More On Aussie Abbott

Abbott Aussie PM, commenting on the referendum Said;

“I think that the people who would like to see the break-up of the United Kingdom are not the friends of justice, not the friends of freedom, and that the countries that would cheer at the prospect of the break-up with the United Kingdom are not the countries whose company one would like to keep.”

Abbott Elected – Australia Lurches to the Right – Racism Surfaces Once More – UN Unhappy with Abbott’s government:

Australia had barely absorbed the shock of the recent election when Abbott’s government announced it was suspending all visa processing of Afghan and Sri Lankan asylum seekers. The move fitted with a pre-election canvas of the Australian public in which revealed that 36% of respondents said some groups did not fit within Australian society, with Muslim, Middle Eastern and Asian people cited most commonly. It is hard to reconcile the new PM’s aspirational statement with these alarming public attitudes or with Australian government policies and practices that actively treat people less favourably because of their race or nationality.

Noteworthy is that the recently announced policy change is directed only at people of two particular nationalities, who as a result were, and continue to be, locked away in prison-like conditions for at least three to six months, even though they have committed no crime. The UN racism panel found this practice of suspending processing claims, without even a legislative basis, of particular concern.

The UN racisim panel also stood by while the Australian government suspended the right of people in Aboriginal communities to be free from racial discrimination, so that the government could send troops into Aboriginal communities without their consent, reclaim land and implement paternalistic policies such as welfare quarantining.

The UN’s expert racism panel further stated that the Northern Territory intervention policy continues to discriminate on the basis of race and restricts Aboriginal people’s rights to land, property, social security, adequate standards of living, cultural development, work and legal remedies.

The New Zealanders, (voting to be independent of Australia) must have suspected someone like Abbott would surface in Australia. Very wise.


Tony Abbott Prime Minister of Australia – Scholar or Plonker ?

Tony Abbott Prime Minister of Australia – Scholar or Plonker ?

Tony Abbott is an Oxford graduate. His utterances on the big issues are best summed up by his statement, “No one is the suppository of all wisdom”. He secured a ‘blue scholarship” at Oxford. It was not awarded for high academic achievement (He was a Credit Average as his published transcripts show) or intellect. His scholarship was to allow him to study theology (Philosophy on the existence of God) not medicine, finance, science, business or arts. A paragon of intellect he is not.

He spent three years in a seminary studying to be a priest, during which time he must have read theology. Asked recently to reconcile his asylum-seeker program with his Catholic beliefs, he said: “Jesus knew that there was a place for everything, and it is not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia”. Either he seriously believes Jesus numbered border security among his concerns or it was a glib utterance to get a questioner off his back.

There was also his recent association of the word, “honour” with the Imperial Japanese Army during World War 2. More than 2500 Australians died on the Burma Railway basically because, having surrendered, they were seen by the Imperial Japanese Army as being without honour. The kindest interpretation you can give Abbott’s remark is that he didn’t know what he was talking about. Then, this week, he said World War 1 was “in one sense a tragic waste but it was for a good cause”.

The families of the, 62,000 young Australians who died and the 155,000 who were horribly injured. doubtless puzzled by his statement might pose the question what was the, “good cause” that 16 million people died for in World War 1?