SNP members will need to take back control of the party before the LBGTQ clique at the top destroy it

Its time the SNP members took back control of the Party

From around 2005, in UK and Scottish elections, at all levels, the Labour Party in Scotland was humiliated by a Scottish electorate who rejected its political policies and aspirations to retain Scotland in a Union which had delivered only pain, suffering and humiliation on Scots. A Party once powerful and unassailable turned its face away from the wishes of the voters and was destroyed. And the nadir of the Labour party will likely be visited upon the SNP who, at a time its popularity amongst Scots was at its zenith permitted a transfer of the control of policy decisions to a small cabal of executives driven by LGBTQ dogma and political and social leanings and behaviour at odds with Party members and more importantly the voters. The Party can be saved but only with the removal of the incompetent controlling “cleek” at its top.


10 thoughts on “SNP members will need to take back control of the party before the LBGTQ clique at the top destroy it

  1. I’ve been a lifetime supporter and member of the SNP and the best thing that could ever happen is the demise of the SNP, let’s see if they deliver on Independence which I doubt. I fell the last eight years has been more than a lifetime for and the SNP in government or a political party, personally I can’t wait to see the back of Sturgeon and her mob of failures from political life for good. I never ever thought I would be written down these words, but I have no regrets other than Sturgeon took over as leader the SNP. In an Independent Scotland Sturgeon/Harvie would be a disaster for Scotland I would only hope that we had the good sense to see the light and get rid before its to late.

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  2. Aye CJ, if .only. The Sturgeon led SNP as an organisation has been well and truly ‘cleeked’ by the ‘woke’ infiltrators now well ensconced within the control structure of party policy making.

    Those who remain within the membership need to take a long hard look at themselves in light of what the ‘cleek’ are doing in dismantling the construct and concept of Scotland’s sovereign right to exist as an Independent Nation State.

    Sturgeon and her ‘cleek’ could be toppled tomorrow were it not for the spineless mediocrities who make up the greater bulk of SNP elected politicians (?) and who provide unstinting succour to her nefarious abuse of political office. Aw it wid tak is fur hauf a dizzen o’ them tae chap her door an tell her the gemmes up, go, or we will expose yer deception tae the Nation.

    Forbye all of the foregoing we no longer have an established political opposition campaigning at Holyrood on behalf of Scots and Scotland. Until that changes Sturgeon will continue on her march into Hell the consequences of which will be there for us all to see and suffer.

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    1. ALBA is the way forward and I expect many SNP members know this but they are in need of leadership from within. It would only require a few MP’s to first resign from the Pseudo front bench and soon after give up the SNP whip at Westminster.

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  3. I tend to agree, 100%. They are far too embedded now for anyone to oust them. Just look at the latest antics: trying to make members and all supporters of independence dance to their tune on a ‘respect agenda’ which is a pile of keech. Very few, if any supporters in 2014 overstepped the mark. It was almost entirely Unionists who showed the disrespect, as they always do.

    No, these people have already destroyed the party and only a miracle can save it now. Having said that, we need people to move to ALBA and all the all other genuine parties and movements and groups in order to create a loose alliance (a formal one would be struck down) just as the Unionists do. That, I think is our only hope. Personally, I didn’t see what was happening until early 2015, by which time it was already too late although I can remember being very surprised to see so many former Labour supporters joining the SNP after the referendum. I plead fatigue and despair.

    Many of them were genuine, of course, but some were from the far-left that even Labour couldn’t stomach, albeit its own move to the right has been very regrettable, too. These people do not support independence and never did, in common with the foot-draggers already there, whose primary concern was keeping the status quo and collecting fat salaries and gold-plated pensions. I think we have to wave them goodbye and hope they disappear quietly, but I wouldn’t go holding my breath. We must ensure that they do not leave the sinking ship and infest another party, movement or group with their parasitical and deviant intentions. We have to be extra vigilant now when anyone from the SNP seeks to join another party, movement or group. They say that lightning doesn’t strike twice, but it does.

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      1. Let us not be infiltrated again.

        The independence message across multiple formats, if formats be the word, cannot be infiltrated.

        Alba, SSRG, Salvo, dissident SNP, Yes, AUOB are a movement. They cannot be controlled, hijacked like the SNP.

        Independence, its bigger than a moribund party.

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      2. Well said. The Independence movement is a cause and entirely unsuited to a political party for the reasons well amplified by the abject performance of jobsworth SNP politicians who have been bewitched by the Unionist political system and succumbed to the lure of the English pound and pension and lost their way. Anyone in the LGBTQ/SNP who retains a shred of the desire to be a citizen of a free Scotland should ditch the LBGTQ/SNP and sign up for a movement that encourages members to express their opinions without fear of retribution.

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  4. Put another way. If the demand for independence is in the water, in the air, there is nothing the British state can do.

    And the time has never been better to show how we are most certainly not better together.


    1. We need to get the movement organised and ready to march in Glasgow. Only a massive display of the strength of public opinion in Scotland will unsettle the Unionists.


  5. It’s ‘clique’.

    But you’re right. It’s why I left the SNP. The party has lost its way and the priorities are all wrong. We have an open goal in the current bunch of incompetent tories. The SNP should be laying the groundwork for a massive push for independence.


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