Ross Thomson MP – Six Times Rejected By the Aberdeen Electorate Now Lord’s It Over Them – But Why Does He Bite the Hand That Feeds Him??








April 2017: Scottish Tory candidate selections proceed apace using fast-track rules

Whereas in England and Wales there’s a competitive process for most Tory held and target seats (unless CCHQ and the Association agree to automatically reselect a previous candidate), the Scottish Conservatives have opted to make it the norm to offer every association a single candidate approved by by Ruth Davidson.

Any local association has the right to reject that offer and go for the longer competitive route, but, to quote the Scottish rules: “It will be emphasised to the association chairman that the process needs to be as efficient as possible and (approving a nominated single candidate) is the preferred option for selection.” This allows total control of the candidate selection process by the leadership.






The Thomson Family

His family has contributed greatly to the development of shipbuilding and the oil industry in Aberdeen.

His grandfather Stanley Milne was the Chief Designer of ships for many year’s working for Hall Russell and transferred his skills to the oil industry when that company closed in the 1980’s.

Stanley’s daughter, Roslyne married John Thomson in Aberdeen, in 1984. John was employed in oilfield development working for Schlumberger, one of the largest companies in the world. After nearly 20 years he transferred his skills taking up a career with BP where has has worked for 20 years+.

John’s knowledge of Riserless light well intervention oilfield development and safety is extensive  reflecting his long experience and he is often quoted in informative trade journals. Why Riserless?

Contractors and service providers are joining forces, eyeing new areas West of the Shetlands to introduce their technologies and operators are pushing the boundaries of oilfield development into deeper waters.

Riserless light well interventions are performed to address well integrity issues and maintain or enhance well production without using a riser, by deploying intervention tools into the well on wireline, electric-line and slickline using a subsea intervention lubricator. A range of activities can be performed, from acquiring production data and running integrity logs to retrofitting gas lift valves and performing scale squeezes. Riserless stimulation, or high-rate pumping for fracturing, is also being used to improve production.

“Over a period of time, reservoir conditions change, such as producing more water or you might want to set plugs to re-perforate,” says John Thomson, intervention engineer, Global Wells Organization, BP, based in Aberdeen.

Ross was born  on 21 September 1987, in Aberdeen. His education was completed at: Balmedie Primary School, the Bridge of Don Academy and the University of Aberdeen from which he graduated in 2009 with a first class honours degree in Politics and International Relations. his sister was born a year after and followed an education path similar to Ross again gaining her own honours degree. Clearly a family of achievers

The Thomson family home is an immaculate 3 bedroom detached dwelling house with a double garage, and a detached steading, single garage, three stables and pond set within 8 acres of land North of Aberdeen. The property enjoys a tranquil setting with superb country views, yet is still located within easy commuting distance of Aberdeen, Dyce and Bridge of Don.

Roslyne is an experienced and accomplished horsewomen who devotes a deal of her free-time to the support of animal welfare.




Ross a wanna be Politician

2007: Unsuccessful candidate for Coatbridge and Chryston. (Holyrood.) Only 20 yo!!!

2010: Unsuccessful candidate for Gordon. (Westminster)

2010-2011: Gotta job as a bank customer advisor. Itchy feet; moved on to work at Debenhams store in  Aberdeen.

2011: Unsuccessful candidate for Aberdeen Donside. (Holyrood)

2012: Elected to represent Hazlehead/Ashley/Queen’s Cross on Aberdeen City Council. Finally made it!!!

2013: Unsuccessful candidate in the Aberdeen Donside By-election (Westminster)

2013: Civil marriage with husband Gordon. So in love politics on the back burner for a year.

2015: Unsuccessful candidate for Aberdeen South. (Westminster)

2016: Unsuccessful candidate for Aberdeen South and North Kincardine yet again.

Saved from the political scrapheap by Roothie the Moothie Davidson when added to the regional list as MSP for North East Scotland. (Holyrood)






14 May 2016: Yipee!!!! Ross is incorporated into Holyrood

My Mum, Roslyne, and my husband Dougie (1) came to visit me as Wednesday night was the kirking of the Parliament with HRH the Duke of Rothesay (Prince Charles to most folk).

The service was at St Giles Cathedral which is simply stunning. The service was multi denominational and was quite beautiful. I truly did feel at that time the weight of what I was about to take on.

Following the service there was a reception in Parliament Hall which is next to St Giles.

