Davidson and Her Bunch of Pelham Puppets Caught in Their Lies – Scots Will Vote 60-40 For Independence – Comprehensive Constituency Analysis Provides Unarguable Factual Information






Petition to the Westminster government

“Another Scottish independence referendum should not be allowed to happen. We in Scotland are fed up of persecution by the SNP leader who is solely intent on getting independence at any cost. As a result, Scotland is suffering hugely.” Parliament considers all petitions that get more than 100,000 signatures for a debate. 217,000 signatures were added.

Scottish Secretary response:

“The UK Government is clear that now is not the time for a second independence referendum. We need to work together, putting all our energies into ensuring we get the right deal for the UK and for Scotland in our negotiations with the EU. In 2014, the Scottish people decided in a legal, fair and decisive referendum to remain a strong part of the UK. The Edinburgh Agreement of 2012 committed both the UK and Scottish Governments to respecting the outcome of the Scottish referendum.

Calling for a second referendum is creating damaging uncertainty for the economy, and most people in Scotland do not want the country to be plunged into another divisive campaign. All our focus should be on our negotiations with the EU and working together to get the right deal for Scotland and the right deal for the UK. It would be unfair to the people of Scotland to ask them to make a crucial decision without knowing what our future partnership with the EU will be or what the alternative for an independent Scotland would look like.

As the Prime Minister has set out, we will strengthen the Union of the four nations that comprise our United Kingdom. We will negotiate as one United Kingdom, taking account of the specific interests of every nation and region of the UK. When it comes to the powers that we will take back from Europe, we will consult fully on which powers should reside in Westminster and which should be passed on to the Devolved Administrations.

This will be an opportunity to determine the level best placed to take decisions on these issues, ensuring power sits closer to the people of the UK than ever before. It is the expectation of the Government that the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will see a significant increase in their decision-making power as a result of this process.

David Mundell: Secretary of State for Scotland





After-note: The total number of signatures accepted by Mr Mundell is fraudulent to the extreme. A large number do not qualify since they do not reside in Scotland or indeed the UK. An examination of the submission identified 140,708 qualifying signators.






An Analysis of the Petition Submission

The passage of time might reveal that the petition was a “spoiler” prepared and submitted to the internet social media by Ruth Davidson’s recently appointed high profile media manipulation team headed by Gordon Hector. But fair play the ploy worked since it succeeded in raising the public profile of the possibility of another Independence referendum, which (at the time) had not been given mention by anyone other than Ruth Davidson.

The bellicose behaviour of Ruth Davidson at First Ministers questions, in the period after publication of Mundell’s pronouncement gave impetus to a review and analysis and report gathered from the petition.

Information was sourced from official lists and records providing numbers of acceptable signatories by Scottish constituency. Electorate totals were included and a percentage signator total was established for each constituency.

From that a mean figure of 4% was used to forward project the outcome of an Independence referendum, should one be held as projected by Brexit.

Figures suggest that from an electorate of 4,021,203 the outcome of another referendum would result in a: 60.45% “Yes” vote in favour of independence with 39.55% preferring to remain with the Union.

Full details are included below.The information would be best used to forward plan strategy.

Edinburgh, Aberdeen, East Renfrewshire and East Dumbartonshire recoded higher than average figures favouring remaining with the Union. Others appear to be less dogmatic which is encouraging.






For Independence – 60.45%

34551: Orkney and Shetland”,”ons_code”:”S14000051″,”mp”:”Rt Hon Alistair Carmichael MP”,”signature_count”:1062-3.07%

21744: Na h-Eileanan an Iar”,”ons_code”:”S14000027″,”mp”:”Angus Brendan MacNeil MP”,”signature_count”:674-3.10%

47558: Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross”,”ons_code”:”S14000009″,”mp”:”Dr Paul Monaghan MP”,”signature_count”:1679-3.53%

77268: Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey”,”ons_code”:”S14000039″,”mp”:”Drew Hendry MP”,”signature_count”:3073-3.98%

54109: Ross, Skye and Lochaber”,”ons_code”:”S14000055″,”mp”:”Ian Blackford MP”,”signature_count”:2038-3.77%

67745: Aberdeen North”,”ons_code”:”S14000001″,”mp”:”Kirsty Blackman MP”,”signature_count”:1829-2.70%

65792: Angus”,”ons_code”:”S14000004″,”mp”:”Mike Weir MP”,”signature_count”:2355-3.58%

66960: Dundee East”,”ons_code”:”S14000015″,”mp”:”Stewart Hosie MP”,”signature_count”:2029-3.03%

66287: Dundee West”,”ons_code”:”S14000016″,”mp”:”Chris Law MP”,”signature_count”:1338-2.02%

78037: Dunfermline and West Fife”,”ons_code”:”S14000017″,”mp”:”Douglas Chapman MP”,”signature_count”:2890-3.70%

