The Calton Hill Declaration (Scottish: Tory, Labour and Liberal Party Leaders)

The Calton Hill Declaration (Scottish: Tory, Labour and Liberal Party Leaders)

The famous Calton Hill folly in Edinburgh, (modelled on the Parthenon in Athens) commissioned, (was to be built, in memorium to many thousands of Scot’s service personnel sacrificed, in war, by ambitious Westminster politicians) but never finished, (money was diverted away from the project to fund another war) was today the unfortunate choice of venue of the leaders of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish Labour Party and the Scottish Conservatives, the (wee3) to declare their joint support for more powers to be devolved to Scotland, (in the event of a ‘no’ vote). Details of any new powers were not to hand for publication/discussion since the, “wee3)” are in no position to deliver anything but hot air. Paraphrasing parts of their joint statement;

1. Setting out their jointly held views they stated, “We live in the same house, but this has never been a country that has demanded we conform to the same house rules”.

Comment. I expect they are referring to the Westminster Parliament, in which a majority of those sent to represent constituents seemingly regard house rules as being in place, to be ignored or twisted or abused, (eg. expenses) to suit their own or their Party’s aims and aspirations. Clearly the views of the (wee3) echo that of their colleagues in Westminster. A very worrying attitude indeed.

2. They added, “all three of us have said we will legislate as soon as possible afterwards. No ifs, no buts – we are all committed to deliver.”

Comment. Deliver what!!! Nothing!! The, (wee3) have no authority to devolve or to legislate anything. Such powers rest with their, “Political Masters” in Westminster and, to date, (less than a year from the next General Election) there has been very little, if any, devolution discussion or consensus within any of the three England based political party’s with result there has been no cross party dialogue. The, (wee3) party’s operating in Scotland are mildly autonomous extensions of their English colleagues, but they have no executive policy as it pertains to Westminster. Beware of voting for, “jam tomorrow”. A “no” vote gained on empty promises will be, a hard pill to swallow” for, “Yes” voters, but the harsh punishment that will be meted out in the year’s to come will be very painful. Westminster does not look kindly upon any nation that might dare to, “rock their boat”.

3. Seeking understanding and forgiveness of the Scottish electorate the (WEE3) further stated, “we all accept, for differing reasons, that Westmister has got things wrong in the past”, “but it, (presumably the MP’s & non-elected Lords) learns and builds together, indeed the Union is evolving allowing, “space and freedom for England and Scotland prosper and thrive.”

Comment. A joke!!! Scotland contributes finance, through taxation and other commercial activities, to Westminster, well in excess of that which it is allocated. Many of our young men and women, (continue to die and/or suffer terrible injury) after being sent to war on the orders of Westminster despite Scotland’s people voting against said war’s. Large sections of our population continue to live and die early deaths due to poverty, brought about by policies ordered by successive Westminster governments elected by England but rejected by Scotland. Infant mortality in Scotland is excessively high.

Vote, “Yes” to independence Don’t be fooled.

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