Too sick to work Syrian migrant – now wants to bring 12 more children and 2 more wives to Europe – This is the future of the EU – But the UK can escape armageddon – Vote Brexit

        In another seemingly top EU priority, the meddling European lawmakers made it illegal for prunes to be sold as a superfood that fights bowel problems       The demography of Northern European nations, (including the UK) is changing with increasing speed due primarily to the uncontrolled inward acceptance of  massive […]

The Tory Party at Play – Massive Expense Claims – Recovering the Cost of Overnight lovenest Accommodation – Blackmail – Illicit sex – suicides and Other Unsavoury Events

          Illicit sex and the Tory Party are no strangers. The recent furore, (without foundation) created by the right wing press in Scotland, (namely “The Herald” and “The Scottish Daily Mail”) over two SNP MP’s (both legally separated from their wives), their dalliances with an attractive actress/model and alleged inappropriate submission […]

Armageddon at Faslane – That’s Fine By Me Says Jackie Baillie – Dumbartonshire – Early May 2017 would be a good time to send a message to the Labour Party That It Isn’t Fine – Get Them Out

      I have great admiration for the 13,413 Dumbarton voters who on 5 May 2016 supported the SNP candidate, Gail Robertson.  So close to defeating Jackie Baillie who enjoyed a pyrrhic  victory by 106 votes. But her victory was achieved at great cost to the party she purports to support. Her stance also further […]