Scottish Referendum

Research Funding Scares

Sir Paul Nurse, Scottish Research Scientist, (in a letter to, The Times) recently claimed, (together with a number of his associates) funding, from UK institutions may be withheld in the event of Scottish independence He recently repeated the claim at a, “Better Together” event where he appeared alongside former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Clearly scaremongering, (as is the want of those on the, No” campaign bench.

I much prefer the honest views of the eminent scientist Professor Anne Glover. Ignore the negative hype. Vote, “Yes” to independence in September.

Scottish Referendum

Major Indian Medical and Biological Research institutions with Scottish Universities

Nick Clegg to visit India 25-28 August 2014

Major Indian Medical and Biological Research institutions announce plans to collaborate with Scottish universities

A partnership between the University of Dundee and the National Centre for Biological Sciences will be signed during his visit to Bangalore. The collaboration will concern itself with the field of antibiotics, and the global problem of the growing resistance to antibiotics amongst populations suffering from malaria and tuberculosis.

A collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and the Christian Medical College in Vellore, and the Indian Christian Medical and Dental Association, for a new distance learning Master’s degree in Family Medicine will be announced during the visit. This will help general practitioners working in Asia and Africa to better serve poor and rural communities.

In addition, Aberdeen University will announce that it is investing £500,000 in PhD studentships for Indians, with a focus on the life sciences, health and energy research.

Scotland leads the way. So much for the doom and gloom spread by the, “Blether Together” campaign claiming an independent Scotland would struggle to attract inward investment to it’s universities. I think not. Give up telling lies Westminster.