The Tory Party in Scotland is Dead – Tory Central Office – the Unionist Media, the BBC and Ruth’s MI5 Connections in London Created the Ruth Davidson Appreciation Society- Scots Need to Send Her Home – to London Have Tumbled








Whatever Happened to the Tory Party in Scotland

The answer is that it perished. It is a dead party. It died the moment that Conservative Central Office in London decided it would take control of the party in Scotland and run it from London through a proxy leader called Ruth Davidson who was selected by the MI5 chairman and others of his ilk. The Scottish Tory is defunct.

In its place Tory Central Office and its MI5 connections created the Ruth Davidson appreciation society and gave her free rein (albeit strictly monitored by senior officers in the party) to rebuild the party from scratch. Initially things did not go well but Ruth struck lucky with the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum.

The “Better together” campaign team, assisted by the entire mechanics of state at Westminster won the day and Scotland turned its face away from independence.

But the Tory success was gained at huge cost to the political scene in Scotland.

The referendum effectively polarized the political views of the electorate to those for and those against independence.

Ruth then calculated that the 55% gained by “Better Together” truly reflected the wishes of Scots and she set about cultivating this group increasing the Tory share of the Scottish vote.

Achieving this was relatively straight forward since the labour and Liberal Democratic parties had supported the “Better Together” Unionist campaign and were now lumped together with the Scottish Tory party.






But, following the referendum she read badly misread events in the period up to the 2015 General Election.

The “little Englander” conduct of Cameron, Osborne, Hague and other members of the Tory Government in Westminster sickened many Scots who had changed their votes in the last week of the campaign believing Gordon (clunky fist) Brown’s rhetoric committing all political parties at Westminster to dramatically increasing the powers of the Scottish government, (Devo-max) in the early days of the new British government.

The Vow was not delivered and Scots just about eliminated the Unionist parties in Scotland when 56 of 59 SNP MP’s were elected to office reducing Unionist party representation to three Unionist MPs. Mundell, Murray and Carmichael.

As before stated, “in a cruel twist of fortune” Ruth Davidson and her party “jumped from the cliff” and landed on their feet.

The fallout from the 2015 General Election was spectacular.

The Unionist labelled Labour and Lib-Dem parties went into free-fall.

Various factions fought damaging battles each seeking to control the political future of their parties and Scottish voters with a unionist leaning deserted them in favour of the party (other than the SNP and Greens) which maintained a united front.

But Ruth Davidson had her problems. The Tory Party in Scotland was still not trusted by Scots and radical change was required if the party’s fortunes were to be improved.

Ruth consulted with her minder (Dr Adam Tomkins) who advised a root and branch clear out of deadwood Tory wannabes before the 2016 Scottish parliamentary election. The process was duly delivered. Ruth’s “advisers”, hand picked every candidate.

Not one candidate was ever elected at any time, not even through the party’s internal candidate selection.

The Scottish Tory party was eliminated. Davidson was ecstatic the party in Scotland was cloned from herself. Its image was her image. They were as one.

At the 2016 Scottish Elections Davidson’s entire campaign focused on retaining Scotland’s place in the Union.

There was little mention of Scottish polices since there was little of any merit in their manifesto.

So a party of clones asked Scots to elect them to office.

Of the 73 candidates seeking election to Holyrood through the first past the post system 7 Tories were successful.

A total of 66 Tory candidates were rejected.

There were 56 List MSP posts available of which 24 were allocated to the Tory party.

Ruth appointed 24 Tory MSP clones.

Ruth Davidson increased the Tory share of the Scottish vote by approximately 8%, taking the party share of the vote to 22% “all of it at the expense of the labour Party.”

In conclusion there is no Scottish Tory party.

The nearest thing to it is the Ruth (Minime) Davidson party.






An observation by a former Scottish Tory Candidate

“Miracles of the Scottish Conservative variety seem to be based on delivering what the Scottish Conservatives want for the people even if they are against it.

If there is a miracle to be had for the Scottish Conservative it should be the awakening that given they don’t understand the poor they should get someone in who does and rewrites their social policies. And then if they don’t like it say nothing and smile.

Of course it would be a miracle to change the fortunes of the Scottish Conservatives because they don’t have big ideas.

It is true that Ruth Davidson had a good campaign in 2016 but remember she had intensive media training and guidance throughout .

She is a manufactured politician (view her poor performances at Holyrood when confronted by the wit of Alex Salmond).

Many Conservatives in Westminster and Scotland invested a lot of faith in Ruth Davidson getting the Scottish Conservatives back on the right track.

But she has offered Scots absolutely nothing. Her policies, such as they, are ‘tat’ and Scots will not buy them.

This forces her to concentrate the parties efforts on the fall back position, Scottish Independence.

A useful distraction which might yet bring more labour voters over to her cause.”




Kyle Thornton – Scottish Conservatives Candidate for Office in Glasgow – Issues Advice to Ruth Davidson

The Party should be a bit more Scottish and be bold enough to back holding a referendum on Scotland’s constitutional future.

As the Scottish Conservatives are examining their role in modern Scottish politics maybe we should take a look at our more successful colleagues in Wales.

The Welsh Conservatives should be held up as a success story for the Scottish Conservatives to look to.

From the 1997 wipe out, the Tories in Wales have built themselves back up to the point where the Conservatives topped the European Election poll in 2009, which has to be a fantastic achievement for a party that returned no MPs only 12 years previously. But how did they do it?

As I can see it, a factor in their success was that they simply became a bit more Welsh. (But Ruth Davidson is taking the Tory Party in the direction of Westminster control) I’ll put it another way:

They shrugged off all the talk of British this and British that and they were saying Wales this and Wales that.

That brings me to the Scottish Tories. We’ve been slowly recovering some ground in Scotland but at a very slow rate.

The General Election result must be a wake-up call to the party that we need to do something different.

Being on the ground during the election talking to people, I picked up the following broad message:

Scots feel that the Scottish Conservatives are just the English with a different name.

The talk of British General Elections and British Parliaments simply just makes the majority of Scots feel uncomfortable, it always has since 1707. So what can we do?

Simply, let’s become a bit more Scottish. There are many ways that we could approach this but I’d like to discuss just one method:

let’s support the idea of asking the Scottish people their view about Scotland’s constitutional future in a referendum.

As we should, we would be campaigning for a No vote to Independence, but we should support more powers for Holyrood as outlined by the Calman Commission.

It is my firm belief that by doing this we would show to the people of Scotland that:

We do trust them to decide their own future. (note the terminology he uses “them and us”)

We are confident that there will be a pro-union vote.

We accept that Scotland is a devolved nation, able to make its own choices on its home affairs and that it should be given greater flexibility.

Such a move would help the Scottish Tories to shrug off the words of electoral death in Scotland (Margaret Thatcher) and also to reduce the feeling that the Scottish Tories are just the English in disguise.

There is a saying that comes to mind when writing this: “Fortune Favours the Bold”. Well, if we do what I’m suggesting, we’ll be being very bold – but we may also just help save our electoral chances in Scotland from terminal decline. (conservative home)




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