The Atlantic Council manages the masterly flow of misinformation distribution to the public through all media outputs-blind acceptance of their truth is folly

The Atlantic Council

The Council was formed as an offshoot of NATO and maintains extremely close connections to the military alliance.

It continues to receive major funding from Western governments and weapons contractors, and its board of directors is filled to the brim with former American foreign policy officials. Also appearing on the board are no fewer than seven former CIA directors and a number of top military generals.

Council employees have penetrated deep into big tech and social media organizations. In 2018, it announced it had partnered with Facebook to aid in the curation of Facebook news feeds of users worldwide, giving it considerable power over what sort of views to highlight and which to demote.

Its Deputy Director of Middle Eastern Strategy was appointed recently to the position of Director of Policy at Reddit, the eighth-most visited website in the United States. And it is not just Russia that is in the Council’s crosshairs.

The Council recently published an anonymous, 26,000-word report stating that its goal for China was regime change and advising President Biden to draw a number of “red lines” around it, beyond which the U.S. would respond militarily. Meanwhile, the head of STRATCOM, Admiral Charles A. Richard, wrote that the U.S. must prepare for a potential nuclear war with Beijing.

The military escalation has been mirrored by an intensifying online propaganda war, where the U.S. has attempted to isolate China economically and stop advancing Chinese technologies such as Huawei’s 5G network, mobile phone, and semiconductor manufacturer Xiaomi, and video sharing app Tik-Tok.

And the Council is guilty of ramping up suspicions of nefarious Chinese activity online, claiming the existence of a wide-ranging pro-Beijing bot network encouraging Americans to believe that China has handled the COVID-19 pandemic far better than the United States. That Americans might have come to that conclusion on their own appears not to have been considered.

There are on-going Western government efforts seeking to convince their populations of the existence of (foreign) government efforts to manipulate their opinions online.

Western governmental organizations point the finger at their enemies, all the while securing greater access and control over the means of communication themselves, to the point where it is now difficult to distinguish where the deep state ends and the fourth estate begins. (The Grayzone)

2019: Misinformation published by the “Atlantic Council” and “Integrity Initiative” helped destroy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party

The “Integrity Initiative’s” official “Twitter” account posted numerous tweets and links to articles attacking Labour and Corbyn.

The agitator in chief was Ben Nimmo a senior fellow of the “Atlantic Council”, who repeatedly claimed the Labour leader was being supported by the Russian state through various means, including a “twisted cyber campaign”, without any supporting evidence whatsoever.

The public need to be very wary of anything “researched” by Nimmo. Any theory about Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign which has the “Atlantic Council” at its heart (and which may also involve the now largely moribund “Integrity Initiative”) is liable to be cobblers.


2019 Nimmo gerrymandered the general election enabling the success of the Tory party

Jeremy Corbyn revealed secret Conservative Party documents showing negotiations the Tory government had with the U.S. over the privatization of the National Health Service (NHS).

With just days to go before the general election, the scandal could have toppled the government and brought into power the most radical anti-war, anti-establishment government in the country’s history.

Corporate media went into overdrive to spin the news, and Nimmo was a key part of this, immediately announcing, without evidence, that the documents “closely resemble…a known Russian operation.”

His supposedly expert conjecture allowed the story to become “Corbyn’s links to Russia” rather than “Tories privatizing the NHS in secret.”

Nimmo’s work helped the Conservatives to an election victory and consigned Corbyn to the scrapheap. Much to the relief of the “Atlantic Council”, who through Nimmo had successfully branded Corbyn the “Kremlin’s Trojan Horse” — someone pushing Moscow’s agenda abroad.

And a British Army general was of a similar opinion, claiming that if Corbyn were to win the election, the military would respond. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said that the U.S. government was “doing its best” to prevent a radical leftist from winning power in the U.K.

Feb 2021: Facebook hires ex-NATO press officer and social media censor Ben Nimmo as intel strategist

Nimmo, a former NATO press officer and current senior fellow at the “Atlantic Council”, announced Facebook had hired him to “lead global threat intelligence strategy against influence operations” and “emerging threats.” He specifically named Russia, Iran and China as potential dangers to the platform.

