Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party under attack from the Zionist Lobby – If Jeremy loses the UK is lost – Hold steady lad!!




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British Democracy under threat of destruction

Investigative journalism by the, al-Jazeera media network revealed how the promotion of Israel operates, including how critics are targeted and criticized as well as what is done to destroy their careers and reputations.

The network used an undercover reporter to infiltrate U.K. pro-Israel groups that were working closely with the Israeli Embassy to counter criticisms coming from British citizens regarding the treatment of the Palestinians.

The Embassy was also countering the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS), which was becoming increasingly effective in Europe.

The late 2016 four-part documentary consists mostly of secretly filmed meetings and discussions and reveals that Jewish groups, particularly at universities and within the UK political parties, work closely with the Israeli Embassy promoting policies of the Israeli government.

It also confirmed that tagging someone as an anti-Semite has become the principal offensive weapon used to stifle any discussion, an effective tactic, since the UK actively prosecutes the criminalization of “hate speech.”

Israeli Embassy political officer Shai Masot, a “Ministry of Strategic Affairs” official working under cover, was filmed discussing British politicians who might be “taken down” before speaking with a government official who plotted a “a little scandal” to bring about the downfall of Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan Duncan.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is the first head of a political party in Britain to express pro-Palestinian views, called for an investigation of Masot after the recording of the “take down” demand relating to Duncan was revealed.

Several Jewish groups (the Jewish Labour Movement, the Union of Jewish Students and We Believe in Israel) counter-attacked with a complaint that the documentary had violated British broadcast regulations, including the specific charge that the undercover investigation was anti-Semitic in nature.

An allegation based on a fallacy since the Ashkenazi Jews who make up 95% of the world’s Jewry are not SEMITES but one of the purest of any European groups.

After intensive and extensive investigations, in the course of which it had to turn over all its raw footage and communications to the investigators, undergoing what one source described as an “editorial colonoscopy,” to prove that its documentary was “factually accurate” and that it had not “unfairly edited” or “with bias” prepared its story. Ofcom ruled in favour of al-Jazeera, stating that its investigation had done nothing improper.

Jewish Labour Movement director Ella Rose, one of plaintiffs, who had called for critics of Israel to “die in a hole” and had personally offered to “take down”, the Labour Party Momentum leader, responded bitterly. She said that the Ofcom judgment would serve as a “precedent for the infringement of privacy of any Jewish person involved in public life.”


Episode Four: In part four, the senior political officer at the Israeli embassy in London discusses a potential plot to “take down” British politicians – including a minster.




Blair’s “New Labour” was really the code for a deal between the Labour Party, dictated to the Israeli lobby and the three amigo’s, Blair, Brown and Mandelson and their hangers on.

This is witnessed by a range of disastrous policies forced upon the UK electorate by New Labour, against its wishes. Namely, the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and blind support of the warmongering regime of the US lead by George Bush and the sale of arms and other military technology to Saudi Arabia.

What was particularly galling was the award to Blair, of the Israel “Peace” prize of a million dollars after the carnage coupled with his appointment to the leadership of the “Mideast Quartet”, where he contributed nothing but emerged from the debacle a very rich man.

The “New Labour” legacy to the nation was a 15-year long global slaughter of the innocents, and the exodus of many millions of refugees, destabilising Europe.

The evidence produced by al-Jazeera confirmed the UK political environment to be routinely subjected to Zionist intimidation and control.

This is evident in the abuse of the nation by the Murdoch media, with Zionist outlets, such as, The Times, journalist, Melanie Phillips, persistently calling for Iran to be bombed. The Guardian under Jonathon Freedland, can also be best described as a Zionist mouthpiece, as is the Telegraph.

Confirming the control of the lobby, the BBC was run (2004-2012) by the controversial, fanatical Zionist, Mark Thompson, who had private meetings with Netanyahu where he promised that there would not be any criticism of Israel on the BBC.



Many M.P.s actively support the recently, (imported from the US) all powerful lobbying organization, the “American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, the UK AIPAC, who know that they have many M.P.s of all parties in their pocket so that they can do whatever they like and get away with it.

The Tory Party leader and prime minister, Theresa May, addressing the Lobby recently, said how proud she was that the Tory Party had been responsible for the Balfour Declaration 100 years ago, which over time has resulted in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and so much misery for the Palestinian people.

It is UK AIPAC that recently mounted the on-going anti Semitic smear campaign against Corbyn and his supporters in the Labour Party in an attempt to unseat him.

The same group was responsible for Ken Livingstone, (who had been critical of Israel when it slaughtered thousands of Palestinians in Gaza) being thrown out of the Labour Party.

Other Labour Party MP’s and supporters and MP’s have been “exposed” for voicing anti Semitic views and forced to issue grovelling apologies by Zionist led kangaroo courts within the Party.

Democracy in the UK is falling apart under the onslaught.


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