MP’s Expecting To Get Paid Loadsa More Money In The Next Westminster Parliament – For Less Hours Of Work. Nice One!

Inflation-busting increase is expected to be announced after the May General Election

A 2014 IPSA survey showed many MPs believe they should be paid £86,000 a year – with some backbenchers insisting they should get more than £100,000. Instead, Labour and Tory sources say Sir Ian Kennedy, head of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) will suggest raising MPs’ pay to £75,000 a year, in a series of upratings starting in 2015, coupled with much higher pension contributions.

Speaker John Bercow has already warned Party Leaders not to prevent a big pay rise for MPs. He said they resented party leaders blocking increases to ‘appease the public’ and urged them ‘not to feel the temptation to interfere’ with IPSA’s ruling. He said that in the past, ‘party leaders who either had a higher salary by virtue of their office or who have had access to other sources of finance have been very quick to tell ordinary MPs what they should and shouldn’t be paid’

Ed Miliband says MPs will have to accept a 1 per cent wage rise, like all other public sector workers, and not the 15 per cent award they are thought to be in line for
A pay rise of £10,000 a year for MPs will be scrapped if Ed Miliband wins the next Election, Labour signalled last night.

Other party leaders refused to comment on the matter but position of all Party’s needs to be clarified formally for the electorate before the General Election.




A Voters View:

How dare they even think of a rise in their inflated wages not to mention utterly obscene pensions while taking bread from our childrens mouths. Have they no concept of leading by example or is it a case of “pull up the drawbridge Sectomus i’m over the moat” If that bunch of thieving lying rats vote themselves another penny raise before the national debt is cleared then we should have the biggest show of civil disobedience ever.




3 replies on “MP’s Expecting To Get Paid Loadsa More Money In The Next Westminster Parliament – For Less Hours Of Work. Nice One!”

With salary and pension increases of this size, at this time, the politicians’ greedy demands to have the trough topped up will surely push the rest of us nearer or even over the edge, while at the same time advancing the process of the Union’s self-destruction. Please don’t let anyone stop them.


Sadly that is to be accepted in our too wee, too poor society.
Backtracking to vote fraud.
Enigma channel on you tube has “Best Video Scottish Vote Rigging By MI5” . Worth a look?


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