The Tory Party Monday Club – Lies – Spies and Criminality – £425,000 Donation to the DUP – Indicators Point to the Constitutional Monarchy Association as the Source




19 May 2017: Senior Scottish Conservative Richard Cook At the Centre of a £425,000 (DUP) Major Brexit funding scandal.

A modest, semi-detached house in Clarkston on Glasgow’s Southside seems an unlikely source for a secretive, £425,000 donation to the Democratic Unionist Party’s Brexit campaign. But the occupant – Richard Cook – is the only person publicly connected with the Constitutional Research Council, a shadowy pro-union group that funnelled dark money to the DUP ahead of June’s EU referendum. And Richard Cook is not just connected to Northern Irish unionism – he has links that go to the heart of the Scottish Conservative Party, the Saudi intelligence service and a notorious Indian gun running scandal.

Mr Cook is also a former vice chairman of the Scottish Conservative party and Tory election candidate (for which he was fast-tracked through the selection, according to reports on ConservativeHome). He has campaigned with Ruth Davidson and David Cameron, and his Facebook friends list is a roll-call of prominent Scottish Tories. Scottish politicians are now calling for the Scottish Tory leader to clarify her relationship with Cook, who in the 2010 general election lost out to Labour’s Jim Murphy in East Renfrewshire. Key activists in his team were subsequently found burning the EU flag and posting Northern Irish loyalist song lyrics on Twitter.

Cook is also at the centre of a political scandal raging in Northern Ireland. Back in February, an openDemocracy investigation found that donors had taken advantage of Northern Ireland’s secretive electoral laws to funnel hundreds of thousands of pounds to the DUP’s pro-Brexit campaign. Under pressure, the DUP revealed that the party had received £425,622 from a group called ‘the Constitutional Research Council’. Over £32,000 of this money was spent on data analytics company AggregateIQ, a small Canadian outfit that has been linked to Donald Trump’s billionaire backer Robert Mercer and Cambridge Analytica, who are now at the heart of an investigation by the Information Commission.

We know almost nothing about the Constitutional Research Council. The outfit has no formal legal status. What we can say for sure is that it is chaired by Cook, and he has promised to fund the pro-union campaign in any future Scottish independence referendum. “More people with more money are ready to step up to the plate this time compared with the last referendum” Cook told the Sunday Times earlier this year. He didn’t reveal who those people are.

The DUP has also refused to say who the backers behind the CRC are, and there is little to suggest that Cook himself is a major donor. Former Conservative colleagues describe Cook as “a nice guy but not a rich guy”. Cook – who could not be contacted for this piece – appears to retain an interest in Scottish politics.

He is listed as an advisor on Think Scotland, a conservative-minded website funded by Scottish unionist businessman Robert Kilgour. Think Scotland is owned by former Tory MSP Brian Monteith. Monteith was head of press during the referendum for Leave.EU, the campaign group run by Arron Banks and Nigel Farage.

In 2013, Cook co-founded a company called Five Star Investment Management Ltd with the former head of the Saudi Arabian intelligence agency, Prince Nawwaf bin Abdul Aziz. The prince’s son is the Saudi ambassador to the UK. The other director of the company was Peter Haestrup, a Danish national who is connected to the 1995 Purulia arms drop case, a long-running multinational scandal that involved weapons being dropped over the Indian province of West Bengal. The company was registered at Mr Cook’s Glasgow address. Annual accounts were not submitted to  Companies House, and the venture was dissolved in December 2014.

Cook also has connections with right-wing pressure groups in the UK. He was Scottish spokesperson for Conservative Friends of Israel and for the Campaign Against Political Correctness, a campaign allied to the Freedom Association, a right-wing Eurosceptic pressure group that supported apartheid in South Africa. Back in 2009, Richard Cook spoke alongside current Tory MSP Murdo Fraser at a Freedom Association fringe event at the Conservative party conference in Perth to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Margaret Thatcher’s 1979 election victory.

