Serverin Carrell of the Guardian – Attacks the Scottish Government with a catalogue of Innuendo and distorted Information- An Accredited NUJ Reporter Provides the Truth

                Scotland’s Debt Mountain: Holyrood’s Borrowing Could Hit £50bn by 2020 The article is complex covering almost the entire spectrum of government activity in Scotland with the emphasis remaining fixated on unfounded allegations of financial mismanagement by the Scottish government. The author is a vastly experienced journalist and […]

Article Published in the Sunday Post – Same Info Presented Without the Anti – Scots Spin by an Accredited NUJ Reporter

            2014 Scottish Independence Referendum Campaign – Scottish Press Shows Its Hand Towards the end of April, (less than 6 months before the September referendum) the BBC and Scottish press relentlessly bombarded Scotland with distrorted information designed to ensure the Scottish electorate would turn away from the “Yes” campaign in […]

Urban Regeneration – New Labour – Billions Frittered away – The Tories – Billions Transferred to Their Financial Cronies – The Plebs Lose Out Again

                Natural Selection Almost all of the towns and cities in the UK evolved meeting the challenges of the nineteenth century industrial revolution. But whilst the intensity and types of industry has changed markedly, in recent years the location and size of the vast bulk of UK towns […]

The Tory Cornerstone Group and David Mundell – Can anyone Spot the Incompatibility Between both Entities?

          The Cornerstone Group is a highly principled (right wing) conservative group of MP’s working from within the Conservative Party. It is opposed to gay marriage and is generally fairly homophobic, global warming is a hoax, ban abortion, teach sexual abstinence in schools, hostility to contraceptives, more restrictions on immigration and […]

Scottish Education is in Crisis – If You Believe the BBC – But Study the Facts and Decide For Yourself

                Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) – The 2015 Report Judging one country’s performance against another, blindly utilising information contained in a PISA report is unsafe since there are so many conflicting characteristics to consider. It is only really useful to compare a country’s previous performance and […]

Signs of a Westminster Civil Service Rebellion Against the Rule of Sir Jeremy (Machiavelli) Heywood – A Deserving Cause

              Sir Jeremy Heywood, Downing Street Cabinet Secretary Issues Warning letter About Information Leaks – letter is Leaked to the press the Day After Prime Minister, Theresa May instructed her Cabinet Secretary to take urgent action preventing government officials from leaking information to journalists. He acted immediately, issuing a […]

Glasgow Rangers Fans – Westminster Unionists or Scottish Patriots? If You Know their History You Wouldn’t Have to Ask – True Teddy Bears Are Wrap Themselves in the Saltire

                Glasgow Rangers Scottish Fan-base and Scottish Independence The total number of fans, family dependents and associates of voting age in Scotland is estimated to be between 250,000-350,000. Of these guestimates are that around 30% voted Yes in the 2014 referendum. Allocating the remainder to the “no” vote […]