A confidential report on harassment within Holyrood was sent to Nicola Sturgeon at the beginning of March 2018. In it 67 women reported incidences of sexual harassment and said the perpetrator was an MSP. The report was buried and only Alex Salmond was put through the ringer. Why?

24 Mar 2021: Rape Crisis Scotland in Crisis Women are facing delays of more than a year in getting support at some rape crisis centres and one hub has had to close its waiting list. Ten of 16 regional services reported waiting times getting longer over the past 12 months, according to information released by […]

The Betrayal of Tommy Sheridan

Professor Adam Tomkins (Later Tory MSP) Tomkins, with little known family links to very senior officers in the Foreign Affairs branch of the US State Department, is an intellectual and political genius, (but perhaps only in his own mind). He is a leading constitutional scholar and latter day hard-line republican who relocated to Scotland from […]

Scots are entitled to a judiciary free of political interference – Time for the SNP to butt out

Dismantling Scotland’s judicial system by stealth The 1707 Act of Union guaranteed the independence of the judiciary and Scottish law in perpetuity. But Westminster Unionist politicians and the House of Lords have rendered Scottish law impotent through the illegal imposition of the laws of “Greater England” on Scots for their own nefarious purposes. The insidious […]

The Obnoxious Trial of Alex Salmond is a Battle For the Soul of the Party Between the Authoritarian Regime of Sturgeon and the Democratic Aspirations of Alex Salmond

Timeline-Scottish Parliamentary Inquiry-Conspiracy against Alex Salmond Late October 2017: Aamer Anwar alleged the existence of a ‘ticking time bomb catalogue of sexual harassment at Holyrood. Ms H allegedly disclosed to her friend, an SNP politician, details of an alleged sexual assault upon her by Alex Salmond. 30 Oct: Nicola Sturgeon wrote to the Presiding Officer […]

Gender Bendering – Why No Debate For Scots?

      Gender Bendering The views of the vast majority of Scots have been bypassed by politicians at Holyrood who are determined to impose gender neutralism on the nation. It appears other governments in the UK are ready to embrace and legislate in the same way. The portents for the future health and wellbeing […]