Freedom Association Chief Executive Simon Richards later praised Cook as “one of the hardest working PPC’s (Parliamentary Prospective Candidates) anywhere in the country”. The Freedom Association has historical links with Northern Ireland. Among its original founders was Ross McWhirter, a controversial journalist who campaigned for strict restrictions on Irish people in Britain, including making it compulsory for all Irish people in Britain to register with the local police and to provide signed photographs of themselves when renting flats or booking into hotels and hostel. McWhirter was shot dead by the Provisional IRA in Enfield in 1975.

The Freedom Association boasts of “friendly links” with the Democratic Unionist Party. In 2007 and 2008, leading DUP politicians Jeffrey Donaldson and Sammy Wilson were involved in Freedom Association “fact finding” events in Northern Ireland. At the time, the Freedom Association said it had “taken a close interest in Ulster matters from its earliest days and is keen to strengthen its ties with the province and to demonstrate its support for the Union.” Donaldson was the chair of the DUP’s Brexit campaign – his name appeared on the election material that the CRC’s £425,000 donation paid for – and Wilson was a prominent pro-Brexit DUP voice throughout the campaign, regularly appearing in the media.

After his defeat in the 2010 general election, Richard Cook wrote: “I believe deeply in our party, its membership and in the need for a centre right party to represent the hundreds of thousands of Scots who believe in the same things we do.” Among the activists he singled out for praise during the campaign were Ross McFarlane and Colin Taylor.

McFarlane was subsequently sacked as a Holyrood assistant by Ruth Davidson in 2011 after footage emerged showing him setting fire to the EU standard while dressed in the robes of Glasgow University amid anti-Catholic taunts. McFarlane had been Davidson’s election agent.

Around the same time, it was discovered that Colin Taylor had posted song lyrics on Twitter glorifying Northern Irish loyalist terrorist group, the Ulster Volunteer Force, while serving as president of the student Conservative Association from 2009 to 2010. The social media posts were picked up when Taylor was working for the Tory Press and Research Unit at Holyrood.

An SNP spokesperson said: “These are deeply concerning allegations The fact that we still do not know the source of such a significant amount of cash used to help bankroll the Brexit campaign is unacceptable, and cannot be allowed to continue. Just as concerning are the apparent links to the highest levels of the Scottish Tory party. Ruth Davidson must clarify what links she has with Mr Cook, and whether her party has helped itself to money from the same murky sources.”



Peter Bleach



Peter Bleach – Former Intelligence Officer (known As the Milk Tray Man)

Born on 20 May 1951, in Halifax, UK, to an English father (Albert James Bleach) and a German mother (Oceana Felicia Joana Magdalena), Peter James Gifran von Kalkstein Bleach was educated at the Uplands Preparatory School (formerly St Peter’s School) in Scalby, Yorkshire, between 1964 and 1969.

He completed the ‘A’ level and after graduation enlisted in the British Army Intelligence Corps. He entered training at HQ Intelligence Centre at Templar Barracks in Ashford, Kent. He passed corps training with distinction and was awarded best recruit.

In 1972, aged 21y, he was posted to 39 Airportable Brigade, HQ Northern Ireland, Thiepval Barracks, Lisbum, Northern Ireland, serving in the brigade intelligence section.

Thiepval Barracks would later become the command centre for the British Army’s Force Research Unit (FRU) whose members recruited and handled agents to infiltrate the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA)

Bleach excelled again and passed all corps training courses and promotion examinations with distinction, rising to the rank of sergeant. He remained at HQ Northern Ireland until the end of 1972, leaving after a disciplinary offence led him to be offered transfer to another unit.

The transfer was turned down and Bleach left the forces. British Military Intelligence Hit Squads deployed in Belfast   (

In 1973, Bleach travelled to Southern Rhodesia (later Zimbabwe) and joined the Rhodesia Prison Service. He took early retirement on pension aged 30y after reaching the rank of assistant superintendent in 1981.

