Jo Cox – The Truth – If you can handle it (Updated at 18 Feb 2018)


David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, Hilary Benn and Commons Speaker John Bercow in Birstall

The large village of Birstall – where the 41-year-old was killed – played host to Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Friday who paid a special tribute to Mrs Cox



An opinion

In the aftermath of the cruel murder of the labour MP Jo Fox just about every aspect of the UK media presentation was and continues to be focused on the event to the exclusion of any other newsworthy headline. Almost all politicians and political hacks, in support of the “remain” campaign are guilty of cruelly apotheosizing an unfortunate young woman for political gain.

The truth has many faces and it is to the shame of a significant section of the political elite favouring “remain” that they concentrated their efforts on the version which supported their agenda. Manipulation of the minds of the UK electorate through the unfettered use of emotional blackmail is wrong. The Referendum deserves to be decided upon the impact of the political arguments advanced by both sides. The judgement of individuals before voting should be focused on the answer to a single question. “Are you happy with the way the UK is being run within the EU or are you persuaded by the “Brexit” campaign that there is a better way”?

In justification of the foregoing I am adding supporting information that has surfaced very recently.


Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and Naz Shah

Conservative peer Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and Labour MP Naz Shah attended a vigil in Batley


17 June 2016: Jo Cox MP death: Police probe right-wing links to MP’s killing

Police investigating the killing of MP Jo Cox have said they are prioritizing inquiries into the suspect’s possible links to right-wing extremism. Mrs Cox, 41, was shot and stabbed outside her constituency surgery in West Yorkshire on Thursday. A 52-year-old man has been arrested. The BBC understands Nazi regalia was recovered at suspect Tommy Mair’s home.

David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn have described the killing as an “attack on democracy”.

West Yorkshire Police’s temporary Chief Constable Dee Collins said the force was also pursuing the suspect’s link to mental health services. She said the man arrested, named locally as Mr Mair, had been examined by two specialist medical practitioners and deemed fit for detention and interview and said detectives were continuing to question him.

Mr Corbyn said he had asked for Parliament to be recalled to enable politicians to pay tribute to the Labour MP “on behalf of everybody in this country who values democracy… free from the kind of brutality that Jo suffered”. He added: “Jo was an exceptional, wonderful, very talented woman, taken from us in her early 40s when she had so much to give and so much of her life ahead of her. “It’s a tragedy beyond tragedy what happened yesterday. “In her memory, we will not allow those people that spread hatred and poison to divide our society, we will strengthen our democracy, strengthen our free speech.”

Mr Cameron said: “Where we see hatred, where we find division, where we see intolerance we must drive it out of our politics and out of our public life and out of our communities. “If we truly want to honour Jo, then what we should do is recognize that her values – service, community, tolerance – the values she lived by and worked by, those are the values that we need to redouble in our national life in the months and years to come.”

Commons Speaker Mr Bercow described Mrs Cox as an “outstanding” MP. “I think everybody is united in grief, in horror and in an overpowering respect for somebody who we came to know, whose talents we admired, whose passion we observed on a daily basis,” he said.

Parliament Square






The leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron, said she was “inspiring to listen to”, adding: “A young family has lost a mum and a wife, a community has lost a great MP and Parliament has lost an authentic and passionate voice.”

On Friday, hundreds of people, including Conservative peer Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and Bradford West Labour MP Naz Shah, attended a vigil at the Indian Muslim Welfare Society’s Al-Hikmah Centre in Batley.

Vigils, including those in Leeds and in Parliament Square, have also been held in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberavon. The Labour Party in Northern Ireland said a vigil will be held in Belfast on Sunday.



