Malfeasance in government must not be condoned The Lord Advocate needs to stop it

Malfeasance – a word to be disassociated with

The Alex Salmond debacle provided evidence of serious shortcomings in the SNP government led by Nicola Sturgeon and there are growing concerns her government has become distracted by the pursuit of controversial political doctrine with result that it has lost its way in the efficient provision of Health, Education, policing and local government.

Worryingly boundaries between politicians, the Scottish Government, the Scottish civil service and the Law are being compromised, placing the health and well being of the people of Scotland increasingly at risk of political and social disorder due to the imposition of draconian laws and policies changing the accepted norms of society without consultation or approval of the electorate.

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The Lord Advocate

Currently held by James Wolffe QC, the Lord Advocate is the senior Scottish law officer and principal legal adviser to the Scottish government and represents it in civil proceedings. The post also brings with it the role of leader of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Office, whose remit is to ensure an impartial criminal prosecution system and proficient representation of the public. The dual role requires him to be scrupulously independent as a prosecutor yet politically accountable as a legal adviser.

Sturgeon's Lord Advocate makes independence gaffe at Supreme Court | UK |  News |

Absolute impartiality in thought and practice is not something that can be given over to “lip service” and there is increasing public disquiet over Wolffe’s perceived lack of impartiality in the handling of the Sturgeon Government’s badly botched civil Service led investigation and the criminal trial of Alex Salmond which, to the chagrin of Sturgeon resulted in his acquittal of all charges. Indeed she was so enraged that not long after the verdict was announced she used the cover of a coronavirus press conference to express her sympathy for the women who had made false allegations of harassment against him. Her actions also displayed a disgraceful lack of respect for the judicial system led by her Lord Advocate given that Alex Salmond had been acquitted of all charges.

Scots lawyers call for role of Lord Advocate to be split - Scottish Legal  News

Alex Salmond, when First Minster, to his credit, recognised the potential for difficulty and decided the attendance of the Lord Advocate at cabinet would be by invitation only. A measure used sparingly. But under Nicola Sturgeon’s government Wolffe has attended a majority of cabinet meetings.

Sturgeon has three options:

  1. Do nothing and risk legal and political challenges to her authority.
  2. Revert to the policy advocated by Alex Salmond and greatly reduce his attendance at cabinet.
  3. Formally separate the dual roles. This would require legislation which would be very time consuming.
Aviemore on Twitter: "For those who didn't watch the whole toe curling  farce involving Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC, Scotland's top law officer  ...…"

Afternote: There are two matters of public concern yet to be addressed and Wollfe needs to prove his legal judgement is not decided by the SNP government. First there is the unlawful release to the Daily Record of details of the Civil Service investigation of Alex Salmond. Civil Service officers completed an investigation and concluded that the service was not at fault. The investigation was a political “red herring” designed to close the matter down and the suspect most likely is not a Civil Servant. Wollfe needs to get the police involved and charge the person concerned with malfeasance in a public office. This one will run and run until it is resolved to the satisfaction of the public. Secondly. The investigation of harassment allegations against Alex Salmond was an expensive “cock up” from start to finish and the senior civil servant management team should be brought to account. Justice would be best served by dismissing the Permanent Secretary, Leslie Evans. Sturgeon instead “cocked a snoop” at the Scottish public by giving Evans a whacking great pay rise as a reward for poor performance. Senior manager colleagues involved in the travesty with Evans, should be downgraded.

Extremely* tired of the Corrupt SNP (@nats_tired): "The lawyers expressed  incredulity at the fact that the lord advocate, James Wolffe QC, who heads  the Crown Office, told parliament that he was not

6 thoughts on “Malfeasance in government must not be condoned The Lord Advocate needs to stop it

  1. archive of The Times article here
    “Alex Salmond inquiry: Senior lawyers condemn ‘state censors’ in Crown Office”

    and the original article that provided Magnus Linklater with the substance of his article:
    the judgement from the ‘group of lawyers’

    “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes – Who will watch the watchmen?”
    Published 8 April 2021



  2. Do we know if the Lord Advocate wants to stop it? He is in a conflicted position. He has two jobs each of which he can only do properly if he is effectively schizophrenic. If he were to remember about his duty to Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government when leading the independent prosecution service, he is doomed to fail. What if his fear of the consequences of trying to stop it is greater than his desire to do the right thing. If he even has that desire.

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  3. When the news came of Craig Murray’s sentence to eight months of jail, I immediately went to several Facebook pages to point the finger at Sturgeon. A large number of people responded to say I was stupid, because “of course” she doesn’t jail anyone personally, because “of course” there is a separation of powers. But if the Lord Advocate is personally responsible to her and as she frequently rewrites the law, she is effectively judge, jury and executioner as well..

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  4. The Scottish Government is now in the hands of an Insideous foreign Occupier! Independence will not be achieved in such a situation. The power of the Scottish People is being bypassed and if we don’t address the current situation, our Sovereign Rights will disappear! The SNP have become the barrier rather than the channel of our Sovreignty!


    1. You are so right but an opposition whose influence is neutered is no match for a state backed minority who intend to impose their will on the majority. Scottish society will be changed forever with the introduction of new legislation and the first casualty will be users and contributors in the social media


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