He then took up the appointment of commanding officer, Chipinga station, on the Mozambique, Southern Rhodesia border, serving with Joint Operations Command for Operation Thresher.

After several security related jobs in Zimbabwe and Johannesburg, South Africa, he returned to the UK in the middle of 1985 and until 1995 was a self employed security advisor and consultant in commerce and industry before setting up his own arms dealing firm.

Bleach, through his company, Aeroserve UK worked freelance for MI6. Interpol maintained a file on him monitoring the ‘odd jobs’ he completed for the agency.



Peter Bleach



Peter Bleach and the 1995 Purulia arms drop

Bleach, (who was in some financial difficulty around that time) successfully secured three legal defence export contracts from the Bangladesh government. His agent in Bangladesh was Captain (retired) Syed Tasleem Hussain, who owned a company called River-land Agencies Ltd, Dhaka, which was accredited to the Bangladesh Ministry of Defence. All of Bleach’s legal tenders were submitted through Hussain’s company.

In July 1995 he was contacted by Peter Haestrup, a Danish Businessman who asked him to quote for a delivery of arms and ammunition to an unknown destination in South Asia. They subsequently met in Denmark and agreed to set up a jointly company, (Cargo Air Transport Services (CATS). They then established a legal point of sale contact in Bangladesh. The owner of the air freight company in Dhaka was Iqbal Ali was also reputed to be the local agent for a CIA backed American freight company.

At a follow up meeting in Copenhagen Neils Christian Nielsen, Peter Haestrup and Bleach agreed any future business would be completed through their offices in Hong Kong.

Two meetings of the board of Sovereign Managers Limited of Hong Kong were subsequently convened on 11 October 1995 and 10 November 1995. The first was chaired by Ms Cecilia D’Cunha. The second by Hugo Cunliffe-Owen.

Sukhvir Kaur Jarhia, the person responsible for setting up (CATS), in the The Turks and Caicos Islands was also at the meeting.

Note: Sovereign Managers Limited was registered in the Isle of Man on 23 May 1988 and dissolved on 17 June 1997 Its offices were located in Hong Kong.

A little over a month after Bleach had sent a costed quotation to Peter Haestrup, the final sixteen page contract was signed between Bleach, Haestrup and Nielson in London on 13 September 1995. Letters of credit were subsequently exchanged confirming the contract which was worth in the region of £6M.

Cargo Air Transport Services Limited (CATS) purchased an Antonov AN-26B from Latvian State Airlines, together with five crew members. The crew along with two other ground crews were contracted to fly the plane from Riga in Latvia to Bangladesh and subsequently to fly cargo flights from Bangladesh to other destinations on behalf of (CATS).

In December 1995 the aircraft flew to Bulgaria where a consignment of 548 AK-47 rifles, 11.3 tonnes of ammunition, 165 rocket launchers and a quantity of anti-tank weapons boxed and labelled as freight was loaded. From Bulgaria the plane flew to Karachi Airport in Pakistan.



Neils Nielson




6 January 1996: Flight of fancy:

The Whodunnit?  The mystery surrounding an airdrop of arms: assault rifles, rocket launchers, hand grenades, pistols in the middle of tribal land in West Bengal. An aircraft,  made in Russia, leased from a Hong Kong company, flown by a Latvian crew watched over by a Dane and a Briton, and carrying Bulgarian arms. Globalisation run amok? More likely, the geographical diversity is part of a strategy to make detection of the real perpetrator difficult.

Bleach had been arrested by Indian authorities (and remained in custody) having been caught, in December 1995, air-dropping arms over a remote district of West Bengal, for the “Path of Bliss” guerrilla movement.

Bleach claimed he had completed the delivery with the blessing of the UK Ministry of Defence, Special Branch and Indian authorities who had been advised date and time of the airdrop.

Evidence surfaced in 1997 confirming that British intelligence had indeed provided early information to the Indian authorities on three separate occasions: 10 November, 17 November and 15 December 1995.

