Hague States Scotland is not a State

Commonwealth Games-William Hague Sets the Record Straight. Paraphrasing his briefing;

William Hague, clarifying Westminster’s official view of the Commonwealth Games insisted that whilst home countries might fly their flag and wear their colours, individuals competing that are resident in the, “British Isles” will be representing, “Team GB” since it is the UK and other countries of the Commonwealth that are member states.

Scotland is not a state and Westminster simply decided to delegate the games to be held in Glasgow, a city of the UK. He went on to express his confidence, (and that of the Government) in the superpower that is Team GB will be a success in Glasgow and in the future, the world. “http://home.bt.com/news/oddnews/commonwealth-team-gb-gaffe-by-hague-11363912308295” So there it is, Scotland does not exist.

Seems to me we need to vote, “Yes” so that we will be able to join the Commonweath on an equal footing with 50+ other states, such as Nauru, population approximately 15,000.


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