The NHS England Health Reform Act and the Involvement of USA Management Consultancy McKinsey & Company

The NHS England Health Reform Act and the Involvement of USA Management Consultancy McKinsey & Company

In June 2011, the head of NHS regulator, “Monitor”, recently armed with a massively expanded remit, including regulating health service contracts potentially worth many billions, flew business class to New York, where he stayed at a five-star hotel and attended a lavish banquet, all paid for by McKinsey and Company, the international management consultants. A government employee he may not have broken the law in the strict sense. But as a former McKinsey executive, he should have known he was displaying questionable judgment – because of, “Monitor’s” role, implementing Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley’s controversial Health and Social Care Bill, together with McKinsey and its clients .

Many of the Bill’s proposals were drawn up by McKinsey and included in the legislation wholesale. One document says the firm routinely used its privileged access to ‘share information’ with its corporate clients – which include the world’s biggest private hospital firms – who are now set to bid for health service work. McKinsey’s involvement in the Bill is so great that its executives attend the meetings of the ‘Extraordinary NHS Management Board’ convened to implement it. Sometimes McKinsey even hosts these meetings at its UK headquarters in Jermyn Street, Central London.

The company is already benefiting from contracts worth undisclosed millions with GPs arising from the Bill. It has earned at least £13.8million from Government health policy since the Coalition took office – and the Bill opens up most of the current £106 billion NHS budget to the private sector, with much of it likely to go to McKinsey clients. More information here;–Companys-role-Andrew-Lansleys-proposals.html#ixzz1mA8EAyJy

As sure as night follows day, Scotland will be next for the chopping block unless the September Referendum returns a, “Yes” vote. The world’s money men are after rich financial pickings, after they have cleaned up NHS England. Their beady eye’s are on Scotland.

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