Interpol Headquarters, Lyon, confirmed the highly classified Project Purulia report had been shared with the CIA, but not with the intelligence services of Britain or Denmark.

After the arms drop and the subsequent leak that intelligence had been shared by British intelligence, the MI5 officer in the UK High Commission in New Delhi was in a major flap.

An Indian joint secretary who was ‘in the know’ of the developments at the time recalled that the MI5 officer representative met then Indian Home Minister S.B. Chavan and Home Secretary K. Padmanabhaiah, among others, to not just express annoyance at the leakage but also to make attempts to steer clear of the controversy that was generated after it became public that the British Security Service had initially supplied India with information about an arms drop in India.







22 September 1997: Mercenary Made a Mug Out of Me Says Teddy Taylor MP

The 60-year-old MP, (who said he had walked into a Sunday newspaper trap) called the allegations “codswallop.” and said his comments had been intended as light-hearted and he never took the jailbreak plan seriously.

He said his friend Chris Hudson, (secretary of the right-wing Tory Monday Club) had brought John Miller to a meeting at the Commons. Sir Teddy and Hudson are long-standing pals of Bleach. Hudson visited the arms dealer in jail last month. Hudson claimed that Bleach asked him to contact “my old mate Miller” for help upon his return.

Sir Teddy said of Miller: “We met in my office where he revealed a complex plan to free Peter which was so far-fetched I did not take it very seriously.” The MP said he had planned no further meetings with Miller, but Miller had called with the promise of new details about the Lockerbie bombing. A second meeting was held on Saturday at The White Horse pub near Sir Teddy’s constituency office in Southend. Miller turned up with another man, who Sir Teddy now knows was an undercover reporter, and said he had not brought any documents relating to Lockerbie.

He insisted – despite Sir Teddy’s protests – that he introduce the MP to the undercover reporter as “Michael.” Sir Teddy said: “Quite honestly, at the first meeting, I didn’t treat it seriously. “At the second meeting, this chap did seem to have some serious ideas.”

The MP claimed he was not giving orders to Miller over the jailbreak but admitted asking questions as to how it would work and who would pay the £100K being suggested. Sir Teddy accepted that he said: “My friend has been very unfairly dealt with. “You’re going to have to get him. You’ve got the big job of getting him.”

The MP was further quoted as saying he thought the Pakistani province of Peshawar would be a good place to take Bleach on the run after he was sprung from jail. Sir Teddy did not deny saying: “Peshawar’s the place to take him. Peshawar would be ideal. I was there.”

But Sir Teddy said: “At no point have I been involved in any way in conspiring in any plan to release Peter Bleach from jail.

“I thought the whole thing was a bit of nonsense. But it seems the conversation was recorded. “Obviously it was a big set-up and I walked straight into it. I am going straight to the Press Complaints Commission tomorrow to see if this was a proper thing to do.” He added: “I was simply asking various things about it because I was then beginning to think there might be something serious in it.”

Sir Teddy said of Bleach: “I felt that, if he had told the Government what he was doing, they should make this information available to the Indian courts. “I just wanted a fair trial and at no time in any way have I been involved in a conspiracy to get him out.”

Chris Hudson, chairman of the Tory Monday Club said: “I have been a friend of Peter’s for 15 years and I don’t want to see him hanged. “If there was any way I could get him out, I would do it. I believe him to be innocent. “But I would not consider a silly plot to spring him. I was involved in collecting information.”

The Dog of War: John Miller is best known for kidnapping Great Train robber Ronnie Biggs in 1981. He smuggled Biggs out of Rio de Janeiro aboard a yacht, sailed to Barbados and handed him over to the authorities. But Biggs was allowed to return to Brazil. Later Miller, 52, was involved in the hunt for Lord Lucan.






1 February 2000: Weapons Drop Riddle – Briton Facing Jail Says MI5 Was Involved

Peter Bleach, who once worked with British Army Intelligence in Ulster, claimed he had parachuted an arsenal of weapons and ammunition comprising: 500 47 rifles, 250,000 rounds of ammunition, 12 rocket launchers and 100 antitank grenades into India, with the support of British secret services.

