Scottish Referendum

Gordon Brown & George Robertson Give the UK Defence Away

George in full flow. He has the audacity to attack persons who offered a personal look forward to the future size and shape of Scottish defence forces. But he was responsible for giving away the UK defence force’s entire research programme for a pittance, and against the wishes of just about anyone with any sense. His scathing put-down of his nation is revealing since it mirrors that of Labour politicians presently in Westminster.

Gordon Brown & George Robertson Give the UK Defence Away

Two names from the past(Gordon Brown & George Robertson) have recently been actively involved in support of the, “no” campaign. But in giving thought to their views, (tainted by their long service) with the Labour Party in Westminster I remembered the incident, 1997 not long after the Labour Party took office, at which time the two of them contributed to the severe damage of the much vaunted, “UK/USA special relationship.” The UK National Audit Office (NAO, investigated the circumstances resulting in the part – privatization of an important part of the Defence Department.

At interview, Lord Gilbert, former Minister of Procurement for the UK Defence Department, (briefing a National Audit Office investigation team), advised he had warned, (before the sale) that the Treasury Department’s (Gordon Brown’s) proposed sell-off, to a US private equity company of the UK Defence Department’s research arm was, “a disaster in the making” that would severely damage the, “special relationship” between the UK and US. He further stated he had personally warned the UK Defence Secretary (Lord Robertson) that the sale would be a, “bloody scandal” but the stake in the agency was subsequently sold. Read the article;…-a01611536149

Careful note should be made of the companies involved since many of them feature in, Wikipedia pages together with many Westminster politicians.

Vote, “yes” to independence so that we might rid Scotland of the perils of Westminster.

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