Tory Fund Raising Dinner Party – 2013 – Part 3 – Business Tycoons, Foreign Investors and Lobbyists Who Funded the Tory 2015 General Election Campaign – Boris Johnson & the Billionaires & the Shipping Magnates – the Sickness That Is Westminster






Table 5: Boris and the billionaires. Sponsored by Anita Zabludowicz (£1000 per head). At least 1,680,000,000 in combined wealth at the table





* Boris Johnson: Mayor of London. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was born in New York on 19 June 1964 and this meant that, until recently, he was officially a US citizen. Johnson is the eldest of four children to English parents Stanley Johnson, a former Conservative MP, and his painter (first) wife Charlotte Johnson. Known as Al to his family, Johnson’s family tree makes for interesting reading: his maternal grandfather, Sir James Fawcett, was president of the European Commission of Human Rights and on his father’s side, he is the great grandson of Ali Kemal Bey, a Turkish journalist who was murdered during the Turkish war of Independence.


article-2702132-1FE1F3E500000578-129_306x610Andrei Borodin and Tatanya Korsakova


* Andrei Borodin: Russian financier wanted in Moscow for £220m bank fraud but who has been granted political asylum in Britain after he submitted evidence showing how he was targeted for a politically motivated prosecution. He denies the fraud allegations. paid £40,000 at the auction for a portrait of Thatcher Wealth. £180,000,000. 514th on the 2014 Sunday Times Rich List.


borodin_2597777bAndrei Borodin and Tatanya Korsakovamodel-designer-tatiana-korsakova-royal-ascot
* Tatanya Korsakova: Founder of a Russian charity for disabled children. Model and wife of Andrei Borodin.


C_67_article_2070659_body_articleblock_0_bodyimage Alok SharmaAlok_Sharma


* Alok SharmaMP for Reading West and member of the commons science and technology committee. Appointed Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to Oliver Letwin MP, Chancellor to the Duchy of Lancaster. The appointment means Sharma, has responsibility for advising the Prime Minister on how to implement government policy, co-ordinating constitutional reform and reducing regulatory burdens through the Red Tape Challenge. Sharma said: “I am delighted to have been appointed as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Oliver Letwin, to support him in his brief working with departments across government in helping to deliver our manifesto commitments.

The Draft Communications Data Bill (nicknamed the Snoopers’ Charter or Snooper’s Charter) is draft legislation proposed by Home Secretary Theresa May in the United Kingdom which would require Internet service providers and mobile phone companies to maintain records (but not the content) of each user’s internet browsing activity (including social media), email correspondence, voice calls, internet gaming, and mobile phone messaging services and store the records for 12 months. Sharma is in favour of the legislation. The link provides information on other MP’s


sarah weir Sarah Weir (L) Boris Johnson



* Sarah Weir: Chief Executive of Rothschild Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire. Built by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild as a private home and showcase for his extraordinary collection of decorative arts, the Manor was gifted in 1957 to the National Trust but remains under the stewardship of Lord Rothschild and his family.

Previously Sarah was Chief Executive of The Legacy List, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park charity (set up to encourage creative connections between people and the park, with a focus on arts and culture, education and skills); Head of Arts and Cultural Strategy for Olympic Delivery Authority; Executive Director, Arts Council England; London and Executive Director of the Almeida Theatre.

Started her career in the Lloyd’s insurance market. She worked for Aldgate Group Brokers, where she rose from office junior to non-marine managing director during a 15 year career and was the first female Managing Director in Lloyd’s.



451518372-princess-beatrice-of-york-and-heather-gettyimagesHeather with With Princess Beatriceh250



* Heather Kerzner: Fashion PR, former wife of casino tycoon and part of the summer party organising committee.



featurelarge_jitesh_ghadia12Jitesh Gadhia




* Jitesh Gadhia: Senior managing director of the Blackstone Group, a US private equity giant. Last summer Mr Gadhia was appointed to the board of UK Financial Investments (UKFI), a limited company set up in 2008 to manage the Government’s investments in banks bailed out during the credit crunch. Personal donations: £200,000. Former Barclays executive. Member of Cameron’s business delegation to India. With the total support of the Tory party heirarchy diverted significant funds away from the Party to the LibDem’s assisting them at the time of the referendum and general election. A senior SNP source said: “The LibDems have become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tory Party – at a time when the polls are predicting a LibDem wipe out, the news that they are taking money from a long-standing Tory donor underlines why they have zero credibility in Scotland.”



Anita-e-Poju-ZabludowiczAnita Zabludowicz & Poju Zabludowicz: 
* Anita Zabludowicz: Wife of Poju Zabludowicz. Born in Newcastle and now lives in London with her husband, Poju, and their four children. Anita studied Fine Art & History of Art in Newcastle’s College of Arts & Technology and subsequently spent ten years working as a project manager in interior architecture before going back to study Modern Art & Auctioneering at Christies. From the mid-1990s Anita and her husband have embarked on a number of philanthropic activities and together they founded the Zabludowicz Collection to collect international emerging art and create a public platform to examine contemporary art practices. Is a trustee of Legacy List, responsible for developing the Olympic Park.


