Scotland Will Rise and Be a Nation again – There will be a Full Sturgeon Moon in August 2018 – If the Portents are favourable Nicola Sturgeon may well elect to ask Scotland to decide once more. This time we need to get it right.



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The Next Scottish Independence referendum.

There are some who think that another referendum is inevitable and will be sparked by the negative outcomes of Brexit negotiations within the next 2 years. If this is to be the case then activists within the pro-independence movement would be wise to start an independence dialogue now. The fight for independence should be directed through the SNP government and wider party but those with views and opinions will need to be heard so that all aspects of the campaign are to be covered. l have compiled a small list for starters encompassing matters that the “yes” campaign were remiss on last time. I am sure others will be able to expand on it



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1. “Yes” campaign must not rely over much on emotion. Facts win arguments. The “Scottish” card should only be played at time when it can assist the campaign achieving a target.

2. Currency adoption, financial and stock market control systems should be clarified and accepted by the electorate in a sustained campaign set in motion well before a referendum.

3. Insurance, savings, pensions, (addressing the faster ageing population of Scotland) individual and corporate taxation and associated regulatory and consumer protection should be well presented and achievable.

4. A document should be produced by the Scottish government and circulated in the last weeks of the campaign, to every registered voter setting out in a “Q & A” format pertaining to policies such as: media (including newsprint) mail, telephone, the NHS, crime: (organised and ad-hoc), security: encompassing terrorism, defence, foreign policy, (NATO, EU,etc.) and/or any other threats to society.

5. Any negative impact on the imbalance of trade in goods and services, (with England, Wales & N Ireland) and its effect on employment should be researched and remedial measures explained.

6. Whilst the campaign is political and MP’s, MSP’s and pro-independence activists need to be assured and confident in their roles attention needs to be given to the appointment of a highly effective media team well able to counter any attacks (including negative campaign tricks) from the “no” camp.

7. The “yes” campaign will need to gather a substantial “fighting fund” and early attention should be given to this.

8. Focus in the early stages of the campaign should ensure the electorate are reminded of the many unfulfilled pledges of the, “three amigos” and their pipsqueak supporters.



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5 replies on “Scotland Will Rise and Be a Nation again – There will be a Full Sturgeon Moon in August 2018 – If the Portents are favourable Nicola Sturgeon may well elect to ask Scotland to decide once more. This time we need to get it right.”

Point 5,

If we are independent within the EU, and rUK has made a deal with the EU, rUK will obviously have to play bal with Scotland as a member of the EU.


Trade between the rUK and the EU no matter what deal the UK ends up agreeing makes it impossible the UK couldn’t trade with Scotland – failure to trade with a fellow EU nation (accepting Scotland is EU) would result in an embargo put on uk by the EU.

Davidson and some vocal Twitter yoons have already tried to paint an either or picture but that would not be the case – the EU makes trade agreements as a block. Scotland being part of that block includes it in any uk/eu deal. Along with Scotland free to trade with all of the EU. If anything for Scotland we will have a best of both worlds.

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Time the Scottish government put in p!ace a national bank as a sign of financial stability…economy was the main reason the Nay sayers had for rejecting the Indy option….must combat that with our own savings, insurance and mortgage facilities in Scotland so no counter arguments can be made that we aren’t viable as a country without Englands companies ….it’s pretty difficult to find any financial organisations that are purely Scottish as opposed to UK in the financial areas so this is a big must do before we get any further ahead…start to knock down the borders, currency and EU lies that were fed to a compliant older generation…nursing homes, day centres, churches should all get visited go inform the elderly of the truth..start now..


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