Lucy Frazer – Tory MP – Destined for Greatness – Jewess – Strangely Seemingly an Admirer of Perpetrators of Shoahs – But Only if Scots Are on the Receiving End of the Brutality

                Lucy Frazer (1972), is a Conservative Party politician. Born and raised in Leeds, Yorkshire. She is the descendant of Russian Jewish immigrants. (Frazer is a common Jewish surname) Her paternal Great Grandfather was Jewish immigrant: Barnet Frazer. ( A tailor to trade, Russian born (1880-1933) settled in […]

1919 – Westminster Removed Their Weapons and Locked-Down Scottish Soldiers in Their Barracks – Then Illegally Deployed An English Battle Group and Declared Martial Law Against the Scottish Public. What Will a No Deal Brexit Bring?

          Scotland’s – Claim of Right Act 1689 states: “That the sending of an army in a hostile manner upon any part of Scotland in peacetime is contrary to law”       The Birth of Red Clydeside Before and during the First World War, there was no statutory standard working […]

Good News -The Pervasive Influence of the Labour Party in Scotland Over BBC News and Current Affairs Is To Be Curtailed – Bad news – Broadcasting Policy Content and Control Has Been Transferred to London

      Gary Smith (the grey man)       Gary Smith – BBC in Scotland’s Head of News and Current Affairs The new Head of News at BBC in Scotland, (succeeding “bully boy” John Boothman) is a 54-year-old Scot who grew up in Glasgow and attended Kelvin-side Academy. He went on to study […]

The Scottish Holocaust – Murderers and Thieves Should Not Be Allowed to Benefit From Their Crimes Against the Scots – Confiscate Their Ill-gotten Gains

    A young Duchess of Sutherland: Between 1811 and 1820, about 15,000 crofters were forcibly removed from their Sutherland-shire homes, opening up thousands of profitable sheep-farming acres. The statue of the 1st Duke near Golspie – “The Mannie” – is regularly vandalised to this day.           Scotland’s Holocaust Throughout the […]

Indications are Germany and France are Planning to Take the E.U. into the B.R.I.C.S. Group Dumping the US Dollar – President Trump Will Retaliate. But How?

              EU summit confronts US surveillance scandal after claims that Merkel mobile was tapped and French calls were intercepted The spiralling scandal over mass US surveillance of digital communications was recently moved to the top of European politics for the first time, with the EU’s two key leaders, Angela […]

The UK Supreme Court – An Illegal Pseudo Body Tasked with Ensuring the Protection of Westminster – Sod the Scots and their “Claim of Right”

        Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1876 The House of Lords historically has jurisdiction to hear appeals from the lower courts. Theoretically, the appeals are to the Sovereign-in-Parliament, but the House of Commons does not participate in judicial matters. The House of Lords does not necessarily include judges, but it was formerly attended by […]

Teddy Bear Supporters Embraced the Unionist Fear Campaign in the 2014 Referendum – The Tory Party is Hi-Jacking the Club to Its Cause – Rangers Fans Beware

                    2014 Scottish Independence Referendum Analysis An academic study into the independence referendum was conducted by Professor Ailsa Henderson of the University of Edinburgh. The research, which surveyed 4,849 voters, examined how voting linked to demographics, risk aversion, national identity, and attitudes to change. It interviewed […]

Westminster Behind the On-Going Gerrymandering of the Scottish Parliamentary Electoral System – The SNP needs to Wise Up and Sort Them Out

    The first parliament         Gerrymandering the Newly devolved Scottish Parliamentary Electoral System In recent times Unionist party MSP and activists have been constantly bleating about the unfair electoral system in Scotland which they allege has allowed the establishment of an SNP one party state. But they had been hoisted on […]