War Breaks Out in Ukraine – Scottish Soldiers In Harms Way Yet Again – But Prime Minister May Promised There Would be No More Foreign Forays – Some Promise Lsted Four Days





27 Jan 2017: Prime Minister Theresa May pledged an end to ‘failed’ military intervention aimed to make countries more like UK as she addresses US law makers

In a later meeting with President Trump she told him that the UK will no longer answer calls from other Countries to intervene militarily unless the threat to the UK is real and immediate.

Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, when asked about the policy said Britain shouldn’t be embarking “on foreign adventures for the sake of it”

Next morning, Interviewed on Radio 4 he withdrew his support of Mrs May’s new policy stating: “It has to be in the British national interest that we intervene in these countries or an ally that is asking for help.”

Note: There are 650 Scottish soldiers in the Ukraine providing training and support to the Ukraine armed forces. Which conflicts with the new policy since the Ukraine is not a member of NATO nor the EU








31 January 2017: Eastern Ukraine in Flames Again – Western Ukraine Forces Breach Peace Accord

The situation in the Donbas has deteriorated sharply during the recent days. Ukrainian security forces struck powerful artillery blows on the positions of the armed forces of Novorossiya and residential areas of Donetsk, as well as settlements of Makeyevka, Yasinovataya, Gorlovka and Dokuchaevsk.

A power line was damaged in the shelling, electricity supplies to the Donetsk filtering station were curtailed. Many homes were destroyed. Eye witnesses said that the scale of destruction and the intensity of the attacks mirrors that of the hostilities of 2014.


“What is the current situation?”

“They shell us all around the clock. It appears that they are completing a pre-planned mission to destroy water supplies. They targetted a major filtering station. There are other infrastructure losses, but the worst is civilian casualties. The OSCE  monitors do nothing to stop the attacks.They confine their efforts to recording the results of the Ukraine forces attacks their expansion within the exclusion zone. It appears a full scale invasion is imminent


“Why has the situation worsened so dramatically in recent days? What are the causes?”

“The Minsk Accord is a legal document of little effect – this is the prime cause.


“What was the goal for President Poroshenko’s visit to Berlin?

“It is believed his urgent return had been planned in advance”.


Is the Ukraine President Expecting President Trump to intervene?

“Possibly, he wants to show the Trump administration that Washington will have to admit Ukraine’s activity. Ukraine has reformed its armed forces, and the Ukrainian army has been mobilized well enough. At the same time, we need 100 fighters on a conditional line of fire, but we have only 20 of them there.”

“The Kremlin,  appears to be playing a subtle game. The People’s Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk contribute to the economic growth of the Russian Federation. We are an industrial region, and Russia should take us a little bit more seriously. As many as 40 percent of our residents remain devoted to the Russian world, but around half of the other residents are ready to return to Ukraine so they can live without war. and its attending horrors.j







30 Jan 2017: British Warship Deployed to the Black Sea – Nearing Ukraine Coast

A warship of the British Royal Navy is in the Black Sea:The “Diamond Class destroyer, equipped with rockets, is approaching the Ukrainian coast. There are around 60 marines on board.

It is thought the ship may form part of a larger formation tasked to support 650 British soldiers who are in the Ukraine participating in ‘secret drills’.

UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon claimed that: “The UK is sending a clear message that we are committed to defending democracy across the world and support Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity”.

This is the first ever such deployment since the end of the Cold War and is consistent with Prime Minister, Theresa May’s assertion that “Britain and America should stand up to President Vladimir Putin.”

The foregoing confirms recent claims by the Head of the Russian General Staff that there has been much increased activity of the NATO’s naval forces in the Barents, Baltic and Black Seas. Further stating that NATO has been adding to its military contingents, accumulating weapons and developing military infrastructure in Europe.





destroyer    Diamond Class destroyer,



The Ukraine Conflict – How did it get to this?





The Ukraine – A Forced Marriage of Two Independent States

At the end of WW2 the Province of Ruthenia was ceded by a restored Czechoslovakia, to the Soviet Union. The Ruthenian speaking Western province of Ruthenia was subsequently merged with the Russian speaking Province of Novarossya. A new State “The Ukraine” was formed.

Relations between the former provinces were never other than barely tolerant. A state of affairs not assisted by failing crops and famine in Novarossya which created the “Haves” in the West and “have-nots” in the East.

Forming part of many communist “five year plans” the USSR invested in agriculture in Western Ukraine and in heavy industry and shipping in the mineral and sea port rich,(coal and the Crimea) East.

This then is the country that gained it’s freedom at the time the USSR collapsed. The Ukraine has never really been one country. This being the case the Eastern State of Novarossya has every right to hold a referendum and declare independence from the State of Ruthenia.




Permanent Representative of the North AtVictoria Nuland, the US-Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs


imagesGeoffrey R. Pyatt, the US Ambassador to Ukraine





February 2014: President Obama admits: US orchestrated a coup in Ukraine – overthrowing the democratically elected Ukrainian government – So that the Ukrainians would be brought on-side expanding NATO.

