Scottish Referendum

Austerity Cuts England 2010-2014 – A Warning for Scotland

Austerity Cuts England 2010-2014

A recent report highlights reductions in council grants in England over the time the Con/Lib/Dem has been in power.

A few examples;

a. The ten most deprived councils reduced by £782 each household.
b. The ten most affluent councils £48.
c. The reduction in the most affluent council in England. Hart, Hampshire £28.
d. The deduction in the most deprived council in England. Liverpool District B. £807.

Contrast the foregoing with Scotland. Rates have been frozen for 4 years thanks to a caring government. Scotland needs more of this. Vote, “Yes” in the referendum. Joanne Lamont and her ilk are determined to re-introduce;

a. Council Tax charges, (backdated for 4 years meeting the market rate).
b. Prescription charges. (Pensioners and children over 14 to be subject to means testing)
c. Bridge Tolls on the two Fourth Road bridges.
d. Bridge tolls on the Skye and Tay bridges.
e. Student Fees to be introduced. (No exemption for those unable to fund loan repayments)
f. Pensioner Cold Weather Payments to be means tested.


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