Dirty Tricks – Trumpgate and Skripal – All Roads Lead to London and MI6

          Note:  This article is a follow up to the undernoted link. (https://caltonjock.com/2017/11/17/trump-putin-congressional-investigation-moving-finger-of-fate-pointing-at-the-tory-party-and-stirling-university-on-the-hook-as-well/)       Boris Johnson – Trump – The Tory party Three senior past and present Foreign Office ministers, including the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, were targeted by individuals identified by the FBI as central to their investigation […]

The UK Admits Defeat and Smuggles the White Helmets Out Of Syria into Jordan. But Just a Mo!!! the Bulk of The 800 plus Syrian Agitators are to be Awarded UK Citizenship

        22 Jul 2018: Israel Smuggles White Helmets and their dependents out of Syria into Jordan Syrian forces tightened their grip on the last rebel-held area in Southern Syria forcing the Western Allies funded al-Nusra Front group to get out of Syria immediately. They and their dependents were transferred to Jordan via […]

Porton Down Director Distances His Establishment From Prime Minister May’s Accusation That Russia Is Responsible For the Nerve Agent Attack On Skripal and His daughter – But We Must Trust Information Provided By MI5 and MI6 – Just As We Did in 2002

        Extracts from Hansard: House of Commons: Tuesday 24 September 2002 The Prime Minister (Mr. Tony Blair): Today we published a 50-page dossier, detailing the history of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction programme, its breach of United Nations resolutions, and its attempts to rebuild that illegal programme. As the dossier sets out, […]