Obama told Fareed Zakaria, a member of both the Council For Foreign Relations (CFR) and Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, that the United States “brokered” the coup in Ukraine in February 2014.

Obama’s candid admission should not come as a surprise following the release of a surreptitiously recorded conversation between Victoria Nuland, the US-Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, and Geoffrey R. Pyatt, the US Ambassador to Ukraine.

The conversation centred on ousting Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych and replacing him with one of several hand-picked State Department choices. Nuland instructed Pyatt to “have the UN glue this thing” and then dismissively added “fuck the EU” for its role negotiating the crisis.

The U.S. orchestrated “transition,” as Obama characterized it, resulted in the appointment of fascists to key positions in the Kiev government and led to the current war in eastern Ukraine launched by Petro Poroshenko, the former confectionery magnate turned Ukrainian president.

Poroshenko’s war on those who do not accept the nationalist government in Kiev has thus far killed more than 5,000 people, although unofficial tallies are far higher.

In the not too distant past, the U.S. government attempted to hide its involvement in coups and the removal of democratically elected leaders. It relied primarily on the CIA to ferment coups and counter-revolutions.

However, since the advent of NGO and foundation spawned “colour revolutions” attributed to the people of target countries, while in actuality orchestrated by USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy, the U.S. government has admitted its role in overturning governments.




images2Petro Poroshenko and President Obama

February 2014: Video – Brokered it & broke it – Obama on Kiev deal that paved path to bloodshed

The Ukrainians’ expression of free will didn’t come without a nudge from Washington after all – in an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Barack Obama acknowledged that the United States had “brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine.’









March 2014: Russia Reacts

But Putin was determined Eastern Ukraine, including the Crimea Peninsula, base for the Russian fleet, would not transfer allegiances to an expanding NATO. He authorised a peaceful takeover of the Crimea.

Following a successful referendum of the mainly Russian speaking population he formally annexed the Crimea returning it and the large Russian Naval base back to Russia.

The EU and the USA imposed sanctions on Russia – with the intention of forcing Putin to cease Russian aggression against the Ukraine. Putin imposed “counter-sanctions” on the EU and today, EU’s growth rate is stagnant and falling.

Putin then gave up on Europe, turned to the East and rapidly established a new banking and business treaty (BRICS) with China, India, Brazil, South Africa and a host of other nations.

With it’s new buffer zone around Southern Russia there is not a single reason why Russia should cooperate with the West and it can cut off gas supplies to Europe anytime they choose.

Inside Russia, which had freely opened its economy to European and US capital witnessed thousands of Western companies withdrawing investment and set about replacing them with companies from their new expanding partners. The US and Europe are experiencing shrinking economies by result.

The only potential saver for the West is the price of oil which, due to a massive worldwide glut has fallen well below the level Russia needs to sustain the country’s economy. But the same failing apples to just about every country in the World including the US and Europe.

Providing some relief recent events in the Yemen have increased market concerns about the availability of oil from Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries and the falling oil prices of the past few months appear to be taking a significant upturn.

So it follows that Russia is winning the war of attrition forced on it by the US and Europe. The Ukraine will soon be abandoned to it’s massive debts and considered “collateral damage” in the USA-Russia economic and political shoot-out.

Once more the old saying, “every loser wins” aptly fits. The pro-western euphoria of perestroika embraced by President Gorbachev and Russia is unfortunately at an end and regardless of leadership any future business will be entirely pragmatic.



Ukraine west v eastCrimea to join Russiaccac08fe-129a-4997-89a8-7a6c549f933b-460x276







5 thoughts on “War Breaks Out in Ukraine – Scottish Soldiers In Harms Way Yet Again – But Prime Minister May Promised There Would be No More Foreign Forays – Some Promise Lsted Four Days

  1. Thank you for this, a clear & concise explanation of the present situation. I get irritated by the tinfoil hat conspiracy accusation that gets thrown about by people who simply do not bother to look up the facts instead of believing the msm spin.
    By the way, a wee misspelling had me wondering “what apples?”
    “same failing apples”. Applies, I think 🙂


  2. Thanks for another useful piece to help me make sense of things I need to know about the mediation of but don’t always have a full political/historical grasp of. No you can’t have a fee. I don’t get one from Newsnet.scot.


  3. The culturally Russian region of Ukraine also complained, prior to the conflict that they were being unfairly treated in many ways, by Kiev.

    It is a pity that the ethnic/linguistic boundary does not align completely with the Dnieper river. The Dnieper is not a normal river in that it dwarfs the other great rivers of Europe e.g. the Rhine, in terms of width, although partly man made width due to hydro schemes. And by a long way (go compare on Google Map). Over much of its length in Ukraine it is several miles across. A very formidable natural boundary which if a bit better aligned to the ethnic regions would have helped smooth the ultimate resolution one feels is inevitable.


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