Scottish Referendum

Oil & Gas The Rip Off That is Westminster

Oil & Gas The Rip Off That is Westminster

A 2014 UK government commissioned report stated there were around 24 billion barrels of oil yet to be recovered from the North Sea. The wholesale value of the reserves was put at $2.4 trillion. The figure quoted encompassed recoverable oil in the North Sea block only. It did not include the North Atlantic, West Coast of Scotland or Rockall areas since these are largely unexplored.

Enter the spoiler, “The Clair Field”. First discovered and located in the, “Atlantic Sector” of the, “Continental Shelf” in 1977 it was declared, “off limits for discussion” by a UK government who, (faced with increasing voices of discontent within a Scotland that had finally wakened up to the massive amounts of finance being generated to the coffers of Westminster) broadcast widely and often, (making full use of the media and press, who it now accepted follow the government line without question) that the oil would run out in the 1990’s. Job done. Scotland, “back to sleep” it was thought by the Westminster con-men.

Many years later, in 2003 a license to explore the Clair field was finally granted to BP. Surprise, surprise, “sweet oil, in excellent quantities flowed freely, and this was only phase 1. In a recent conference in Houston Texas, not widely reported in the UK press. BP announced a major further major expansion of the, “Clair Field”. A brief outline of the field development, to date;

Phase 1. Has produced 90 million barrels of oil since operations began in 2005.

Phase 2. is expected to produce reach peak production capacity of 120,000 barrels of oil per day, after operations begin in 2016.

Phase 3. BP joined with Chevron, Conoco/Phillips and Shell and is moving forward with drilling operations. Preliminary results are exciting, indications are the field is many times larger than first thought.

And we are addressing only one field. But here we are again. “Blether Together” politico’s, (largely comprised of discredited time spent old men of Westminster) are now spreading the lie that oil will run-out in 15-20 year’s. This time however Scotland is wide awake and the lies are well exposed for what they are. Scotland will vote, “Yes” in the September referendum ensuring the benefits of oil & gas are accrued to the nation. Enough is Enough.

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