It was great to have Mum and Dougie with me and it was the first time I met Ruth’s partner Jen who is so lovely and really funny.

Though when Dougie and Jen started swapping first date story’s I thought it best I distract him with Prince Charles at that point.

Full article here:  (


Dad, Ross, Mum and Husband Dougie (partnership didn’t last long)




2017: Forward one year and Ross is nominated as a candidate for Aberdeen South and North Kincardine (Westminster)

Itchy feet making another bid for stardom.

He is not likened to the Grasshopper for nothing – (Sod the MSP job).

But he hung onto it until he was sure of his election to Westminster


Ross Desk 830x540



Opposing Ross for the seat is sitting MP Callum McCaig, who said: “Over the past two years I have seen first-hand the horrendous impact Tory policies threaten communities across Aberdeen South, and I have used every opportunity to stand up in the House of Commons and hold the Tory Government to account for that appalling and often inhumane record.

The Tories are failing to adequately support the oil and gas industry by introducing robust fiscal incentives, they are literally leaving people to starve through draconian welfare cuts, and their immigration policies threaten every day to tear families apart.

At every step of the way I have stood up and fought for this constituency and worked to protect people in it from the appalling inhumanity of the Conservatives in Government.

I will defend this seat and work tirelessly to be re-elected as the MP for Aberdeen South so I can continue to serve this fantastic constituency and represent the people here.”






In his spare time Thomson sticks his nose into everyone’s business but away from politics he is active within the local community and is a Governor of Robert Gordons College, Trustee of Aberdeen International Youth Festival, Trustee of Chris Anderson Trust, Cowdray Hall Committee, Rubislaw Field Committee, Friends of Hazlehead Park and volunteers at Aberdeen arts Centre. Catch your breath!!!!!

He resides in his ward in Aberdeen and is in a Civil Partnership with his partner Douglas.

In his spare time Ross enjoys watching films, meeting up with friends and family, going out for dinner, going on walks and reading.


Fishing Pledge





19 November 2015: Bizarre Claims Made By Finance Convenor Regarding Council Delays On Third Don Crossing Construction

​Following initial reports that the Third Don Crossing project was facing a significant delay to its completion, Tory Councillor,  Thomson, went to the local press and announced. “the cause for the delays is down to the ‘re-routing of utilities to the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route

But Labour Finance Convenor, Councillor Willie Young had a different story to tell, alleging in a tweet that the delay was the ‘Scottish Government’s fault’ as they “stole all the contractors to deal with the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route”.

What renders the wildly different claims bizarre is that Aberdeen City Council is the managing agent of both the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route and the third River Don crossing.

In consequence the council is responsible for the provision of all services in connection with the procurement, preparation and construction of the roads. The Scottish government is not managing the project.

Commenting Mark McDonald MSP said:

“This is clearly another attempt by Ross Thomson and Willie Young to deflect criticism from the Labour and Conservative council’s own failings.

Yet more duplicity creating a fictional scenario in an attempt to encourage antipathy towards the Scottish Government.

This is yet another example of why the current council administration is held in such low esteem by our citizens.”



Braden Davy


October 2016: The Curse of Braden Davy

Married Tory MSP Ross Thomson protested when ordered by Tory chief whip John Lamont to repay a £120 bill he had claimed on expenses because he had included a share of the cost of room rental in respect of an unauthorised person, former Labour candidate Braden Davy. The challenge to the authority of Party bosses won’t be forgotten about.

Thomson, a high profile Brexit campaigner got into Holyrood via the list and should have maintained a low profile in the early months of his tenure to gain experience but evidently headstrong he elected instead to flex his muscles and blew his political introduction.

Compounding the error in judgement Thomson’s office manager resigned in protest at the activities of his boss.

Well regarded before, Thomson has now shown immaturity and inexperience on several occasions and his case will no doubt be referred to the person that casts the beady eye. His card is marked.

Update: Actions have consequences.

Thomson and partner Dougie have since split. The marriage/civil partnership is over and done with and  ever loyal Dougie is in a happy relationship with a new partner.



Braden Davy




Braden Davy -Who or What am I ?

January 2017: Braden Davy was selected for the Forfar and District ward on Angus Council in the local government elections in May.

Davy is currently head of office for Ross Thomson MSP having deserted the Labour Party to join the Scottish Conservatives over Labour’s ‘weakness’ over independence.

