Scottish Referendum

UK Trident – Off the Shelf Lease of a Redundant Nuclear Weapons System That Does Not Deliver



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Trident Nuclear Deterrent Rent or Buy?

The much vaunted truly independent UK nuclear deterrent is in fact totally reliant upon American missiles (built by Lockheed Martin) and is administered by a private consortium which is two thirds controlled by American companies (Lockheed Martin and Jacobs Engineering) to the cost of over £600 million a year to the British taxpayer, (plus vast cash injections for nuclear infrastructure and design programmes) is nothing short of a scandal.

How on Earth can it be considered an independent nuclear deterrent when the delivery system is an entirely American off-the-shelf missile system and the private company that is responsible for every aspect of the British nuclear programme, including the design of the warheads themselves is two thirds American? Take it away from Scotland



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