plausible-paranoia-how-westminster-hoodwinked-the-scots-in-1707-and-2014-and-their-preparedness-to-do-so-again-part-6-The Secret Service Implements its Denial StrategyPlan






2012:  The Independence Referendum

The Scottish government’s offer to include, “Devo Max” in the questions, to be put to the Scottish electorate was firmly rejected.

It had to be “all or nothing.” and there was no intention on the part of any of the Unionist parties, to give Scotland any new powers.

What will be devolved will be “tiny titbits”, giving the appearance of power but without substance.





2012: The gathering at Abbotsford

The, “Yes” campaign faced the might of, The Abbotsford Team, backed by the entire UK political system, the civil service, media barons, commercial and financial institutions, The City of London, Heads of State and senior politicians of countries world wide and just about anyone or anything that David Cameron and Sir Jeremy Heywood could muster in their mission to deny Scotland it’s rightful place in the world as an independent country.

At the beginning of 2012,(at his house in Edinburgh) former Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling, David McLetchie, late Scottish Tory Leader, David Cameron’s, Director of Political Strategy, Andrew Cooper, Shadow Foreign Secretary, Douglas Alexander, Shadow Defence Secretary, Jim Murphy and special adviser to Alistair Carmichael, Euan Roddin: “That’s right the same person that “leaked” the infamous “Frenchgate” memo the week before the 2015 General Election,” met in secret to “prepare a battle plan” which when enacted would, “kill off, Alex Salmond and the Scottish National Party once and for all time”,

Those in attendance readily agreed that the only way to defeat Alex Salmond was to put their party political differences aside and to join forces so that he would be faced with the full might of the, “Union”.  The, “Abbotsford Agreement” was born.

It was agreed the campaign would be coordinated through the Prime Ministers Office in London, but Mr Cameron would be kept clear of any overt campaign activities.

Darling, considered to be more than a match for Alex Salmond would front the tri-party campaign and it would be run by Scottish based politicians.

It was further agreed each political party would also be free to run their own pro-union campaign.

The meeting was then briefed that former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, had declined an invitation to join the, “Better Together” campaign.

He would restrict his role to the Labour Party’s own anti-independence campaign, being reluctant to share a platform with the Tories and Lib Dems.

JK Rowling, (author) had committed significant funds to Gordon Brown’s campaign.

Unlimited finance was available, £4 million plus including significant donations from Tory backers and senior financiers.





2012: Better Together Officers

Blair McDougall. Campaign Director. Went on to become Head of Policy and Strategy for the Labour Party in Scotland, (reporting to Jim Murphy). Jobless after the 2015 General Election debacle.

Treasurer-Peter Dunphy: Lib/Dem activist for over 20 years, served as a Councillor, Parliamentary Candidate and Chair of both the Parliamentary Candidates Association and the party youth section. A member of the National Secular Society and CEO of an international recruitment business.

Craig Harrow; Convener and Vice President of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Bags of lobbying experience. His P.R. company hit the headlines in Scotland when it emerged the Coalition government had handed a £30,000 contract to it for “communications support” on the referendum.

Nosheena Mobarik: Formerly, Chair of CBI Scotland, Director of Better Together. Co-founder of Glasgow software company M Computer Technologies stirred up a considerable hornets’ nest for the then Labour-controlled Scottish Government when she, along with others, publicly criticized its procurement processes in a speech at a Business in Parliament conference. Got her reward.  Elevated to the Lords as Baroness of Mearns in recognition of her efforts blocking independence.

Richard Baker: Labour member of the Scottish Parliament (List – MSP) for the North East Scotland region. Labour Party in Scotland losing candidate in the 2015 General Election. Unsuccessful bid for the vacant post of Deputy Leader of the labour party in Scotland.  An unmitigated disaster, his election to the post of deputy would have been a gift to the SNP but he left politics.

Jackie Baillie.  A Labour party in Scotland MSP from the date Parliament first convened in 1999. An opportunist who sits in the background until an opening provides her an opportunity to claim other peoples work as her own. Not a nice person.





2013: British Army Media and Psychops Elite Unit Formed

Headquartered near Newbury, in Berkshire. Numbers around 1,500 personnel (including regulars and reservists) recruited from military units across the army.

The force influences the narrative against a background of 24-hour news, smartphones and social media and has gained excellent working skills from expertise acquired by the Israel Defence Force (IDF) which is presently active on 30 internet platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.





2013: Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL Group) – The Mission

It’s declared mission is to provide behavioral research and change programmes, strategic communication “data, analytics and strategy to governments, the UK armed forces and military organizations worldwide.

