Gordon Brown – The Great Clunking Fist Keeps Resurfacing -The Long Goodbye Right Enough – Here’s Some Video’s of His Best Bits – Not





A video Selection of Gordon Brown’s best bits

* Brown gets beaten up by David Cameron over the BA and Unite Union strike by.





* Brown gives a weak performance in Prime Ministers Questions.






* Brown tries to say that David Cameron is Mr.10 per-cent. But in reality it is Brown who is Mr.10 per-cent. It was he who put the basic rate of tax up on the poor from 10% to 20% to pay for his rich banker friends.



brown pocketmoney



* Brown in his usual manner comes up with meaningless statistics to impress the gullible New Labour MP’s.






* In an effort to keep New Labour in power, Brown quits as Prime Minister.







* State Opening of Parliament. Closing remarks of Brown during the 2007 Queen’s Speech debate with Leader of the Opposition David Cameron.






* The inside story of the credit crunch, charting the roller coaster journey of Gordon Brown’s fortunes from the moment the recession began.






* Unfit for high office? It is a puzzle to me how such a flawed personality survived in politics for so long.







* Brown meets Gillian Duffy, who he was later heard off-camera describing her as a ‘bigoted woman’.





* Brown was so desperate to keep Alex Salmond from being First Minister he tried to cut a deal to keep him out of power.






* The woman that Gordon Brown called a bigot gives her instant reaction to what Gordon Brown called her.





* And to think one of the worst ever financial disasters was caused by a man who wrapped himself in ‘prudence’.






* Farage blasts Gordon Brown as he calls for “New World Order”.






* An English voice speaks out. Brown and his vows, he has no right to speak for the English. I for one will not let a Scottish MP and the one who ran the UK into the ground make deals to his own people on my behalf. Make note Scots anyone telling you the English will bribe you to stay has no authority. Don,t think you can have your cake and eat it. If you want to stay then great but 60 million English will not pay you to stay whatever Gordon thinks he can say on our behalf. English Nationalism will make a comeback so get ready for it.



murphy nuc



* Labour managed to spend the 3G money as well ! And the £35 billion they raided from British Pension Funds and every other stealth tax they invented. 10p in the £ anybody? And if 40p was OK then why is 45p wrong now? Hypocrites! You only get into debt when you spend more than you earn and borrow to make up the difference. Its really very simple. Even before the Bank bail outs we were in the shit with Labour. It now turns out the 2008 / 09 recession was 2% worse than we were told.






* British troops begin their withdrawal from Iraq after over six years of occupation. The war led to a disconnect between the British people and their elected representatives, as well as a backlash against the UK’s Muslim minority. It also led to much death and destruction in Iraq itself.




* Gordon Brown Launches Big Bribe timetable at yet another private, closed pensioners meeting, ( broadcast in full on BBC) in Loanhead Miners Club, (but there are no miners now) and they swallow it.





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