Speaking after his selection Davy said: “I joined the Scottish Conservatives in June after the EU referendum as Scottish Labour started to contemplate backing independence.

Yet now Labour are backtracking over their support of Scotland’s place in the UK.

I’m delighted to have been selected as the candidate for Forfar and District so I can play my part defending it.

I will be the only candidate willing to stand up to the SNP, and oppose their second referendum plans.

It’s time we had a candidate focused on local people, rather than another divisive referendum.” (Forfar Despatch)



Braden Davy



Braden Davy



April 2017: Callous North-east Conservative MSPs refused to condemn the controversial “rape clause”.

The UK Government rule – branded a “depraved Tory mess” by an SNP MSP – requires rape victims claiming tax credits for a third or subsequent child to prove they became pregnant as a result of an attack or while in a coercive relationship in order to qualify.

MSP Ross Thomson said: “In applying for an exemption, women will not be required to either report their rape as a crime, bring new proof of rape or proof of a conviction, or report it directly to HMRC.

No evidence other than that of a third party professional, such as a health worker or support worker, will be required. Adding: “the Scottish Government has powers to create new benefits and could provide funding for families with more than two children from its own pockets if it wished to.”

A Tory spokesman said Mr Thomson’s view was echoed by his colleagues Alexander Burnett, Peter Chapman, Liam Kerr and Bill Bowman.

The comments came after MSP Gillian Martin had urged them speak out against the policy.

She said victims of the “most heinous of crimes truly do not deserve this added humiliation”.

She added: “It can take years for a woman to even admit they have been raped, and now they are expected to do so in order to receive what their child should be entitled to by way of tax credits.

It begs the question, how can you expect victims of sexual abuse or rape to disclose the most difficult of personal circumstances, in order to receive a small sum of money? And what effect do you think this will have on their children and families?”

MSP Kevin Stewart said the North-east Tories were “hiding behind a spokesman” and sticking to a “sick party line”. He added: “Finally the Tories have admitted that they do not even consider the rape clause to be of importance, and have more confidence in the Scottish Government to mitigate cuts for families than they do for the UK Government to adequately provide support for them.

The conservatives are expecting women to just freely discuss a rape as if it were a casual caveat to put on a form, rather than the horrendous physical and mental trauma that it actually is.”  (Evening Express)





5 thoughts on “Ross Thomson MP – Six Times Rejected By the Aberdeen Electorate Now Lord’s It Over Them – But Why Does He Bite the Hand That Feeds Him??

  1. It should surprise nobody that, at this time, Conservative candidates are not of the quality that we would want to see, fit for purpose in even a backbench opposition role.

    It was not always so. In Highland region we recently had two experienced (= old) Butskellite Conservatives whose contribution to the Scottish Parliament was positive.

    My neighbour voted YES “In the hope that after independence there would be a Conservative party that I could vote for.” Of all the hopes and fears for independence, that is one of the more likely to be realised. Thousands of former Labour voters will sympathise.

    It’s not Scotland that needs independence but rather the branch offices of the three UK parties. They should have Bavarianised when the Scottish Parliament was set up. I can’t make up my mind which party has most to gain from Independence. Not the SNP I’m sure.

    Looking back, did we not judge too harshly the MPs who made up the pre-devolution Conservative Scottish Office teams? Compared with the current crop of Conservative MSPs, these men were politicians of substance. Where are their successors today?


  2. Pingback: Anonymous
  3. Most Likely one of reasons he was so excited about the good news at the Scottish Affairs Committee meeting at the Oil and Gas Technology centre a few weeks ago. Mind you, he spent the first 30 mins of his phone. asked 4 questions out of the 8 or nine the Tories asked.


  4. Not sure where you got your info from, but you were spot on for the most part. However, Ross’ ex-husband’s name is Dougie – not Gordon 🙂

    From what I hear, he is absolutely delighted to not be associated with this immature little boy anymore and quite glad and happy to see that the ridiculous nonsense and aggression he had to deal with is exactly how Ross presents himself to the public during his regular angry-man interviews and debates.

    For reference, their civil partnership ended because a third party came into the relationship, but it was not Braden but another labour supporter who worked in parliament – this was after the Braden fiasco.


    1. thank you for your comments. I am pleased Dougie has moved on from the tawdry behaviour of Thomson. He impressed me with his quiet reaction to Thomson’s repeated betrayal of trust


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