Scottish Referendum

Friends of Scotland Caucus Formed in USA Senate

Friends of Scotland Caucus Formed in USA Senate

Welcoming the formation of the caucus Alex Salmond, in his address to senators said, “Every Senator who has joined the new Caucus shares an affinity with our great nation and I welcome them as Friends of Scotland. “Members of the ‘Friends of Scotland’ Caucus in the House of Representative have been active supporters of Scotland and we greatly value their continued commitment.

Scotland now has two powerful voices on Capitol Hill, with nearly 80 ambassadors in the world’s most powerful legislature which is a fantastic tribute to our nation.

Senator Jim Webb, author of the American best-seller Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America, said:

“I am obviously proud to be among the more than 30 million Americans who share a Scottish or Scots-Irish ancestry. I am even more proud of the impact that this heritage has made on the evolution of American-style populist democracy, and in the shaping of our military and musical traditions. I believe that the Friends of Scotland caucus in the Senate, now 30 members strong, will inspire a deeper understanding of this heritage and of those contributions to America.”

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