A Peek behind the Curtains of the UK Arms Trade and Blairs Ongoing role in its activities. And He is still Pursuing Corbyn with a vengeance

      University College London’s Institute for Security & Resilience Studies (ISRS) The ISRS was founded in 2008 by former “New Labour” Defence Secretary, John Reid. Reid was a key Blair ally in the run-up to the Iraq war deployment of British forces to Afganistan and earned the reputation as Blair’s ‘enforcer’. He was […]

New Labour corruptly embraced State Capture and screwed the Nation

What is State Capture? Transparency International, the anti-corruption watchdog, defines it as: “a situation where powerful individuals, institutions, companies or groups within or outside a country use corruption to shape a nation’s policies, legal environment and economy to benefit their own private interests”. An online search of ex-New Labour ministers career choices after moving on […]

Should Gordon Brown Surface in Scotland and Offer His Opinion to the Public – Remember the Total Cost of His Mishandling of the Economy Was £3 TRILLION (or £3,000,000,000,000)

        The terrible truth about Gordon Brown’s criminal miscalculations – A devastating indictment of his time as Chancellor and Prime Minister. Now available, figures of the “New labour” Government spending before and during the recession, and Government losses since the recession began expose the total cost of Gordon Brown’s mishandling of the […]

Reverend Stuart Campbell V Dugdale – Was the Ruling by the Judge Flawed or did the Reverend really win the case? The Answer is Clear and unambiguous

          The Reverend v Ms Dugdale Extracts from the judgement are entered below together with comments as necessary setting out the judgement was in favour of The Reverend. Sheriff Ross Ms Dugdale denied that she intended to go beyond criticising the tweet itself. She said she did not intend to label […]

Scottish Old Age Pensioners – Detested by the Tory’s – A Bane to the BBC – So many with the power to do so much but who achieve so little

              The  Tory Government the BBC and the Pensioners The BBC licence fee was frozen throughout the period of austerity following the worldwide financial meltdown. In 2015, the Corporation claimed to be in deep financial trouble and pleaded to be allowed to increase the licence fee for all subscribers. […]