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The Dutch are sounding the alarm for a new threat: earthquakes linked to Europe’s largest natural gas field.

The independent Dutch Safety Board has accused the government and the field’s operators, Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil Corp, of ignoring the threat of earthquakes linked to the massive Groningen gas field for years. There are now questions about the future exploitation of the field that lies under the northern province of Groningen, with implications that reach well beyond its significance for Dutch state coffers. Lessons from Groningen, which lies far from any natural fault line, feed into a debate over the threat posed by hydraulic fracturing in the United States, China, Britain and elsewhere.


FRACKED'Fracking zone. Be prepared for anything.'fracking-whats-in-your-water-cartoon-sm

On August 16, 2012, an earthquake with its epicenter under the town of Huizinge marked the beginning of the end for aggressive output from Groningen. It registered 3.6 on the Richter scale, larger than any predicted by engineers at NAM, the joint venture field operator between Shell and Exxon. “Until the Huizinge earthquake, we had 1,100 damage claims in 20 years,” said NAM spokesman Sander van Rootselaar. “After the quake we had more than 30,000.” Earthquakes caused by gas production are usually small, unless they happen near a fault line and can trigger a larger natural quake. But in Groningen they occur close to the surface, damaging stone and brick buildings never designed to withstand shaking.



More claims are rolling in, including after a 2.6 quake registered in the town of Appingedam last week. But safety is the bigger issue. In January 2013, the regulatory agency tasked with overseeing gas production warned the government of a “linear relationship” between the rate of production and the chance of earthquakes at Groningen. It said it could not rule out quakes measuring 4 or even 5 on the Richter scale, with risk to human life. The State Supervision of Mines advised production be cut “as quickly and as much as is possible and realistic.” But that year, with the Dutch economy in recession, the Groningen field produced 53.4 bcm, its most in decades. “In 2013, when it was very cold in Europe, there was enough gas in Groningen to really run it hard,” said Thomson Reuters Point Carbon analyst Oliver Sanderson. The earthquakes continued.



With bans on fracking in several European countries already in place, the concern about earthquakes will give gas opponents further ammunition. Public attitudes against gas production have quickly hardened in the Netherlands.

Scottish Referendum

Fracking & George Osborne

Lord Howell, former Tory Energy Secretary and father-in-law of the Chancellor, George Osborne, said that there were, “justified worries” about, “fracking” a method of extracting shale oil and gas and that this should not be inflicted on the “beautiful” South. But he offered a way forward stating, “there are large uninhabited and desolate areas, certainly up in the North East, where there’s plenty of room for fracking well away from anyone’s residence… without any kind of threat to the rural environment.” Recognising his close affinity with his Son-in-law it might be he is foretelling the future of the North East.

Scottish Referendum

Fracking Mad

Fracking Mad

Westminster will introduce new laws removing Scottish governments control over major planning applications in the event of a,”no” vote in the referendum. Energy policy is reserved to Westminster but at this time the Scottish Government has control over major planning applications. Conservatives last night urged SNP ministers to, “get a move on” and explore the potential for drilling now rather than waiting until after the independence referendum. Murdo Fraser, the Scottish Tory energy spokesman, said, “Fracking has revolutionised the US market, and Scotland cannot afford to be left behind on this matter.”

Fergus Ewing, the Scottish Energy Minister, said the Scottish Government will set up a working group to consider the panel’s findings and ensure regulation of the industry is robust. He said: “The views of the local communities are of prime importance to us and they will have an opportunity to feed their views and concerns into this group.” More info

1. Film, “Gasland” A view from the fracking states of America.
2. Map showing area’s ear marked for fracking
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4. Greenpeace view,

This is a bombshell for Scotland. We do not need to establish a fracking industry, with all of the associated environmental problems that it brings with it.
Vote, “Yes” in the referendum so that the people of Scotland will be able to decide the future note a government based in London, Westminster.

Scottish Referendum


Fracking. It appears licenses have been awarded and drilling has begun in Scotland. All new to me. Very worrying.
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