Scottish Referendum

The Rise of the Special Adviser & Hopefully The Fall

Special Advisers are usually well educated University types with a political leaning. Tony Blair created the animal at the start of his tenure. Until that time such persons were remunerated by the MP that took them on. Blair changed the game and took all of them onto the books of the Civil Service. Projected recurring costs now £8million and rising. They are expected to discharge their duties observing the, “Civil Service Code of Conduct” but in practice they ignore it.

Blair McDougall is the, “No” Campaign Director. A Labour Party activist he was recruited, towards the start of the Labour Governments tenure, (under the leadership of Tony Blair) to a previously non-existent post, (one of many) of, “Special Adviser” within the civil service. Notwithstanding his role was a political appointment, “his salary and operational costs and expenses” were paid by the Taxpayer. In fulfilling his strategic role he acted as special adviser to;

1. Ian (now Lord) McCartney. (2004-2007) Held a number of ministerial portfolios within Labour governments. Allegation lodged that Blair McDougall had devoted time to his manager’s failed challenge for the post of Deputy Leader of the labour Party, (conduct expressly forbidden under the Civil Service code) see;

Click to access special_advisers_and_public_allegations_of_misconduct_1997_-_2013.pdf

2. James Purnell. (2007-2008) Rising star within the party. Resigned from Government 2009. Stood down from Westminster in 2010.

a. Appointed, “Special Adviser” to the, “Public Sector Group” of the, “Boston Consulting Group”, (worldwide policy advisory organization).

b. Appointed Chair of the, (left leaning) think tank, The Institute for Public Policy Research, (IPPR).

c. Appointed, (2013) Director of Strategy & Digital, at the BBC, a very influential post. Resigned membership of the Labour Party and any other political posts, for the duration of his employment. It is possible he might return to mainstream politics in 2015. See;

3. Organized and directed David Miliband’s failed campaign for leadership of the Labour party.

4. Sent to Scotland to head the, “no” campaign.


1. Recurring costs to the taxpayer for the, “Special Advisers” group of political appointments approximately £8million annually.

2. Former, “Special Advisers” subsequently elected to parliament, Ed Balls, James Purnell, Ed Miliband, David Miliband & possibly the most famous of them all the former Director of Communications and Strategy, (for Tony Blair) Alastair Campbell.

3. Many others have also gone on to accept influential highly paid posts in the private sector.

4. The secret of the expanding, “Special Adviser” group is networking. Though their employment may be spread across a wide variety of political and business activities, (within the UK and worldwide) they work hard maintaining contact and influence within the group so that their future may be guaranteed.

5. The Scottish electorate needs to be alerted to the growth of the, “Special Adviser” group. Vote, “Yes” to independence, thwart the efforts of, “Special Adviser”, Blair McDougall and other, “carpetbaggers”.

Better Together team games for student members

Blair McDougall: “Right then, this is a new game designed to test your reasoning ability. If I name a fruit, run to the right wall of the office and if I name a colour, run to the left wall of the office, understood?

Students: “Yes, understood”.

Blair McDougall: “Right____ready, set, ORANGE!!!!