In 2005, the company, went public at the UK’s largest weapons conference, a showcase for military technology, with an impressive demonstration of how the UK government could use a sophisticated media campaign of mass deception.

A freedom of information request from August 2016, recorded that the MOD twice bought services from SCL in recent years. Namely:

1. In 2010/11, the MOD paid £40,000 to SCL for the “provision of external training.”

2. In 2014/2015, the MOD paid SCL £150,000 for the “procurement of a “target audience analysis.” The MOD refused to provide an explanation of the use of the large summ of money.

It was further confirmed that SCL had also been granted “Top secret” clearance as a “list X” contractor for the MOD which allowed the company commercial access to and use of highly classified UK government information.


2014: The only significant single political event requiring an expenditure of £150,000 with SCL by the MOD for the “procurement of a “target audience analysis,”  was the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum.

And, as evidenced by the dubious activities of the Civil Service in England (see below), it is entirely possible the newly formed British Army Media and Psychops Elite Unit made use of the comprehensive “target audience analysis” provided.





Jun 2013: Better Together” Gains Unfettered access to Experian’s Database

Experian is one of the largest data collection companies in the world, and provides credit worthiness reports for its subscribers.

Blue State Digital, a US data-mining agency that had worked for US President Obama on his successful election campaigns was asked by “Better Together” to devise an enhanced data management tool further developing its “Patriot” software which had contributed so much to Obama’a election.

Experian extracted extensive personal data of millions of Scots from its database and supplied it to Blue State Digital who then developed a data-mining software programme which they titled, “Mosaic” and sold it to the UK government supported “Better Together” campaign for use in the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum. Cost £500,000.

“Mosaic” allowed “Better Together” to identify lifestyle indicators, categorize voters and link them with activists of a similar age or with similar social media friends in order to greatly enhance voter targeting and canvassing.

The data was used on, Facebook and UTube with the purpose of recruiting volunteers who were subsequently provided with the personal details of Scots and asked to cold-call them in order to canvass them for support. All information gleaned by the calls was then stored in the campaign database and transmitted to the three parties involved in Better Together.


The Scottish electorate should be concerned about the abuse of personal information by State supported bodies:

“Anyone with a credit card, bank account, loan, mortgage, store card or monthly/quarterly mobile phone will likely have an Experian profile.  The company conducts millions of credit checks each year on many hundreds of thousands of UK citizens.

The level of data they collect and hold is frankly staggering.  Making matters worse, the information Experian retain is very often gathered without our knowledge.

Companies run credit checks on potential customers whenever a new application for credit is made, yet it is rarely explained what “doing a credit check” actually entails. In fact, the consumer has little to no choice over which company actually undertakes the credit check. They are chosen by the bank, estate agent, mobile phone network or any other commercial organization.

Not engaging with a credit reference agency is almost impossible. It would entail not having a bank account, not having any direct debits, not having a credit card, not renting or owning a property. We have to, whether we like it or not, engage with these companies.

The consumer needs to be able to trust companies such as Experian that handle massive levels of personal data, more acute when we have little to no say over what data they hold.





Jul 2013: Scottish independence: “Better Together” Targets Voter ‘Tribes’

The group campaigning for a “no” vote in Scotland’s Independence Referendum has said it will embark on the most sophisticated targeting of voters seen in British political history.

Pro-union “Better Together” has launched its new “Mosaic” system.

It will divide Scotland’s four million voters into 40 different tribes.

This will then allow the campaign to speak directly to undecided voters using letters, emails and face-to-face discussions.

Better Together said the technology, developed with information purchased from credit rating agency Experian at a cost of £500,000 and further improved by additional input from political and strategy advisers of the successful President Obama campaign will allow it to identify lifestyle indicators such as, the number of cars a family owns and other personal information.

Voters will then be “linked” to activists of a similar age or with similar social media friends.





2014: Better Together Campaign Director Blair McDougall

“We have to make sure that we are on the doorsteps and high streets, but also that we are also on peoples’ smartphones, tablets and PCs.

This new tool will help bring our thousands of volunteers together with the key voters who will decide the outcome of the referendum.”

It is estimated “Better Together” had 10,000 volunteers signed up by the start of the campaign. IT expertise was utilized through the on-line presence of a significant number, including UK government staff based in England.

Social media (Facebook) played an important role in local campaigning especially as it enabled “Better Together” to more effectively mobilize more volunteers and disseminate information using the “Patriot” software.





2014: Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL Group) – The Board

In a scandal that cuts to the heart of British society Board members include an array of Lords, Tory donors, ex-British army officers, defense contractors, the Tory Party and the military establishment. Including:

Mark Turnbull:

Provides the “Atlantic Alliance” link. Spent 18 years at Bell Pottinger, heading up a Pentagon funded PR drive in occupied Iraq which included the production of fake al-Qaeda videos. He is the head of SCL Elections and Cambridge Analytica Political Global.