69781: Glenrothes”,”ons_code”:”S14000036″,”mp”:”Peter Grant MP”,”signature_count”:1523-2.18%

75941: Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath”,”ons_code”:”S14000041″,”mp”:”Roger Mullin MP”,”signature_count”:2193-2.89%

75249: Dumfries and Galloway”,”ons_code”:”S14000013″,”mp”:”Richard Arkless MP”,”signature_count”:2498-3.32%

75985: North Ayrshire and Arran”,”ons_code”:”S14000048″,”mp”:”Patricia Gibson MP”,”signature_count”:2631-3.46%

72985: Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock”,”ons_code”:”S14000006″,”mp”:”Corri Wilson MP”,”signature_count”:2751-3.77%

75283: Kilmarnock and Loudoun”,”ons_code”:”S14000040″,”mp”:”Alan Brown MP”,”signature_count”:2285-3.04%

69982: Central Ayrshire”,”ons_code”:”S14000010″,”mp”:”Dr Philippa Whitford MP”,”signature_count”:2728-3.90%

70378: Glasgow East”,”ons_code”:”S14000030″,”mp”:”Natalie McGarry MP”,”signature_count”:1970-2.80%

58875: Glasgow North”,”ons_code”:”S14000031″,”mp”:”Patrick Grady MP”,”signature_count”:1582-2.69%

66678: Glasgow North East”,”ons_code”:”S14000032″,”mp”:”Anne McLaughlin MP”,”signature_count”:1300-1.95%

68418: Glasgow North West”,”ons_code”:”S14000033″,”mp”:”Carol Monaghan MP”,”signature_count”:2126-3.11%

70945: Glasgow Central”,”ons_code”:”S14000029″,”mp”:”Alison Thewliss MP”,”signature_count”:1717-2.42%

74051: Glasgow South”,”ons_code”:”S14000034″,”mp”:”Stewart Malcolm McDonald MP”,”signature_count”:2175-2.94%

66208: Glasgow South West”,”ons_code”:”S14000035″,”mp”:”Chris Stephens MP”,”signature_count”:1960-2.96%

66715: Airdrie and Shotts”,”ons_code”:”S14000003″,”mp”:”Neil Gray MP”,”signature_count”:2296-3.44%

73813: Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill”,”ons_code”:”S14000011″,”mp”:”Philip Boswell MP”,”signature_count”:2158-2.92%

83071: East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow”,”ons_code”:”S14000019″,”mp”:”Dr Lisa Cameron MP”,”signature_count”:3157-3.80%

70269: Motherwell and Wishaw”,”ons_code”:”S14000047″,”mp”:”Marion Fellows MP”,”signature_count”:2169-3.09%

82701: Rutherglen and Hamilton West”,”ons_code”:”S14000056″,”mp”:”Margaret Ferrier MP”,”signature_count”:2918-3.53%

69193: West Dunbartonshire”,”ons_code”:”S14000059″,”mp”:”Martin Docherty-Hughes MP”,”signature_count”:2060-2.98%

59350: Inverclyde”,”ons_code”:”S14000038″,”mp”:”Ronnie Cowan MP”,”signature_count”:2230-3.76%

61281: Paisley and Renfrewshire South”,”ons_code”:”S14000053″,”mp”:”Mhairi Black MP”,”signature_count”:2031-3.31%

66178: Edinburgh East”,”ons_code”:”S14000022″,”mp”:”Tommy Sheppard MP”,”signature_count”:1854-2.80%

82373: Livingston”,”ons_code”:”S14000044″,”mp”:”Hannah Bardell MP”,”signature_count”:3065-3.72%

67875: Midlothian”,”ons_code”:”S14000045″,”mp”:”Owen Thompson MP”,”signature_count”:2182-3.22%

67009: Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East”,”ons_code”:”S14000012″,”mp”:”Stuart C. McDonald MP”,”signature_count”:2140-3.19%

83380: Falkirk”,”ons_code”:”S14000028″,”mp”:”John Mc Nally MP”,”signature_count”:2764-3.32%


Scottish Referendum Vote



Against Independence – 39.55%

80978: Edinburgh North and Leith”,”ons_code”:”S14000023″,”mp”:”Deidre Brock MP”,”signature_count”:4280-5.29%

65846: Edinburgh South”,”ons_code”:”S14000024″,”mp”:”Ian Murray MP”,”signature_count”:3579-5.44%

72178: Edinburgh South West”,”ons_code”:”S14000025″,”mp”:”Joanna Cherry QC MP”,”signature_count”:3283-4.55%

71749: Edinburgh West”,”ons_code”:”S14000026″,”mp”:”Michelle Thomson MP”,”signature_count”:4388-6.12%

67236: Stirling”,”ons_code”:”S14000057″,”mp”:”Steven Paterson MP”,”signature_count”:3175-4.72%