Jo Cox MP with other Labour women MPs



19 June 2016: The truth about the late Jo Cox MP

I’ve always believed that one should not speak ill of the dead – and especially someone so brutally murdered as was Jo Cox MP on Thursday. But when that dead person is being deified out of all proportion– rather as Princess Diana was after her death – by a mainstream media hand-in-glove with a prime minister who is desperate to create false hysteria in order to sway the most important decision of our generation – our vote in the EU referendum – then something has to be said, and it is this:

We’re being told what a truly, extraordinarily wonderful person Jo Cox was, because her life was devoted to helping refugees. I’m sure she was a very sweet person – her face shows that. But how wise and truly aware was she? Today, with her body barely cold, her husband Brendan Cox is tweeting out a “Go Fund Me” link to his wife’s ‘favourite causes’ and one of those is the “White Helmets.”


white helmets

The PR ‘human face’ of The White Helmets



The “White Helmets” is not a charity, and neither are they ‘the good guys’ despite their white helmets. The “White Helmets” is the military propaganda arm of the Allies attempt at regime change by destabilizing Syria – and this is exactly what is causing the refugee component of Europe’s migrant crisis in the first place.

The “White Helmets” also does not need our hard-earned cash. It is well-funded by George Soros’s organizations, the UK, the US and the Syrian opposition Party in its work, which is mainly with the rebel group Jabat al-Nusra, the infamous al-Qaeda affiliate.

The “White Helmets” are represented PR-wise by “Purpose” whose co-founder Jeremy Heimans also helped to create “Avaaz.” “Avaaz” is a global “pro-democracy” group which has been accused of furthering the US/EU agenda in the Middle East and elsewhere. It is also “Avaaz” that it encouraging, on social media, a sort of hands-around-the-world show of sympathy for Jo Cox today.

The unvarnished truth is that what we had in Jo Cox, at the very least and to put it charitably, is someone who was so busy paving the road with good intentions that she didn’t look up to see that they were leading to Hell.

The Hell was only 11 miles from her own constituency, where white children were falling victim to a large Muslim paedophile ring (1)– their presence in Halifax no doubt largely due to liberal and unrealistic sentiments like Jo’s, and others associated with NGOs like the “White Helmets.” The National media and press failed to report the story.

Added to that, tens of thousands of children have gone missing in Europe because of woolly-minded liberal NGOs encouraging mass migration and open borders, according to UNICEF. And then there is the phenomenon of Taharrush, public mass gang raping of European women by Muslim men.


Jo and Brendan boat

Assisting Bob Geldorf and his flotilla. Jo Cox, her children and husband disrupt “Brexit” fishermen’s protest at the Houses of Parliament the day before her murder.




An Undemocratic elite – Brendan Cox

While there is every sympathy in the world for someone left to bring up two children on his own, it would be remiss not to point out that he has had a rocky career in the development field.

He was forced to resign from the charity “Save the Children fund” only 6 months ago, in November 2015 after several women accused him of behaving inappropriately with female members of staff. He denied the allegations, but left anyway. An acutely embarrassing incident no doubt, for a wife who was the “equalities and discrimination advisor” for a Labour Women’s Network.

He has since been jetting around Europe for the “World Economic Forum” examining ways to combat the growing “populist opposition” to the “refugee” population transfer programme. Among his findings are that the vote for nationalist parties is not important and that European populations are still willing to take in far more refugees.

Now there are calls from a few over-sentimental types in Parliament for Cox to be ‘shoed-in’ to his wife’s safe Labour Batley seat. This would be totally undemocratic – according to the laws of this land. There has to be a by-election – but these people who benefit from the EU NGO gravy train have no respect for the democratic process or for what the rank and file, working class Brits think. They are tearing to shreds all our rights – and then they wonder why we don’t like them, and want to vote them out on Thursday.






As Morgoth’s Review brilliantly put it in The Jo Cox Murder and the Liberal Elite:

“The liberal classes, media and political, have an agenda which is objectively false and they will vilify and attack anyone who disagrees and attempts to push a counter narrative.

“The liberal classes are truly detested by a massive number of British people and they, the liberals, are unable to understand why …

“…The problem we face is that the liberal establishment are not just seen to be living in merely an ivory tower or bubble, but in a dark and sinister castle. The decrees and morality which they foist down onto the general population are not ‘humanitarian’ or in any sense morally justifiable; it is ill conceived lunacy at best, genocidal at worst.”

The Halifax Muslim child rape gang was just one of many now operating across the Labour heartlands of northern England that are, largely, being ignored or covered up by social services workers, police and politicians. At the Leeds trial, only 13 of the men were convicted, despite more than one hundred being arrested.

