The Referendum Gordon Brown & JK Rowling

The Referendum Gordon Brown & JK Rowling Recent rumours that the Labour Party, unhappy with the performance of the, “no” campaign leader, “Flipper Darling” and his team would be unleashing some, “big Guns”, (to get things moving) proved to be correct, witnessed recent botched appearances and statements of Gordon Brown and by a helpful financial,Continue reading “The Referendum Gordon Brown & JK Rowling”

JK Rowling

    JK Rowling walked away from, M.S. Society (Scotland) following a mass exodus of volunteers and course leaders from the society caused by inflexible London management. All funding for MSSS was ‘centralized’ in London and everything had to be approved by the management down there. MSSS had been running free ‘self-management’ courses in conjunctionContinue reading “JK Rowling”

JK Rowling Moans About, “Yes” Campaigners

JK Rowling Moans About, “Yes” Campaigners In her explanatory letter to the Public Rowling predicted that some pro-independence campaigners would discount her views because she was born and raised in England. She likened that stance to the obsession with pure wizard blood of the villainous characters in her magical saga. “When people try to makeContinue reading “JK Rowling Moans About, “Yes” Campaigners”