86955: Linlithgow and East Falkirk”,”ons_code”:”S14000043″,”mp”:”Martyn Day MP”,”signature_count”:3570-4.11%

79481: East Lothian”,”ons_code”:”S14000020″,”mp”:”George Kerevan MP”,”signature_count”:3676-4.63%

66208: Paisley and Renfrewshire North”,”ons_code”:”S14000052″,”mp”:”Gavin Newlands MP”,”signature_count”:3158-4.77%

69982: East Renfrewshire”,”ons_code”:”S14000021″,”mp”:”Kirsten Oswald MP”,”signature_count”:4241-6.06%

66966: East Dunbartonshire”,”ons_code”:”S14000018″,”mp”:”John Nicolson MP”,”signature_count”:3977-5.94%

78037: Lanark and Hamilton East”,”ons_code”:”S14000042″,”mp”:”Angela Crawley MP”,”signature_count”:3272-4.19%

68875: Argyll and Bute”,”ons_code”:”S14000005″,”mp”:”Brendan O’Hara MP”,”signature_count”:3277-4.75%

68483: Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale”,”ons_code”:”S14000014″,”mp”:”Rt Hon David Mundell MP”,”signature_count”:2816-4.11%

74179: Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk”,”ons_code”:”S14000008″,”mp”:”Calum Kerr MP”,”signature_count”:3026-4.08%

62003: North East Fife”,”ons_code”:”S14000049″,”mp”:”Stephen Gethins MP”,”signature_count”:2937-4.74%

72447: Perth and North Perthshire”,”ons_code”:”S14000054″,”mp”:”Pete Wishart MP”,”signature_count”:3033-4.19%

77379: Ochil and South Perthshire”,”ons_code”:”S14000050″,”mp”:”Ms Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh MP”,”signature_count”:3645-4.71%

68609: Banff and Buchan”,”ons_code”:”S14000007″,”mp”:”Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP”,”signature_count”:2772-4.04%

79393: Gordon”,”ons_code”:”S14000037″,”mp”:”Rt Hon Alex Salmond MP”,”signature_count”:3711-4.68%

71685: Moray”,”ons_code”:”S14000046″,”mp”:”Rt Hon Angus Robertson MP”,”signature_count”:2995-4.18%

68056: Aberdeen South”,”ons_code”:”S14000002″,”mp”:”Callum McCaig MP”,”signature_count”:3618-4.65%

73445: West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine”,”ons_code”:”S14000058″,”mp”:”Stuart Blair Donaldson MP”,”signature_count”:3961-5.40%





10 replies on “Davidson and Her Bunch of Pelham Puppets Caught in Their Lies – Scots Will Vote 60-40 For Independence – Comprehensive Constituency Analysis Provides Unarguable Factual Information”

The problem with a Scottish referendum is that the result is not attainable without say so of the encumbent UK Gov. What a UK Gov. minister says today or tomorrow IS NOT LAW – Eg. 1970s Scottish Independence referendum ( I voted then to quit UK ) was in the todays UK Gov. Minister – Fluffie’s words / definition of a Referendum result OVERWHELMING RESULT FOR INDEPENDENCE FROM WESTMINSTER CONTROL. !!!!
OK Art 50 is in Scotlands name – so what theoretically that is to establish whether a SORT FOR BREXIT CAN BE ACHIEVED and the UK Parliamentary process can decide in a couple of years time BUT OH NO that is not the case – The Great Repeal / Reform Act IS THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN . No matter how this is worded ( having filtered out the amendments) there will be ( if passed by simple Parliamentary majority ) a Legal Act in the worlds eyes that UK Parliamentary due Process HAS DECIDED TO QUIT EU – A DEFINITIVE DECISION – which neatly circumvents ANY chance of review after negotiations have been completed . In a nutshell there will not be any negotiations UNDER UK LAW – EU Law will insist on the 2 year period – UK Gov. will shrug its shoulders . Scotlands Representatives of the People -MPs- have to DEMAND THEIR RIGHT TO MAKE SCOTLANDS LAWS – NOW- NOW- NOW because acceding to continue the Brexit Fiasco is in itself tacit agreement to the due process of UK Parliamentary Procedure – UNDER LAW SCOTS – BIG Q THE SCOTS ACT OF UNION WORDING . THIS IS THE DAY AND NOWS THE HOUR – NO REFERENDUM – SCOTS PEOPLES REPRESENTATIVES WMPS + or – MSPs should make the decision NOW


Could you elaborate on the methodology and how you went from a petition result to a count of voters for and against independence please.

And yes, the fancy script you used does slow down reading and make the message seem much less strong. Change it to a sans-serif font at the very least.


I’ve changed the script etc. Any better? The methodolgy!! I applied a percentage weighting factor ranging from (0 – 07) and converted the total number of petition votes for each constituency into a percentage of the total electorate. Applying a top and bottom result provided a weighting figure of 4. This I used as a median.


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