Bleeding hearts like Jo often don’t realize that it is their do-gooding actions which create far worse problems if the consequences are not properly thought through.

Was Jo silent on the children being abused because of the number of Muslims in her constituency? Or was her cognitive dissonance somehow connected to the political aims of one of her ‘favourite causes’, the White Helmets?

Whatever the reason, we need to prise off the white knuckled grasp of this unelected, EU-funded, do-gooding, unrealistic liberal elite from the helm of the ship of state, before they steer us into a whirlpool from which we will never escape. There’s only one way – we must vote Leave on Thursday.


Leeds Crown Court.



(1) 16 June 2016: More than 150 years jail for 13 men who sexually abused vulnerable Halifax schoolgirl

In Halifax, 11 miles from Cox’s constituency, a vulnerable underage girl had been left to fend for herself at the age of thirteen after her mother died. The child ended up being preyed on by 100 Muslim males who plied her with alcohol and drugs. The girl nominally in council care was then passed from house to house and from town to town as far away as Manchester and London. The girl described being filmed by Muslims on a mobile phone while being orally raped. She contracted an STD. Some of the rapists were identified from CCTV which had been seized from the hotels she could remember, while others were caught because of DNA from stains on her clothing. The police said afterwords that the girl, one of two victims, had shown “immense courage and bravery in reporting these matters to the police and providing evidence.”

At the Leeds trial, only 15 of an excess of 100 men originally arrested were convicted. Many dozens of culprits walked free. It was a lurid and horrific story but such hearings are so common these days, they have become wearily familiar.

Nevertheless you would think this would be a issue that would enrage a feminist-minded, morally crusading MP. But no, instead of fighting to defend the White girl victims of Muslim rape gangs, female Labour MPs have preferred to defend the Muslim community and deflect any criticism. Or, like Jo Cox, they have chosen to ignore it completely. In her maiden speech, Jo Cox said that her community had been “deeply enhanced by immigration” but presumably child rape was not what she had in mind.

A judge passed jail sentences totalling more than 150 years on 13 men convicted of the horrific sexual abuse of a vulnerable schoolgirl from Halifax. Four other men have yet to be sentenced for sex offenses in the case.

The girl was raped and abused between the ages of 13 and 15. One of the men sentenced for offenses against her was also jailed for a sexual assault on another girl.

West Yorkshire Police, said: “This was the largest and longest running investigation into child sexual exploitation in Calderdale. “At the centre of the complex inquiry were two young vulnerable victims who were preyed upon by men for their own sexual gratification. We would like to praise them for their courage in coming forward and firstly disclosing the offenses, then bravely giving evidence. We hope the outcome of these trials will enable them to start to put this trauma behind them and reassure any other potential victims that we will treat them with the utmost sensitivity and take positive actions against the perpetrators.
The guilty and their sentences

Aftab Hussain, 37, of Halifax, who pleaded guilty in September last year to two offenses of sexual activity with a child, was sentenced to six years imprisonment.

Haaris Ahmed, 32, of Halifax, was found guilty of two counts sexual activity with a child and with the supply of Class B drugs. He was sentenced to 12 and a half years imprisonment.

Taukeer Butt, 31, of Halifax, was found guilty of four counts of sexual activity with a child. He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

Azeem Subhani, 25, of Halifax, was found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child. He was sentenced to nine years imprisonment.

Tahir Mahmood. 43, of Halifax, was found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child and sexual assault. He was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment.

Mohammed Ali Ahmed, 43, of Halifax, was found guilty of one count of sexual activity with a child. He was sentenced to six and a half years imprisonment.

Talib Saddiq, 31, of Halifax, was found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child, and was sentenced to nine years imprisonment.

Amaar Ali Ditta, 27, of Halifax, was found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child. He was sentenced to nine years imprisonment.

Sikander Malik, 31, of Halifax, was found guilty of sexual activity with a child. He was sentenced to six years imprisonment.

