Brexit – Access to the Euro Millions denied to UK Residents – If You Believe the Red Tory Alliance






The UK National Lottery and Scottish Independence

Loss of Scotland would deprive the Lottery of approximately 30% of its weekly income rendering it unviable.

A National Lottery press release advised: “”most lottery millionaires are created in England, (London, Midlands, South East of England and the North East) which is by far the luckiest part of the UK.”

Intent on mischief and creating alarm within the minds of Scot’s who routinely purchased UK lottery tickets, the great informer, Gordon Brown, in a speech to labour loyalists and pensioners suggested that a, “Yes” vote on 18 September 2014 would result in Scot’s being denied the opportunity to purchase tickets for the UK lottery.

It was the widespread use of this form of misinformation by the “Red Tory Alliance”,  of the Scottish electorate that created doubt in the minds of voters sufficient to persuade them to vote “no” in the referendum.

Since 2014 the weekly cost to the punter participating in the UK National Lottery has doubled but jackpots have halved.

There is also growing concern in Scotland about the misplacement of distribution of financial support to charitable and other public causes

Many Scot’s have deserted the UK lottery, and are placing a small amount of their hard earned weekly income with the Euro Millions and Irish Lottery.

Getting back to the “Red Tory Alliance” and Gordon Brown. If their briefing of Scot’s in 2014 is to be believed “Brexit” will bring an end to Scot’s participation in the Euro Millions and Irish Lottery’s.

“Woe is me”, What is to be done???









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