Bring Them Home


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Bring Them Home

Irish republicans in Northern Ireland are rightly milking Westminster financially whilst denying the corrupt political system in support of their cause.

The party has achieved much more than any other grouping in Westminster and have taken their aspirations for total independence from the Unionists to a stage much closer than that of Scotland.

All this despite the on-going gerrymandering of the Ulster Unionists and Westminster politicians.

SNP MP’s wishing to progress the cause of Scottish independence should adopt the tactics of the Irish republicans but with the addition of taking the oath of allegiance to the Queen since our argument is not with her at this time.

This would ensure all the benefits of the Westminster system would be available to our MP’s who would fully discharge their duties to their constituents but would not contribute to any of the political debates in the House of Commons, except where there was a clear advantage to Scotland for them to do so.

I am fed up to my back teeth watching our political representatives being humiliated daily by arrogant perverted Unionist MP’s of all parties, including some Scots, who are protecting the Status Quo, not for the benefit of Scotland but to ensure their milking of the financial trough gathered through exorbitant taxation is maintained.

Bring our MP’s home.


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