Haider Ali, 41, of Halifax, was found guilty of sexual activity with a child and causing a person to engage in sexual activity. He was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

Mohammed Ramzan, 35, of Bradford, was found guilty of rape, and was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

Khalid Zaman, 38, of Bradford, was found guilty of two counts of rape and supplying Class B drugs and was sentenced to 17 and a half years in jail.

Hedar Ali, 36, of Bradford, was found guilty of two counts of rape and two counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation. He was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment.






Aleppo White helmet




(2). Soros-funded ‘White Helmets’ NGO caught faking ‘civilian casualties of Russian airstrikes’ in Syria

The Soros   sponsored “White Helmets,” one of the largest NGOs operating on the territory of Syria, is busy with cooking up lies instead of protecting the human rights of the Syrian people.

The “White Helmets,” a controversial quasi-humanitarian organization, is playing dirty in Syria: the NGO has been spotted fabricating “evidence” of Russia’s “disastrous” involvement in Syria.

an interesting thing occurred in Australia, a US ally, on their national TV channel, the ABC.  In a rather surprising fashion they openly mocked US claims. ABC started their news piece by mentioning the US has flown 7,000 sorties against ISIS (at a cost of $4b) during which the Islamic State has expanded their territory ten fold!

That was the initial mock, but it then added a piece on the White Helmets calming a girl in a hospital as she is sobbing, or trying to – the camera continues rolling, she lifts up her head and asks in Arabic “is this good?”.  It seems Australia deviated a bit from the US&UK narrative. Once the so called White Helmets got caught, Twitter exploded. The deceit was obvious. For so long they have enjoyed the fruits of their marketing campaign depicting them as selfless heroes, saviours of humanity, impartial protectors of kittens and Syrians in equal measure.  Unarmed, neutral, demi-saints climbing the “Mount Everest of war zones”.  It’s all BS.

The organization has published a photo on its Twitter account, depicting a bleeding girl claiming that the poor child was injured together with a number of civilians during the Russian air strike launched on September 30.

Russia strike in Homs today. 33 civilians killed including 3 children and 1 @Syria Civil Def volunteer.

“Russia strike in Homs today. 33 civilians killed including 3 children and 1 @SyriaCivilDef volunteer,”— The White Helmets (@SyriaCivilDef) September 30, 2015

“White Helmets” use a Sept 25th photo to document Russia Sept 30th strikes against ISIS and AQ. #BestPractices— U.S. Dept. of Fear (@FearDept) September 30, 2015

However, the false claim was immediately exposed: Twitter users discovered that the photo of the wounded girl was actually taken on September 25, 2015, five days ago.

The White Helmets in their haste to point the finger of blame at Moscow, managed to tweet about Russia’s air strikes days before the Russian Parliament actually authorized the use of the Air Force in Syria.

Investigative journalist and peace activist Vanessa Beeley pointed out that the “White Helmets” (formerly called the Syria Civil Defense) was not created by Syrians and certainly does not operate in Syria’s interests.

Funded by the UK, US and the Syrian Opposition Party, the controversial organization works mainly with the rebel group Jabat al-Nusra, the infamous al-Qaeda affiliate. She said: “White Helmets demonizes the Assad government and encourages direct foreign intervention.” :


Jo Cox in Darfur


Jo Cox in Darfur

Jo Cox representing Oxfam in Dafur


2007 – 2009: Jo took up employment with Oxfam as Head of Humanitarian Campaigning all over the World, operating out of New York.

Oxfam – A Charity in Disgrace

The Oxfam sex scandal exposed sexual abuse and exploitation of vulnerable people by staff of the  charity in Haiti, after an earthquake ripped the country apart.

A  hallowed Oxfam abused the public cynically abusing its motto “ending poverty” to muster  funding and support.  As a charity, it claimed that representing all that is good in society it would do no harm to it which is the reason it has fallen so far from grace in the minds of the public.



20 June 2016: The selective compassion of Jo Cox

Jo Cox wanted to make the world a better place and it was a cause for which she was willing to travel halfway across the globe. Whether consoling rape victims in Darfur or bombed out villagers in Afghanistan, it seemed the jet-setting international aid worker was rarely far from the action.

Lately it had been the struggle of Syrian war refugees to get to the West that touched her heart, and their plight was a subject she returned to again and again after becoming a Member of Parliament.