His announcement was greeted with joy by several NATO officials but was not met with such enthusiasm by others. “More censorship on the way as the former NATO press officer turned Pentagon-funded ‘researcher’ who labelled real people as Russian bots and peddled disinformation to link Jeremy Corbyn to Russian active measures moves to big tech,” responded investigative journalist Max Blumenthal.

Nimmo’s questionable past certainly raises questions over whether such an official having a substantial say in what 2.8 billion Facebook users worldwide see in their feeds is such a positive step for the free and open exchange of information.

Ben Nimmo

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Civil servants who bore false witness against Alex Salmond should be dismissed from the Service in compliance with precedence and procedures – Why no action Nicola?

Scottish Civil Service Justice

“DeeAnn Kirkpatrick, a civil servant employed in Marine Scotland, made allegations of sexual harassment, racism, bullying, and assault against some of her male colleagues.

An employment tribunal decided that her allegations were time spent after three years.

DeeAnn’s sister issued a statement through the Daily Record saying: “my sister has been left absolutely devastated and feeling betrayed. How can this be justice? It’s a disgrace. She can hardly bear to look at the photograph of herself gagged and taped to a chair. It suits Marine Scotland to say DeeAnn made it all up. She has been broken by this. My sister used to be strong, brave, and outgoing. Now she is a recluse who is afraid of her own shadow.”

Civil servant who was 'tied to a chair' is sacked after an ...

The “Chair” incident

Nicola Sturgeon issued a statement saying that she was appalled at the revelations and pictorial evidence published in the Daily Record and ordered Leslie Evans, to personally investigate the incident involving the chair and to report back to her.

Leslie Evans reported: “A comprehensive internal review concluded that the Scottish Government has robust disciplinary procedures to address behaviour that falls below expected standards and I am satisfied that these have been followed thoroughly and objectively in relation to this incident. A broad set of actions are underway in Marine Scotland to ensure a working environment that meets both the Civil Service Code and Scottish Government Standards of Behaviour. I do not normally comment publicly on staffing matters but I am issuing this short statement to update the public record given the previous parliamentary and wider interest in this issue. My unwavering commitment to ensuring a positive workplace for all employees in the Scottish Government remains.”

Another one bites the dust

Mar 2019: The internal investigation revealed that the fake victimhood photo DeeAnn Fizpatrick virilised through the BBC and social media was actually taken a year earlier than she claimed, in 2009, not 2010 and was simply an office prank that bored staff in the Fisheries Office played and DeeAnn is said to have been a willing participant.

It seems DeeAnn Fitzpatrick saw the “MeToo” movement as an opportunity to succeed through the victimhood industry and she became the poster child for the much hyped issue of workplace harassment, misogyny, and patriarchy.

Oct 2019: DeeAnn was ordered to appear before a disciplinary hearing to face allegations that she gave dishonest accounts of events, made false representations, concealed material facts and submitted documents which she knew to be fake. She was also accused of using “deception with the intention of obtaining personal gain and causing loss to others.” including “false statements”.

She was unable to attend because her father had only recently died and her doctor had said she was not fit to travel. The hearing was conducted in her absence and she was dismissed.

The notice of dismissal procedure served on her was bizarre since it was carried out by two civil servants who despite travel restrictions being in place because of Covid-19 journeyed by car on a 16-hour return trip from Edinburgh to her home in Caithness to hand-deliver her dismissal letter.

Lawyers acting on LeeAnn’s behalf confirmed she would sue the Scottish government for wrongful dismissal, based on a defence of workplace stress and damage to her mental health and wellbeing.

He Said, She Said: The Mythical History of the False Rape ...


Deeann’s dismissal hardly compensated her male colleagues whose names she wilfully maligned, nor society who had accepted her misleading statements as truth. Her false victimhood began with what became popularly referred to as “the chair incident” in which she was widely portrayed as being punished by her male colleagues for speaking out against male bullies and misogyny, and perhaps as planned it became a “MeToo” sensation which morphed into the damaging Scottish civil service “chairgate” scandal. One fake photo was all it took to create an atmosphere of hysteria within the Scottish Government. The damage cannot be undone and yet DeeAnn, showing no remorse still claims to be the victim.

Civil servants and Spads and their false witness statements against Alex Salmond

Outstanding is the matter of the untrue allegations of sexual harassment alleged by a number of civil servants and Spads against Alex Salmond. As in the case of DeeAnn they also bore false witness against a colleague and should be dismissed from their employment with the Civil Service.