Surprise-Surprise-Wetminster Retains Control – What I Wrote to My Blog Before the 2014 referendum





Prior to the 1997 referendum William Hague said the official position of a UK government was to retain a right to reverse any or all aspects of power that might be devolved to a Scottish parliament.

The Scottish nation should heed the warnings of history.

A , “no” vote in the forthcoming referendum would send a resounding message to Westminster that Scotland wished to embrace all “National” aspects of UK government policy.

This would lead to a creeping reverse of, “devolution” in respect of a number of powers at odds with and giving difficulty to a Westminster government.

As a start health, social, transport, agriculture, fisheries and the environment services are at risk of being taken back to Westminster control.


This would result in the re-introduction of prescription charges . Extortionate car parking charges would be re-introduced at hospitals. Major restructuring, (privatisation) of health services would ensue so that there is a truly UK national approach to the delivery of health services.

Pensioners would be very badly affected being obliged to sell off their homes to meet the cost of care in the community since existing policies are not in compliance with Westminster.

University education would take a major financial hit and students would need to finance their attendance in further education.

There are many other aspects of Scottish life that would be adversely affected by the reversal of devolution but the Westminster government would refer moaners to the, “no” vote in the referendum.



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