Mundell and the Strippers – So No Truth In the Scandal – The Telegraph and Mirror Eliciting Public backlash Without Foundation and the Frenchgate Affair Provides Evidence That They never learn




5 March 2010: One of David Cameron’s Shadow Cabinet dragged drunk from a strip club

One of David Cameron’s Shadow Cabinet was dragged drunk from a strip club, it was claimed yesterday. The scandal was exposed in the Tory-supporting Daily Telegraph but the individual was not named. Shadow Scotland Secretary David Mundell, 47, the only Tory MP north of the border, denied rumours it was him.





The father-of-three, who separated from his wife before the last election, repeatedly refused to comment when the Mirror first put the claims to him. He also passed up nine chances to refute he was a regular at the Spearmint Rhino lap-dancing chain. But several hours later he issued a “categoric denial” through the Conservative Campaign HQ.





A party spokesman said: “What was said in the Telegraph today is not him. I can tell you that 100%.” The spokesman said he couldn’t comment on whether Mr Mundell was a regular at strip joints, saying: “I don’t know.” Earlier Mr Mundell had pleaded he needed time to read the Telegraph before responding to claims that he was the politician involved.




Asked whether it was true he goes to Spearmint Rhinos, he said: “I’m not making any comment on that.” He added: “I’m not going to make any comment whatsoever until I have seen this piece.”






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