The Alex Salmond Stitch up gets ever more murky – but the truth will out

The catalyst report

A Judge recommended for a senior judicial role by Nicola Sturgeon had previously found the First Minister committed professional misconduct in a Law Society probe of Sturgeon’s failure to provide legal service protections for a domestic violence victim

The Judge who was a case manager for the Law Society of Scotland from September 1998 to March 2003 released a five page report in December 1998, which found Sturgeon guilty of three counts of professional misconduct: Namely:

1.Failing to raise interdict as instructed.
2.Misleading client about legal aid application.
3.Failing to properly consider the client’s financial circumstances

The report concluded:

“The complaint in this case has been identified as professional misconduct by breach of code of conduct and conduct unbecoming a solicitor.”

For reasons not explained the Law Society cleared Sturgeon, who gave up a promising career and left the legal profession.

Alex Salmond will respond to Nicola Sturgeon the only way he knows how - by  aggressively hitting back

So- dead and buried eh!!! Not quite!!

The incident was not reported in the media but surfaced again early March 2021 when a former journalist published details on “twitter” (since deleted).

But the information was out there for the public consumption and comment and a press legal expert assessed the material which named a Scottish newspaper and a “spiked” story on Sturgeon.

The legal expert said he hoped the Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints would scrutinise the information available and ask further questions of the First Minister.

He said:

“In view of suggestions on social media platforms – a former journalist held this information for a number of years, and approached several newspapers seemingly without success – people may reasonably expect questions to be asked of why this story has not come to light until now and the method of travel to the media”.


“Was there motive in withholding this story involving Scotland’s First Minister, either by a newspaper, a political party or a journalist? I am curious to find out. However, I am also curious as to why no one with the information offered the material in evidence to the long running Scottish Parliament investigation of issues involving Alex Salmond. Given the First Minister responded to questions on what appear to be references to the investigation of Sturgeon and a newspaper deal”.

“MSPs should ask rigorous questions of anyone involved in this matter given the situation we face where information now exists alleging the Sheriff complaint probe of Scotland’s First Minister was allegedly swapped for a story on harassment complaints and a Police investigation of Alex Salmond in the summer of 2018”.

Nicola Sturgeon 'has not spoken to Alex Salmond since sexual assault charges'  - Daily Record

And there is more to the story

It was later alleged that the story had been filed with a Scottish newspaper for publication in June 2018 and had support from the editor to be published – until a “Political editor” at the newspaper voted the story down.

The deleted tweet went on to allege that some weeks later, the same newspaper which did not publish the story on Sturgeon – was leaked details of the harassment complaints against Alex Salmond and the investigation by Police Scotland – which subsequently led to Alex Salmond being charged with 14 offences, including two counts of attempted rape, nine of sexual assault, two of indecent assault, and one of breach of the peace. At the subsequent trial, he was cleared by a jury trial – heard by Scotland’s Lord Justice Clerk – Lady Dorrian.

Is Alex Salmond sex pest? - Page 12 - Politics - Tartan Army Message Board

And the Political editor was!!!!

As political editor of the Daily Record David Clegg revealed former first minister Alex Salmond was facing allegations of sexual assault. The story won him Journalist of the Year, Political Journalist of the Year and Scoop of the Year at the 2018 Scottish Press Awards.

Full story here:


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