Anita-and-Poju-Zabl_228561kPoju and Anita Zabludowicz



* Poju Zabludowicz: Private equity, telecoms, minerals and property billionaire. Wealth: £1,500,000,000. Personal donations: £129,300. Personal + company donations: £301,105. 55th on the 2014 Sunday Times rich list. Head of Bicom, a prominent organisation which promotes Israeli-British relations. His companies have also donated loadsa money to the Conservative Party and he is a supporter of David Cameron.


Richard-2-199x300 robinsonRichard Robinson:

* Richard Robinson: Chief executive of Legacy List, From an early career in journalism, Richard has raised the profile and funds for a number of worthy causes in art, education and healthcare. He spent time on the frontline in India developing the operations and communications strategy for an international NGO, to treat, educate and give a voice to people living on the margins of society. He also led a major PR campaign prompting celebrity endorsement and global media interest.

Back in the UK, he spearheaded the successful launch of a charity for ex-servicemen with mental health issues and designed the campaign to transform Gainsborough’s House Museum and Gallery, as well as raising significant funding for air ambulance and wildlife trusts. Since joining The Legacy List in 2012, Richard has led the charity’s drive to secure over £4 million, making it one of the most successful start-up charities in London.a charity which supports the Olympic Park.






Table 6: Transport. Sponsored by Christina Logothetis (£1000 per head). At least £56,046 in personal donations received since 2001 from people at this table.


2010 Wendy Barrows Photography

Constantine Logothetis


* Constantine Logothetis and his Wife Christina: Based in London, he shares principal executive responsibility for the Libra Group, a privately owned international business group comprising 30 subsidiaries across five continents. The group is focused on shipping, aviation, real estate, hospitality and renewable energy as well as selected diversified investments. Constantine began his career in the Logothetis family’s London-based shipping company, Lomar Shipping, in 2000 where he was a key member of the management team before becoming the founding Executive Vice Chairman of the Libra Group when it was formed in 2003. As Executive Vice Chairman, Constantine has been at the forefront of the group’s diversification from shipping into other asset classes, notably the global hospitality, real estate and energy sectors. Constantine is married with three children and lives in London.Runs family shipping firm. Diversified into hospitality, real estate and energy. Personal donations: £56,046. Personal + company donations: £127,246.


c1572c59821062c96d0fc33ad32a2983_L Laurent Cadji


* Laurent Cadji:  He worked at Credit Suisse with focus on the energy sector and as as an energy trader with Morgan Stanley (U.K). He took over the West African logistics division of Union Maritime in 2006 and proceeded to expand it to encompass ship owning, ship management, ship brokerage (Rotterdam), and offshore logistics support. He has been instrumental in developing the most sophisticated offshore logistics platform in West Africa.

He set up Top Fenders in 2010 and it is quickly becoming one of the leading providers of ship-to-ship equipment and services in West Africa. Laurent holds a BSc. in Economics from the University College London (U.Koperator of chemical tankers. The company runs a fleet of tankers focusing on the clean petroleum products trade in West Africa, as well as a number of tankers trading in the international markets. Providing  clients with secure, efficient, cost effective and flexible transportation of refined petroleum products.

Union Maritime angrily denied reports that a number of its tankers have been arrested in Nigeria for allegedly flouting cabotage laws. Media reports in West Africa suggest two ships controlled by Union Maritime have been served with arrest papers while two others left port before arrests could be implemented. The reported arrest actions, if correct, would be the latest in a series of actions taken by the Indigenous Shipowners’ Association of Nigeria (ISAN) against what it sees as breach of cabotage laws in the country.



Patrick_McLoughlin_-_Secretary_of_State_for_TransportPatrick McLoughlin94911-largeWife Lynn(L)


* Patrick McLoughlin: MP for Derbyshire Dales and transport secretary. Under the “Green Book” of rules, MPs may not claim for “the capital cost of repairs which go beyond making good dilapidations and enhance the property”. During the past five years, Mr McLoughlin had his sitting room, bedroom and en suite bathroom decorated at a cost of £1,268, a bathroom repair for £847, external walls painted for £1,388, a bedroom and cloakroom decorated at a cost of £490, and new shower room thermostat installed for £450. He also charged for £442 for electrical work, £641 to have a play room redecorated, a new boiler for nearly £4,000 and more electrical work for £233. Despite naming the Derbyshire house as his “second home” for his parliamentary allowances, Mr McLoughlin’s name and his wife’s have appeared on the electoral roll there since 1992.






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