It seemed there was no victims anywhere she could not empathize with. Except, perhaps, with one striking omission.

And that would be the white child rape victims of Muslim grooming gangs in her own back yard.

For her West Yorkshire constituency is near the epicentre of the Muslim child rape epidemic that has been sweeping the Labour heartlands of northern England, largely ignored or covered up by social services workers, police and politicians.

For it is a striking omission that of all the subjects she enjoyed sounding off on, this world-famous crisis affecting the poorest whites on her doorstep was not one of them.

One cannot help wonder if this shrewd silence was connected to the fact that her lavishly paid MPs job in the constituency of Batley and Spen largely depended on the support of the local Muslim community.

Co-incidentally, just as Jo Cox was shot and stabbed to death outside her constituency office in Birstall last Thursday, sentencing was about to take place at Leeds Crown Court after a long trial involving a horrific case of Muslim child exploitation.(1)




(1): 8 February 2016: ‘It takes two to tango’

As 12 Asian men were jailed for 143 years for gang-raping a 13-year-old white girl a local Muslim councillor admitted some in his community were of the view that “it takes two to tango” and still think SHE was partly to blame.

What an utterly unbelievable statement, it just reveals the prevalence of the underlying attitude.

The point to take here is that the men involved don’t believe they are doing any wrong and that the girl deserved it.

Whichever way you spin it this is a deeply entrenched cultural attitude.

These men and there has been case after case after case of similar abuse have never targeted Asian girls.

Read more:




17 Feb 2018: Jo Cox’s Husband Forced to Resign From Her Charities After he Finally Confesses to Inappropriate Behavior Amid New Allegation That He Drunkenly Grabbed a Woman By the Throat

The husband of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox last night sensationally admitted to being a sex pest – and quit two charities he set up in her name.

His confession came as shocking new details surfaced of a second sexual assault he allegedly committed.

The accusation relates to his time with Save The Children in the year before his wife was killed by a far-right fanatic during the 2016 Brexit referendum campaign.

It is claimed that Mr Cox drunkenly harassed a female employee at the charity in London, forcing her against a wall outside a bar, holding her by the throat and telling her: ‘I want to f*** you.’

The incident led to him being forced to leave the charity in 2015. Save The Children’s chief executive Justin Forsyth, a close friend of Mr Cox and former aide to Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown, resigned four months later.

For the record: prior to working for Save the Children Brendan Cox had been a senior advisor to then Prime Minister Gordon Brown. He had in fact been part of the prime minister’s inner circle and as such was part of the Whitehall elite.


Astonishingly, one month after Mr Cox left the charity, a senior female US Government official told police Mr Cox had carried out a similar alleged assault on her at Harvard University in America – as this newspaper revealed last week. The woman was unaware of the Save The Children incident at the time.

In another development, it emerged yesterday that Mr Forsyth was also the subject of a complaint by a female employee.

It related to an ‘inappropriate comment’ he allegedly made. The complaint was investigated and said to have been resolved ‘by consensus’.

Insiders insist Mr Forsyth’s subsequent departure from the charity had nothing to do with the complaint against him, nor the handling of the Cox scandal.

Mr Forsyth was then appointed deputy executive director of Unicef in New York, a post he still holds.

A Save The Children source said: ‘Brendan and Justin were a formidable double act. But they were too big for their boots.’

The disclosures will fuel the current controversy over charity sex scandals and cover-ups.

Full details here: (



21 Feb 2018: Rotherhams 1510 Victims

The number of victims of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham is now thought to be 1510, the National Crime Agency has said.

NCA officer Paul Williamson said his 144 strong team is working with more than 260 victims and had identified 110 “designated suspects.” (the mirror)



24 Feb 2018: Child Grooming Gangs Acted With Arrogant persistence in Newcastle and North East England

A serious case review found that despite local knowledge and reports sexual predators in the North East were not investigated until 2014 after Northumbria Police were forced to act after a child told her social worker she  was being sexually abused.

