A brief history – England and Wales Voted To Leave The EU – Scotland Voted To Remain – Early indications are that the Unionist parties will opt to remain with the UK – This could be the start of another bitter battle for independence

                          11 February 2013: The Labour Party Has Not ruled out a referendum On EU Membership The Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls said the party could not afford to be painted as against letting people have their say and it would be “stupid” to rule out a referendum on Europe. He said Labour should […]

Security Report Confirms That Tory’s Dance to the Russians Tune – Cast Yer Eye Over This!!

    Report on alleged Russian interference in UK politics The Tory Government has nobbled Westminster’s powerful Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) by loading it with right-wing apparatchiks. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-53349212         Russian Influence on Boris Johnson’s government and the Tory Party Boris Johnson’s Tory Party delayed publication of a report by the UK […]