Michael Gove – Lord Chancellor – Cameron & Osborne Loyalist to the Core – Now Wielding the Power He Believes Is His Right


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Buzzfeed Links. All worthy of checking out to gain a flavour of Michael Gove

13 May 2013: Gove and his advisors – either through stupidity or mischievousness – failed to place me, my website, or the lesson into its appropriate context. His criticisms betray a lack of knowledge, understanding, and interpretation that would make a GCSE History student blush with shame.

30 September 2013: 11 Strange Facts About Michael Gove – A curious character. A very curious character.

3 February 2014: Michael Gove Was Introduced As A Fan Of “Real Ale And Real Women” On A TV Quiz Show – videos – The future education secretary appeared on “Top Club” in the 1990s.






27 March 2014: Watch Michael Gove Rap Wham! Lyrics – The education secretary spat out George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley’s rhymes while on a school visit.

3 May 2014: Attacking Michael Gove is one the best tactics for UK political parties in the run up to the next general election, according to a BuzzFeed/YouGov poll of 1,900 people.

19 May 2014: Michael Gove’s Converter Academy Schools Disproportionately Serve Wealthy Families. Researchers warned in 2010 that the Education Secretary’s academies policy would increase educational inequality.






9 June 2014: Michael Gove believes that Britain must stand up to fundamental Islam, part of his reputation as one of the few members of the cabinet who could be branded a true neo-conservative.

10 June 2014: Michael Gove, the education secretary who yesterday announced that “British values” will be actively promoted in all schools, has previously branded attempts to define Britishness as “rather unBritish”.

15 June 2014: Please Take A Moment To Enjoy This Video Of Michael Gove Falling Over







20 June 2014: Nick Clegg’s advisers argued private companies should be allowed to run state schools for profit, Michael Gove’s former aide has claimed. Dominic Cummings, who spent four years pushing through reforms as the education secretary’s special adviser, says top members of the Deputy Prime Minister’s team argued in favour of schools being run for profit during the early years of the coalition government.

22 September 2014: Who Said It: Dolores Umbridge Or Michael Gove? Was it the Hogwarts high inquisitor or the former UK education secretary? (16 questions)







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