Scottish Referendum

The Pope & Scotland

The Pope and the Scottish Independence Referendum

The, “No” campaign press and the BBC, are gleefully, (but incorrectly) claiming today, ( that the, Church of Rome, (through the intervention of the Pope) supports their stance. The intervention, (if is indeed to be classed as one) would be deprecated.

But wait: The 1320, “Declaration of Arbroath” fully supported by Pope John XX11 and the bishops of Scotland remains extant. Scotland, (and it’s Roman Catholic poplace) is formally recognised as an, “independent nation” by the Church of Rome.

It is also well known within Church circles that Pope Francis, (embracing the policy of all previous Pope’s) fully supports the right of Scotland and it’s people to determine their own future. Further to the foregoing, canvassing of Roman Catholic’s in Scotland indicate in excess of 65% intend to vote, “Yes” to independence.