Racism and Handicapism – Learned Behaviours Unacceptable in Society – Yet Still Embraced By Some Politicians and Their Offspring – Is This One – If Affirmative – Who is It?









Learned Behaviour

The capacity for humans to learn is infinite.

The teaching programme begins at childhood within the family and never stops.

On reaching adulthood the conduct of an individual in private or in public is reflected in their lifestyle of choice.








This programming is termed “learned behaviour.”

Unacceptable behaviour traits can cause great offence and this in turn often results in the individual being ostracised from society.

But there is good news the human has the capacity to unlearn unacceptable behaviours.

Although this might require professional intervention if the problems are deep seated.

This article comprises a number of Facebook entries posted by an individual.

They are produced here so that opinions may be garnered as to whether the content of the posts constitutes acceptable or unacceptable behaviour

I am able to reveal that the person concerned is closely related to a prominent politician. Would that be Tory, Labour, SNP, Green or UKIP??








Facebook Posts – Thoughts of a Youth – Is this learned behaviour?

Springburn: 28 Feb: Lyin in bed with a cuppa and a fag, unemployment’s great!

Springburn: 01 March: private school punters have life so easy. earywiggin on the train n cunts are talking about family ski trips? a thought that was only in movies.

Springburn: 01 March: ye step off the number 12 smelling like a spice rack. honestly Negroes everywhere.

Springburn: 08 March: A like ma women like a ma coffee…Hot, wet and not black.

Springburn: 24 March: My grandad just showed me his wee bail paper or something from BarL in 1966. DANG hooligan a tell ye!!!








More Facebook Posts – Same Youth Mocks the Disabled by Adding the Faces of Friends to Photographs of Truly Disabled persons – Is This Learned Behaviour



Sponsor R

Sponsor R*****



Springburn: 01 June: Please Sponser R***** for only £1.50 a month as she wants the ability to walk after a horrific dolphin accident left her strapped to a plastic chair at the age of 16!

Springburn: 13 June: Ross I really think ye should take this offffff?        nah !!




Sponsor N

sponsor N****



Springburn: 13 June: Sponsor N***** for only £2 a month. Help her live her dreams of going to the Moon.


Sponsor S




Springburn: 13 June: Sponsor S***** for only £2 a month and allow her to live her life-long dream of being a Paralympian.





Sponsor A



Springburn: 19 June: Sponsor A***** for £3.55 a month after she was rushed to hospital after a earthquake hit her home-town and left her looking like Stephen hawking. Thanks.




Sponsor G

Sponsor G*****



Springburn: 18 June: Sponsor G***** for a easy £3 a month he was left in a wheelchair after a go cart incident broke his anus pipe and he was no longer able to walk.





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