His profile at the University of Exeter Strategy and Security Institute boasts of his record in achieving “campaign success via measurable behavioural change” in “over 100 campaigns in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean”.

Nigel Oakes:

An old Etonian, he is the head of the group. According to the website “PowerBase” and has links to the British royal family. Rumoured to be an Mi5 spy. In 1992 he described his work in a trade journal as using the same techniques as Aristotle and Hitler. … “We appeal to people on an emotional level to get them to agree on a functional level.”

Sir Geoffrey Pattie:

Former Tory MP and Defence Minister in Thatcher’s government. He is the President of SCL. He also co-founded “Terrington Management” which lists BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin amongst its clients.

Roger Gabb:

A former British special forces officer in Borneo and Kenya the wine millionaire is a company director. In 2006 he donated £500,000 to the Tory Party. He was fined by the Electoral Commission for failing to include his name on an advert in a number of local newspapers arguing for a Leave.EU vote in the Brexit referendum.

Julian Wheatland:

A venture capitalist, he is the company’s chairman. He is also the chairman of Oxfordshire Conservatives Association.

Jonathan Marland:

The former Conservative Party Treasurer, was a trade envoy under David Cameron, and a close friend of Tory election strategist Lynton Crosby.He provides financial support to the company

Vincent Tchenguiz:

A property tycoon and Conservative party donor he was also the single largest SCL shareholder for a decade.

Gavin McNicoll:

Director. Founded counter-terrorism “Eden Intelligence” a firm who, at the behest of the British government, ran a G8 Plus meeting on Financial Intelligence Cooperation

Sir James Allen Mitchell:

A retired board member, he is the former Prime Minister of the previous British colony St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He is also a privy counsellor on the Queen’s advisory board.

Rear Admiral John Tolhurst:

A former assistant director of naval warfare in the Ministry of Defence and aide de camp to the Queen.

Lord Ivar Mountbatten:

The Queen’s third cousin, was also named as a member of SCL’s advisory board but it’s unclear if he still holds that role.





2014: President Obama campaign contractors, awarded, “Better Together” exclusive media strategy contract.

Blue State Digital, a USA media strategy and technology company specializes in online fundraising, social networking and constituency development. The Company provided digital strategy and  technology services for the Obama presidential campaign.

Directed by co-founders, Joe Rospars and Jascha Franklin-Hodge. The mission statement of the Company states:

“Blue State Digital develops and executes multi-platform digital marketing and online engagement campaigns for non-profit and advocacy organizations, political candidates, causes, brands and businesses. Our work inspires and mobilizes people, increases revenue, and cements lasting support and loyalty.”

The UK Director of Blue state Digital is Falkirk born, Gregor Poynton, a former Labour party election strategy manager and Scottish Labour Party organiser. He is married to Labour MP, Gemma Doyle.


Gregor Poynton, UK political director of American firm Blue State Digital

Gregor Poynton


Jan 2014: Tory government protects the nation

Sir Jeremy Heywood, cabinet secretary to David Cameron also leads the UK’s civil service and wields immense power exercising it in defence of government and in furtherance of his own agenda.

Edward Snowden became disillusioned with President Obama’s NSA judging it’s policies to be counter productive, invasive and illegal. Having gathered sensitive information he disappeared, surfacing in HongKong from where he leaked copious amounts of information to “the Guardian” newspaper, who in turn released much of it to the UK public, revealing that the British spy agency (GCHQ) monitored, collected and stored vast quantities of global email messages, Facebook data, internet histories and calls, and shared it with the NSA.

Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, the UK’s senior civil servant went to the offices of the Guardian and explicitly warned the Guardian’s editor, to return the Snowden documents. He also told the editor to stop publishing articles based on leaked material from American’s National Security Agency and GCHQ.  he pointedly said: “We can do this nicely or we can go to law” adding: “A lot of people in government think you should be closed down.”

Some time later, acting on instuctions from David Cameron, Heywood, visited the Guardian offices again this time accompanied by secret service officers and ordered the destruction of all information, computers, hard drives and all other equipment used in the storage of information/data.

Footage was later released of Guardian editors destroying Snowden hard drives – GCHQ technicians watched as journalists took angle grinders and drills to computers. See video:






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Clearly laid out the depth of deceit from Westminster and it’s friends in subjugating Scotland. We need to be much more aware
next time around and impartial independent monitors must be in place this time. We also need you and others to ensure we take on their lies and expose continually how they work to rig the system. Thanks for all your work, invaluable.

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