NHS Scotland Funding Debacle – My September 2014 Blog Gave Warning Of A Future Tied to England – Blame Game In Play – Supported by the BBC







September 2014: If you are English and sick you are in trouble

A letter, supported by 95% of Doctors in England, signed off by the leader of the BMA has this week been sent to Mr Cameron warning that the sick, frail and elderly are being failed by Westminster.

The rarely used somewhat politically incorrect intervention by the medical profession advises an urgent need for a major change in direction transferring control of Health and Social Welfare away from private healthcare back to the control of the Nation.


A summary of the letter:

“The crisis in health and welfare support services is directly attributable to Westminster’s (Health & Social Services Act) embracing and implementing a programme of rapid ill conceived transfers of services to the private sector.

It is estimated in excess of £11Billion and 35,000 staff, from frontline services has been given over to private healthcare which has not delivered.

This systematic break-up of the National Health Service and welfare support, under-funded by around £30 Billion is becoming dangerously fragmented.

Rationing and removal of some treatments is being ordered by non-medical managers all to the detriment of patient care.

Very soon changes will be, “bedded in” and virtually impossible to reverse effectively providing citizens with very limited healthcare and Welfare support.”




Where applicable the foregoing applies to the Health Service in England, but welfare support is only partially devolved to Scotland and our citizens are suffering the brunt of changes to the delivery of services (controlled by Ian Duncan Smith).

A “no” vote in the independence referendum when coupled with the increasingly likely return of a Conservative Government in 2015 raises the probability that changes in the NHS in England will be transferred to Scotland for early implementation .

This will be achieved through a major reduction in the Scottish “Block Grant” significantly lowering healthcare finance availability forcing the Scottish Government to adopt the same Healthcare profile England.

A “Yes” vote in the independence referendum will allow Scotland’s citizens to decide their own future in terms of healthcare and social welfare support.

I am confident we will turn away from the disastrous systems envisaged by Westminster.



Comment at 26 Jun 2018: The letter to Cameron from the BMA in England fell on deaf ears.

Wholesale privatisation is progressing rapidly and huge amounts of taxpayers money is being sucked out of the service into the ever expanding pockets of rich corporations and their shareholders.

Unfortunately Scotland voted “no” in the referendum and as I predicted the NHS Scotland “Block Grant” has been markedly reduced bringing with it the scenario of which the BMA Scotland Branch referred to in its very recent “NHS Scotland Armageddon” letter.

As usual the BBC and all other psudeo Scottish media outlets, exempt “The National” are attacking the SNP government when the blame should rightly be applied to the English Treasury.




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