The former public schoolboy and five Latvian’s who were facing a life sentence were found guilty, after a 22 month trial, of conspiring to supply weapons for use in ‘waging war’ against India.

Bleach has the support of Tory MP Sir Teddy Taylor, who insists Home Secretary Jack Straw has evidence that MI5 and the Special Branch were involved.






3 February 2000: Life for Arms Dealer Briton

Peter Bleach, of North Yorkshire, a British arms dealer has been convicted of illegally delivering weapons to an Indian state has been jailed for life in India. He has been in jail in India since he was arrested four years ago along with five Latvian’s, who have also been jailed for life.

Bleach was caught air-dropping arms over a remote district of West Bengal for the “Path of Bliss” guerrilla movement in December 1995. He has always claimed he carried out the delivery with the blessing of the Ministry of Defence, which had alerted Indian authorities to the impending airdrop.



Bleach and Nielson



Autumn of 2000 – Political Intervention
Jack Straw: Home Secretary, made a personal appeal on behalf of Bleach. Three months later, he expressed concern at the long time taken for Bleach appeal to be heard. “In no sense has Bleach been abandoned by the British government” he said.

Robin Cook: A couple of months later, it was the then Foreign Secretary Robin Cook’s turn. He asked the Indian foreign minister to review the case. Then, In December 2000, Cook went a stage further and asked the Indian authorities in a formal letter to release Bleach.



Teddy Taylor


27 Nov 2002: In Parliament:  Sir Teddy Taylor (Rochford and Southend, East):

I want to discuss the case of Mr. Peter Bleach. I apologise to the Minister for the massive volume of correspondence I have sent to the Foreign Office and the many questions I have asked about him. The reason is simply that I believe that a great injustice has been done, and I am seriously concerned and alarmed about the health and security problems which Peter is having in prison in Calcutta. My object in raising the matter in this debate is to try to persuade the Minister and his Department to do all they can to secure Mr. Bleach’s release.

Sadly, the Government of India has so far declined to respond. I hope that the Prime Minister’s latest initiative will persuade them to respond meaningfully, but in view of the seriousness of Mr. Bleach’s health problem, I thought it right to raise the case today.

My first point is that Peter Bleach is a person with a record of high standards. When he was living in Southend, I always found him to be a person of honesty and integrity. When he advised me of the complex and difficult security operations in which he was involved, he always talked about events in terms of the benefits that they would bring to the community.

When he was engaged in a security matter involving pharmaceutical companies in Cyprus, he received a commendation from the police for putting his life at risk to bring criminals to justice. It is only fair to say that Mr. Bleach has been involved in many such interesting events. He has always tried to play fair and straight and to tell things as they are.

I emphasise that Mr. Bleach has advised me time and time again that everything he did in relation to the dropping of arms in Bengal, from the first approach that he received, was notified to the authorities. To protect himself during the preparations for the arms drop, he prudently recorded every word said to him on the telephone by officials.

However, as I reported to the House on 2 March 1999, his home and that of a disabled lady in London were raided, and all but one of the tapes disappeared. One of the raids involved 10 constables. Over many years, I have tried to find out the reason why the constables seized the tapes and the evidence was removed. I have never been given a proper explanation. However, it happened: there is no denying that.

I do not want to bore the Chamber with the many complaints that have been made about the unusual events of which the raids are just a part, or with details of the unusual activities of Sergeant Etlock. The Minister is well aware that I have given full details of the evidence that that gentleman gave, and the ways in which it seemed to be adjusted.

It would save a lot of time if the Government would simply confirm that officials were advised by Mr. Bleach of the issues relating to the arms drop and it would help even more if they would confirm that the Government of India were advised, too. Mr. Bleach was advised not to get involved. That is the usual practice in such matters.

However, the plain fact is that someone who tries to do something of this order and gives all the information about all the events to the Government is rather different from someone who seeks to do the same thing in a secret or malicious way.

