Armed Forces Day- Jingoism!!!!?

Armed Forces Day- Jingoism!!!!?

2006. British armed forces casualties began to increase in Afganistan, Gordon Brown, (Chancellor of the Exchequer) realized there was a markedly increasing recurring cost to the exchequer, incurred maintaining support for many maimed and permanently disabled servicemen and women being returned to the UK. Seeking to defray the financial burden he conceived then proposed to Westminster that a, “Veterans Day” be held on the last Saturday in June each year, providing opportunity for the Nation to raise public awareness, (and lots and lots of money) to the needs of veterans, celebrating the contribution made by those who had served in the Armed Forces. The day, which encouraged young people to learn about the history, realities of war and to show their appreciation of war veterans was held in the years 2006-2008

Late 2008 there was a realization in Westminster that the war in Afganistan was not going well. It was necessary to find a way to mobilize the nation to give support to the military whilst avoiding any amount of discussion or critical examination as to whether the war should be sustained.

In 2009 Gordon Brown, (then Prime Minister) decided a change in emphasis was needed, moving away from remembrance of veterans, introducing the jingoistic, (Armed Forces Day) claiming it was intended to raise awareness and appreciation for those on active duty knowing full well, in reality it was to stir-up blind patriotism and support for the war.

Armed Forces Day’s have since been held, (from 2010-2014) in places throughout the UK, on the last Saturday of June. They are arranged and conducted continuing to feed upon the feelings and beliefs of people who think that the UK country is always right and who are in favor of aggressive acts against other countries

2014. Armed Forces Day. What was my day like? Rotten. I reflected and shed tears, upon the fate of a three of my uncles, (all Calton Boys) who were conscripted then sent to die in Belgium, sating the greed and power of politicians in Westminster. One of my uncles died in battle at, “Ypres”. Another two died at the, “Somme”. My Uncle Johnny was only 18y. My father told me Johnny had never even had a girlfriend.

In the war 1914-1918, of the 557,000 Scots who enlisted or were conscripted in all services, 27 percent lost their lives. This compares with an average death rate of 12 percent for the rest of the British army between 1914 and 1918. The primary cause of the higher-than-average casualties among the Scottish soldiers was that they were regarded as excellent, aggressive shock troops who could be depended upon to lead the line in the first hours of battle. A General, (Eton educated) when asked by one of his brigadiers why his Scot’s had to, (despite a mauling four days before), lead the line in a planned assault said, ” Because they need to be less concerned with politics and more with survival”. “Lions led by Donkeys” indeed!!! 35 General’s serving with the Army in the war were educated at Eton.

Armed Forces Day should be abandoned, in a free Scotland, to be replaced once more with a day of respectful remembrance, (we already have a day set aside) just it was before the intervention, in recent times of Westminster politicians seeking to find ways of further transferring the cost of their wars to an unwitting public.

Two songs that break my heart. (The Green Fields of France) (The Band Played Waltzing Matilda)

Vote, “yes” in the referendum so that our son’s and daughter’s can be free of the probability of conscription to fight in war’s entered into by Westminster politicians.

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