Will History Award the Dubious Accolade of the Most Expansionist Brutal and Repressive Regimes the World has Ever Known to England?




History lesson: British imperialism not only destroyed India's economy, it  wrecked China's as well



The British Empire

In 1911 the Royal Navy was comprised of 660 fighting vessels, manned by 137,500 personnel. In comparison, the next largest world seapower was Germany which had 336 ships and 67,000 sailors.

The huge fleet was maintained to ensure England’s dominance of the seaways protecting the largest fleet of merchant marine shipping in the world. And the operation of a “gunboat” policy ensuring English dominance over their empire and its inexhaustible supply of valuable resources.

The Empire had been established over a period of around 350 years and was achieved primarily by military conquest.

But England could not have created its empire without the Scots. The English army was not, (and still isn’t) renowned for its soldiers fighting ability. Indeed England has only ever defeated a Scottish army in battle when they were assisted by German, Dutch, Belgian, and Irish soldiers and heavily outnumbered and outgunned the Scots.

So England’s expansionist dreams needed to be delayed until it had achieved, “by fair means or foul” its long-coveted aim of absorbing Scotland and its resources and fighting men.

England finally accepted it could not permanently defeat the Scots in land battles without sustaining great losses and used its naval power to blockade Scotland, forcing the nation’s rulers, but not the populace into accepting a Treaty of Union in 1707.

England then imposed a 50-year “lockdown” on Scotland facilitated through the use of a standing army of English, Irish and Dutch soldiers, (paid for through extra taxation on Scots) who brutally suppressed Scots,  selling many thousands into slavery, clearing clansmen from their legally owned lands, transferring millions of acres of Scotland to the illegal ownership of English Lords who had found favour in the eyes of the King of England for their assistance in destroying the will of the Scots.

The success of the 1680-1707 campaign in Scotland got England the soldiers it needed to ensure the successful achievement of its ever avaricious desire to expand the authority of England throughout the world.

listed next are the countries of the empire, in 1911 and how they were absorbed. Almost all have since gained their independence from England, but invariably only after many years of political and armed struggle.

Scotland was one of the first nations to be absorbed and its peoples thought processes reprogrammed. And we are still captured. The United Nations organization should instruct England to set Scotland free.


The British Empire strikes back



Countries and how they were acquired by England

The United Kingdom:

Wales: Conquest 1282
Scotland: Conquest/forced treaty 1707
Ireland: Conquest 1172


Gibraltar: Conquest 1704
Malta: Conquest 1812
Cyprus: Conquest/Turkey 1878


Indian Empire: Conquest 1757
Ceylon: Conquest 1801
Aden: Conquest 1839
Hong Kong: Conquest/Treaty 1842/1906
Borneo: Conquest 1877
Sarawak: Conquest 1877
Malay States: Conquest 1874
Johore: Conquest 1885
Brunei: Conquest 1888
Wet Hai Wei: Conquest 1888
Terengganu: Conquest 1909
Kedah: Conquest 1909
Perlis: Conquest 1909
Kelantan: Conquest 1909


Capetown: Conquest 1588
Natal: Annexed 1843
Transvaal: Conquest 1900
Orange State: Conquest 1900
St Helena: Conquest 1673
Ascension: Annexed 1787
Sierra Leone: Settlement 1787
Gold Coast: Conquest 1872
Mauritius: Conquest 1810
Swaziland: Conquest 1900
Rhodesia: Annexed 1889
Nyasaland: Conquest 1891
East Africa: Conquest 1888
Uganda: Conquest 1894
Somaliland: Conquest 1884
Tristan Da Cuna: Annexed 1815
Seychelles: Conquest 1814
Basutoland: Annexed 1807
Gambia: Conquest 1807
Nigeria: Conquest 1807
Zanzibar: Conquest 1890

The Americas

Dominion of Canada:
Alberta: Settlement 1670
British Columbia: Settlement 1670
Manitoba: Settlement 1813
New Brunswick: Conquest 1763
Nova Scotia: Conquest 1627
Ontario: Conquest 1759
Prince Ed Island: Conquest 1745
Quebec: Conquest 1759
North W Territories: Settlement 1670
Saskatchewan: Settlement 1670
Yukon: Settlement 1670
Newfoundland: Conquest 1583
Labrador: Conquest 1759

Other Countries:

Leeward Islands: Settlement 1623
Windward Islands: Conquest 1763
Falkland Islands: Conquest 1771
British Guiana: Conquest 1803
Jamaica: Conquest 1655
British Honduras: Conquest 1798
Trinidad & Tobago: Conquest 1797
Barbados: Settlement 1605
Bahamas: Settlement 1629
Bermuda: Settlement 1612


New South Wales: Settlement 1788
Victoria: Settlement 1832
Queensland: Settlement 1824
South Australia: Settlement 1824
Western Australia: Settlement 1828
Tasmania: Settlement 1803
Northern Territories: Settlement 1836

Other Countries

New Zealand: Purchased 1845
Fiji: Conquest 1874
British New Guinea: Conquest 1884
Pacific Islands: Annexed 1893


Teaching Resources on the British Empire | Schoolshistory.org.uk



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