Another significant issue relates to the seizure of Mr. Bleach and his five colleagues from Latvia after the Indian air force obliged them to bring down their plane following the arms drop. The Indian authorities carried out that seizure with their usual efficiency, and Peter and his colleagues were seized as they came down the steps of the plane.

However, there was one astonishing omission: Mr. Neils Nielsen, who is a citizen of Denmark, and was the acknowledged and clear leader and organiser of the venture, was permitted to walk away from the plane. He succeeded in travelling out of India and back to Denmark.

Of course, I would fully understand someone escaping if they were coming out of a train or a lorry, but when it is case of a plane coming down in an airfield, it is difficult to comprehend how one of the passengers could escape being seized.

I have tried to find out from the Indian Government why that happened. Why was that person permitted to get away, particularly as he was the leader of the outfit? I have never been given any explanation at all. The matter seems to get more and more mysterious.

Mr. Nielson is alleged to have stayed in Denmark and to have protection there. I have been advised that Interpol has been looking for him. I have also been advised that he has been travelling around quite a bit he has been particularly active in Sudan and that he was quite recently in London at Smith’s hotel, where he was allegedly in the company of some rather official and well dressed people who are often seen at that excellent establishment.

It was there that he allegedly sought to persuade one of my constituents, who resides in Great Wakering and whose details I would be glad to give to the Minister, to engage in some interesting work in Bosnia.

Obviously, I do not expect the Minister to comment on these unusual events, but I would like him to say whether the Government regard Mr. Nielson as a person who should be seized and questioned by the authorities, and whether approaches have been made to the Danish Government. The issue is of some significance. It seems unusual that although everyone says that they want to seize this gentleman, nothing seems to happen and he travels around doing rather interesting things.




Neils Nielson




Neils Christian Nielson – International Man of Mystery

Perhaps the biggest enigma to linger after The Arms Drop has faded from memory will be Neils Christain Nielson. his criminal past, his involvement with illegal gold smuggling, arms and drug sales, his multiple identities (he has used at least 36 aliases and 15 passports over a twenty-year period), and his baffling rescue by the Danish government and largely unexplored connections with the United States of America and the Central Intelligence Agency.

In support of the foregoing are the four visits he made to the USA, before the arms drop despite being on Interpol’s radar and that he was already wanted in the USA for two federal crimes. His links with the CIA ensured the protection the Danish authorities provided.

The Pakistani company that serviced the AN-26 aircraft in Karachi airport is also said to have links with a CIA front aviation company.



Peter Haestrop




Peter Haestrup – Mr Fixit – Protected by the Danish Authorities

The Indian authorities never did request the extradition to India of Peter Haestrop to stand trial for his part in the Purulia Arms Drop. They knew full well that any request would be fruitless due to the place the Haestrup family held in Danish society.

Jurgen Haestrup (Peter’s father) had been instrumental with other brave Danes in saving nearly 4000 Jews from German Concentration camps in 1944.

Having got wind of the Himmler’s imminent order to round up the Jews in Denmark, Jurgen, an influential member of Danish political establishment quietly transported nearly all of the Jews over the water to neutral Sweden frustrating Himmler and Hitler.

The Haestrups are a large family members of which are primarily associated associated with banking and other financial activities in Denmark, Europe and Worldwide.

Peter is the ultimate entrepreneur. If there is an angle he will seek it out and make a profit.

His role in the £4-6M Purulia arms deal and other planned ventures was pivotal and much enhanced by his contact with Peter Bleach and his associates. Yet he was allowed to disassociate himself and his family from the debacle.

Teddy Taylor



Teddy Taylor and the Tory Monday Club – Good Friend of Peter Bleach

Teddy, MP for Cathcart, Glasgow from 1964-1979 was a right wing politician who strongly advocated use of the birch and Capital punishment. He resigned his position in the Scottish Office in protest at the UK joining the European Economic Community.