To break the case the Northumbria police gave £10,000 to a convicted paedophile  who gave evidence in court against the 18-strong Pakistani-Bangladeshi grooming gang who were found guilty of numerous offenses against 22 girls and sentenced to long prison terms.

It is projected that an estimated 700 plus children (girls), aged between 11-25 have been sexually abused and prostituted, for a number of years by organized groups of men, some illegal immigrants and refugees, all of Islamic faith aged between 14-70. Investigations are continuing. (The Mirror)














17 thoughts on “Jo Cox – The Truth – If you can handle it (Updated at 18 Feb 2018)

    1. Cox’s political associations and her husband’s shenanegins prove one thing at least – we are all flawed and no-one can claim an inviolable moral high-ground, much as the REMAIN elite’s would love to by exploiting her. As for Tommy Mair, i’m sorry but that wierdo just looks like a total patsy for the killing. Right-wing connections from 1999, not even in his own country! If he was a rabid British Nazi how come he wasn’t in with the NF or NSM in Britain? C’mon – he even taught immigrant children English and got on well with his half-caste Black brother… Something is not right.


    2. Absolutely mind boggling . This woman was obviously in the pockets of the Muslims and deliberately avoided the sex crimes that were being foisted on underage (not that the age of a female gives these barbarian rapists any rights) children by these child peddling sex fiends. just imagine the outrage by the Police and Muslims if the situation was reversed. What is happening to this stupid country and WHO is behind it.


  1. There is a great and simple solution for the rapes and the explosive population growth among such people.

    It only needs to affect the males and is easily done with suitable restraint, a sharp knife and a few stitches.


  2. You could have saved a lot of words and simply said…

    Liberals and the phony elite Conservatives hate freedom and will use any event to foster their cause


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  3. Wood and the trees,where is the trees???

    Conviction and changing the facts to suit the argument,which you have not done, unlike this Euro. In or Oot.

    Jist sayin ah like yir points and !!

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  4. What a nasty article this is – linking her with paedophiles , you should be ashamed, you pan a person who has devoted her time to doing good , and what is best for people


    1. Steve,

      Perhaps you need stronger glasses. Perhaps you just need to read things carefully rather than just skim them. ‘Linking her to paedophiles’. What does that mean? If you are saying the author wrote that Jo Cox is in some way supporting pedophiles you definitely need to go back and read the article more carefully. What the author is saying is that Jo Cox didn’t make much of a fuss about the activities of certain kinds of people. That is not saying that she supports their activities. It is asking why she did not make more fuss and suggesting it might have had something to do with the race of the said people. It is well-known that many in authority in Yorkshire were turning a blind eye to what was going on. Just ask Ann Cryer, Labour MP for Keighley up to 2010. Or are you going to criticise her efforts on the basis that she was ‘linking certain people with paedophiles’?
      You really have to ask why so much fuss is made about the murder of this particular person. Yes, murder is a nasty thing. And no doubt Jo Cox was a ‘nice’ person. But there are lots of ‘nice’ people who get murdered in this country and we don’t elevate them all to instant sainthood. So why this one?
      And why is there no great fuss about the burning to death of several Yazidi girls because they refused the sexual demands of their ISIS captors?

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    2. Here we go – turning a politician into a Secular Saint. Spent her time ‘doing good’? I presume you mean courting Big Media while stepping over the poor, disabled, destitute and vulnerable in her own country. The indigens are just not quite good enough are they? So lets all offer unlimited rewards to the aggressive mob of opportunist migrants who bully their way across Europe. This is Not being a Good Samaritan. Fake Philanthropy of the Champagne Socialists.


    3. No the Labour MPS ignored grooming gangs in many labour constituancys, along with the labour councils she openly praised the Muslim community, which in most towns is segregated by choice, the same as the Labour MPS in Rotherham, and the Labour council buried the facts, the police ignored the girls and called them liars so please learn the true facts not the librelismn run BBC and Sky news this story is offensive to you as it does nt fit in with your liberal views Jo Cox is not a saint and nor is her husband,


  5. O please, can we stop using the pc misnomer ‘ Asian’ ‘Muslim’ is the correct term to use. We all know that it is Muslim grooming gangs that are the problem, its a religious thing not a race thing.

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