Faslane – 52 Near Misses Each year – A Nuclear Disaster is Only a Matter of Time



Damaged nuclear submarine after hitting an obstacle at 535 depth travelling at 20 Knots

Image result for Submarine Nuclear Reactor Accidents




Faslane & Coulport – Are Our People Safe?

An internal UK Ministry of Defence report recently revealed there have been over 260 nuclear safety incidents at its naval facilities at Faslane and Coulport in the West of Scotland over the past five years. The report does not specify the exact nature of each incident, but does reveal the total number included radioactive contamination, small fires and human error and failures in system processes.

The ministry was quick to dismiss their own report, which blamed human error for three quarter of the incidents. “It is entirely misleading to focus only on the number of reports,” a ministry spokesman said. “Our comprehensive reporting system purposely captures even the most minor of incidents, which never pose a threat to the public or our personnel, to ensure all lessons are learned,” the ministry added.

Angus Robertson, a member of parliament and a spokesman on defence for the Scottish National Party (SNP), said the revelations would serve as a shock to the local community and the rest of Scotland. “Yet again safety at Faslane is an issue. To have more than 50 nuclear safety events every year is simply unacceptable,” Robertson said.










Firefighters extinguished a massive fire aboard a docked nuclear submarine. Nine people were overcome by toxic smoke. Officials assured the public there was no radiation leak. Over 20 hours passed before the massive fire on board the submarine was finally put out.






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