His loyalty to HM, The Queen and Margaret Thatcher was sacrosanct. He was her Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland and a much favoured adviser. He also studiously maintained close ties many members of the English ruling class.

Having lost his seat in Glasgow in 1979 he was found a safe Tory seat in Southend where he served from 1980-2005.

He joined the Tory right wing Monday Club early in his political career and is/was a close friend of Enoch Powell and his acolyte the Rt Hon Jeffrey Donaldson MP M.L.A.; Orange-man and U.U.P. defector to the D.U.P.

He supported Ian Smith in his Unilateral Declaration of Independence (U.D.I.) of Rhodesia. He also fully supported the apartheid system in South Africa and advocated the shooting of the South African terrorist Nelson Mandela.

Taylor was one of the 22 rebel “bastards” who voted against the government on the second reading of the European Communities (Amendment) Bill in May 1992, when the government’s overall majority at the time was only 18. He was singled out and had the party Whip withdrawn.

In the period 1992-1997 John Major’s government lurched from crisis to crisis. A number of Ministers of State and MP’s displayed open rebellion the incidence of infighting of elements in the party increased dramatically. In 1997 the years of sleaze and backhanders finally decided the fate of the Tory government.





Inter Alia: knowledge by association

The following persons are well known to each other through friendship, business and/or politics:

Sir Teddy Taylor; Leading Monday Club member

RH Sir Jeffrey Donaldson; MP, M.L.A.

Mr Richard Cook; former vice chairman of the Scottish Conservative Party

RH Ms Ruth Davidson; MSP, Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party

Mr Peter Bleach; Ex-arms salesman, spy and jailbird.

Mr Peter Haestrup; Danish Banker, financier,  international go-between/ facilitator.

Mr Neils Christian Nielson; Danish International dealer in gold smuggling, illegal arms sales and spying activities requiring him to operate under at least 36 aliases and 15 passport’s

The foregoing relationships and events over a very long period persuade me and I hope readers of this blog, to the conclusion that the Constitutional Monarchy Association donated the £425,000 to the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) Brexit campaign through Mr Richard Cook.






The Constitutional Monarchy Association (CMA) – facilitating those who support and defend our Monarchy

The C.M.A. has thousands of subscribers throughout the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and the rest of the world of many political persuasions, who come from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds and its Council represents this diversity.

It has no formal links with any political or religious organisations or with Buckingham Palace.

It assists the man-and-woman-in-the-street supporters and defenders of our monarchy. Its funding comes entirely from subscriptions and donations.






The C.M.A. and its supporters:

1. Co-ordinate interest in, and support for, our constitutional monarchy.

2. Study issues and events affecting the monarchy in order to make appropriate responses to them.

3. Encourage and facilitate meeting together – visits, lectures, discussion groups and social events.

4. Monitor the reporting of royal and monarchical events and issues by TV radio, newspapers and magazines.

5. Press for better coverage by the media of the work done by the royal family here and abroad.

6. Attempt to counter unbalanced, inaccurate or irresponsible reporting.

7. Provide responses and views from a monarchist perspective.

8. Encourage better education of young people so far as discussion of the issues involved in constitutional monarchies and republics is concerned.

9. Provide opportunities for young people to learn about our monarchy by way of participative educational events such as competitions.

10. Seek wider presentation of strong intellectual, constitutional and emotional arguments which underpin our constitutional monarchy which is of great value to our nation the Commonwealth.   (






The Constitutional Monarchy Association Membership


The Lord Morrow


Mrs Hilary R Eves




The Council

HH Prince Mohsin Ali Khan of Hyderabad H Litt;

David Allam DL;

Jacques Arnold DL;

Karen Aston;

Marcus Booth;

Saroj Chakravarty;

Cllr Jason Frost;

Barry Lenz;

Dr Jay Sewell;

Robert Smith;

The Lord Sudeley;

Count Dmitri Tolstoy-Miloslavsky;

Dr Barry Twigg MBE;

