Jackson Carlaw Promised to End the Unelected 20 Year Holyrood Career of Murdo Fraser – Confirmation the Gravy Train Has Been Derailed Expected Very Soon Jackson!!!!


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15 September 2011: Tory List MSPs will be forced to stand down

Long-serving Conservative MSPs will be forced to stand down from the Scottish Parliament at the next election if they fail to win a constituency seat, under a radical plan by a leadership candidate to introduce fresh blood into the party.

Jackson Carlaw told the Daily Telegraph they would only be able to serve three or four consecutive terms as list MSPs, who are elected using a complicated system of proportional representation to represent one of eight regions of Scotland.

Significantly, Carlaw said he would apply the change retrospectively, meaning a series of the party’s most high-profile figures would have to win a constituency at the next election or step aside if a three-term limit was imposed.

They include Murdo Fraser, who is serving his third full term as a Mid Scotland and Fife regional list MSP.

The change aims to address the situation whereby the same people are elected time and again, regardless of their performance, because rankings on the regional list are decided by loyal Conservative members.

Carlaw, whose candidacy has not been endorsed by any Tory MSPs, argued the change would be a far more effective method of reinvigorating the party than Fraser’s “superficial” plan to change its name.

“I was very impressed by what David Cameron did at Westminster to refresh the party,” he said. “I would ask the (party management) board to consider term limits of MSPs being elected three times or re-elected three times consecutively on the list.

“I realize that’s going to be unpopular with some, I realize it’s controversial, but I believe we have to substantially renew the face of its party, not its name. Leadership requires that you take tough decisions.”

Carlaw emphasized the new rules would apply to himself. The 52-year-old is serving his second term as a West Scotland list MSP having failed to win the Tory target seat of Eastwood in May.

The changes would apply in the 2016 election and he said he would be “happy” for them to be retrospective.

Only three MSPs of the 15-strong Conservative group at Holyrood have constituencies of their own, with the remainder relying on the regional list for their seats.

Some have used the system to win re-election since devolution started in 1999.


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Conservative 2016 2011 2007 2003 1999

Margaret Mitchell * * * *
Graham Simpson *
Alison Harris *
Adam Tomkins *
Annie Wells *
Ruth Davidson *
Douglas Ross *
Edward Mountain *
Donald Cameron *
Miles Briggs *
Gordon Lindhurst *
Jeremy Balfour *
Murdo Fraser * * * *
Liz Smith * * *
Alexander Stewart *
Dean Lockhart *
Alex Johnstone * * * * *
Ross Thomson *
Peter Chapman *
Liam Kerr *
Rachael Hamilton *
Brian Whittle *
Jamie Greene *
Maurice Golden *
Maurice Corry *
Jamie McGrigor * * * *
Mary Scanlon * * * *
David McLetchie * *
Gavin Brown * *
Annabel Goldie * * *
Jackson Carlaw * * *
Bill Aitken * * *
Ted Brocklebank * *
Nanette Milne * *
Derek Brownlee *
Lord James Douglas-Hamilton * *
Brian Monteith * *
David Davidson * *
Phil Gallie * *
David Mundell * *
Murray Tosh * *
Lyndsay McIntosh *
Mr Keith Harding *
Nick Johnston *
Ben Wallace *
Alex Fergusson *
John Young *


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