke’ for a good number of years. There seems little doubt that Nicola Sturgeon herself is of the pseudo ;woke’, virtue signalling mindset. She can please herself, but she and her coterie have no right to hand the path over to this nonsense. How biological women can even contemplate that cancelling all women’s and girls’ rights in favour of men is progressive and feminist escapes me. I have said before and will say it again, if one hair on one woman’s or girls’ head is hurt because of this rubbish, THEY will be held responsible.


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