The Hon W Denis Walker (Treasurer)


Jeffrey Donaldson22

Rt Hon Jeffrey Donaldson MP MLA



The Patrons

H D Dickie Bird MBE (retired cricket umpire and jobbing “character”);

Sir Cliff Richard OBE (say no more);

The Rt Hon the Lord Barker of Battle;

Baron Spicer of Cropthorne

The Lord Cormack FSA DL;

The Viscount Exmouth (otherwise undistinguished scion of the great frigate captain, prototype for Horation Hornblower, Sir Edward Pellew;

Lord Jones of Cheltenham (PR man and former LibDem MP);

The Baroness Knight of Collingtree DBE (the very right-wing and fruity former Tory MP, Jill Knight);

The Viscount & Viscountess Massereene & Ferrard (he is a.k.a. John David Clotworthy Whyte-Melville Foster Skeffington, stockbroker and another Monday Club right-winger, with strong family connections to Ulster Unionism and the Orange Order);

The Lord Northbrook (of the Barings Bank dynasty, a Tory spokesman in the House of Lords, and a London clubman);

Hon Sir Jonathon Porritt CBE (doesn’t publicise his baronetcy, an ecologist with a hot line to the heir to the throne);

The Viscount Simon (a Labour peer, grandson of Sir John Simon, “the slime of hypocrisy” [Lloyd George], “a toad and a worm” [Harold Nicholson]slithered Liberal to pre-War Tory appeaser)

David Atkinson; (car salesman and former Tory MP);

Greg Barker MP (fellow Tory husky hugger with David Cameron; a close associate of Russian plutocrats including Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich);

Roy Beggs (very right-wing Ulster Unionist and Orange-man, advocate of corporal punishment);

Henry Bellingham MP (barrister and farmer; loyalist and reputed nice-but-dim Tory MP and now junior minister);

Sir Sydney Chapman RIBA FRTPI (architect and former retreaded MP, “The dullest Tory candidate” [London Evening Standard] in 2001);

Sir Patrick Cormack FSA (former Tory MP and about to become a life peer: if one must be a Tory, he is as decent as they come);

Nirj Deva DL MEP (Sri Lankan born former Tory MP, Bow Grouper but with links to the Reaganite Heritage Foundation of the Republican Party);

Rt Hon Jeffrey Donaldson MP MLA; (former acolyte of Enoch Powell, Orange-man, UUP defector to the DUP, widely despised in Northern Ireland for upward mobility);

Peter Duncan (presumably the Scottish Tory, rather than the Blue Peter presenter?);

Michael Fabricant MP (another Tory: this one a political joke, mainly for his suspiciously-farmed hair);

Cheryl Gillan MP (former Tory Whip, now Welsh Secretary who previously opposed devolution; ran into trouble over her dog-food and second-home expenses claims);

Gerald Howarth MP (Tory Monday Clubber, who had to be swiftly shuffled at the Defence Ministry because of his over-close ties to arms-dealers);

Edward Leigh MP (about as right-wing and unreconstructed as any Tory can get);

Peter Luff MP (was Ted Heath’s officer manager, but has redeemed himself among straight Tories by hard committee work and an interest in fox-hunting);

Patrick Mercer OBE MP (a decent Tory back-bencher , ex-soldier, sacked from front bench by Cameron because of “racist” remarks about ethnic minorities in the forces);

Andrew Rosindell MP (Romford born-and-bred right-wing hang ’em, Monday Club Tory, expenses diddler);

Bob Russell MP;

Lord Spicer, the erstwhile Sir Michael Spicer (former assiduous and knowledgeable economist on the Commons Treasury Select Committee; ran into trouble over expenses for his helipad);

Sir Teddy Taylor (former right-wing Thatcherite Tory MP, hanger-and-flogger, Europhobe, and leading light of the Monday Club);

Sir Nicholas Winterton DL (and a final right-wing Tory, Monday Clubber, Europhobe, expenses fiddler, bum-pincher and snob).



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